ySense review

ySense Review: Legit GPT Website?

Welcome to my ySense review. This is an old GPT (Get Paid To) website that has changed its name recently. In this review, you will read if it’s a legit site that you can really use to make money on the members’ area and how exactly you will achieve it.

What Is ySense?

ySense is the new domain of ClixSense. It was a legit GPT website that I have mentioned many times on my articles. For two examples, you can read my articles on how you can make $500 per month and how you can get referrals for ClixSense.

If you are a beginner and have never heard about ySense or the previous version, here is what you need to know. ySense launched with the name ClixSense in 2007 as a PTC (paid to click) website. It was one of the best PTC sites for many years. On these sites, you click ads, buy referrals, and complete simple tasks.

After a major update, it turned into a GPT website in 2018 and changed many things in the members’ area. It added surveys, offers, and micro-jobs. It means you can complete simple tasks and get paid. I have personally used the last two years and earned some money on the side.

My focus is on the referral program. I have no time to complete surveys because I am busy with my website but had used them in the past as well. However, getting referrals is optional. You can get good results without them.

Comparing to other alternatives, it includes a big number of surveys and it’s available worldwide. Even if you don’t find available surveys, you can use the offers or the tasks. Also, it includes an active forum. You can find discussions on strategies, solutions on problems, payment proof, success stories, and general questions.

The constant updates show us that the owners care about the website and try to improve it constantly. Like every GPT website, ySense works with third-party programs that you will use to complete surveys and offers. ySense is not responsible for any issues with these programs.

How To Make Money With ySense

There are four ways to make money on the members’ area:

Surveys: Completing surveys is the most profitable way to get started. You can earn $0.50-$1.50 per survey and they take 15-25 minutes.


The good news is that you know how much you will earn before getting started and there is a good estimation of the time as well. ySense works with many third-party providers, so you have plenty of options. Of course, it depends on your demographics and there are the standard problems of the surveys like disqualifications.

However, I believe that you have more and better options on online surveys than the average GPT sites.

Offers: They are simple tasks that you can complete on third-party websites as well. However, they are different providers than the providers of paid surveys.

This is a good thing because it means more options and opportunities for extra money. On these tasks, you find offers about downloading apps, playing games, cashback offers, joining other websites, surveys, watching videos, and more.

The rewards depend on many factors like the type of tasks and your demographics. For example, if you watch videos, you can earn only a few cents per video (1-2 minutes). But you can earn bigger rewards to join other websites.

Tasks: They are super simple and easy jobs that pay a few cents per completed job. You may have heard it as micro jobs on other websites.

For a few examples of these jobs, you may need to category objects, do data entry jobs, labeling on images and other simple tasks.

micro jobs

While they do not pay a lot per task, you can complete many of them, and they are always available. If you are serious and fast with your work, you can earn money consistently.

Affiliates: This is the referral program of ySense. For every new referral that becomes active, you earn $0.10-$0.30 cents. Then, you will make 20% for everything your referrals earn for life and there is a bonus when they reach a specific amount.

my affiliate stats

I like the referral program because you can earn passive income. However, getting referrals is not the easiest option.

How To Get Paid

After the latest updates, there is some good news on that part. You can get paid through PayPal and Amazon gift cards. The minimum cash out limit is $5 for those who want to get paid with Amazon gift cards and $25 for those who use PayPal. Also, you can request a maximum payment of $100 at once.

According to the website, you will receive your payment in 2-3 business days. Many people have got paid by ySense and the previous versions of the website all these years. The forum includes a thread with payment proof and I have personally got paid from the ySense too.

Pros and Cons


1. Legit website: There is no doubt that ySense is a legit site. You can see payment proof in the forum, there are many positive reviews, and it has an A BBB ranking. All the facts show us that most people are happy with the website.

2. Multiple ways to earn money: You can complete surveys, offers and micro-jobs. These are the three ways that most people search on any GPT website. Also, you have plenty of options in these ways compared to other alternatives.

3. Success stories: There is a thread on the forum with many success stories. Members add new stories every day but you can also find old ones. These stories can help you to develop a strategy and discover what works.

4. Available Worldwide: You can join from any country but just make sure that you can get paid. PayPal and Amazon gift cards are good for most countries but not all of them. If you cannot get paid in any of these two ways, there is no reason to create an account.

5. Daily checklist bonus: Instead of a welcome bonus, ySense rewards consistency. You must complete a specific number of tasks, surveys and offers every day. When you reach this number, you increase your daily profits by 16%.


1. You will not become rich: I have already mentioned that most available tasks and offers pay only a few cents.

For this reason, it’s very difficult to earn a full-time income. Even if you send traffic and get referrals, it will not be easy to achieve that goal. However, you can earn some extra dollars in your free time. On the forum, we can see that there are many people who make $5 per day or more even with no referrals.

My Final Verdict

ySense is a legit website and I recommend to anyone who wants to earn some extra money. You can create a new account right now and start completing offers and surveys. It’s free, so there is nothing to lose.

Also, there are no strategies for tasks or offers. Everything is pretty straightforward. Just log in and complete everything you see. Some offers and tasks have instructions to help you. If you find something too complicated, it’s ok to go to the next one. However, it will not happen often.

When you have more options, you can be selective. It’s obvious that you must prefer the higher rewards or the surveys that take less time for the same rewards. But this is the only time management and strategy that you can have inside. Also, you want to use the daily checklist bonus. If you earn 16% more income every day, it can be a huge difference in the long run.

There are people who earn money consistently. It’s realistic to earn a few hundreds of dollars per month if you have available time to complete tasks and offers.

Join ySense Here!

Also, many people achieve the same goal with referrals. You can start by inviting a few friends to join, and then you can find even more referrels on the internet.

Thanks for reading my review on ySense. It’s a legit website that anyone can use. If you want to share your experience with the website or want to ask any questions, leave your comment below.