Your Wealth Magnet Review: Scam Or Mind Hack To Become Wealthy?

your wealth magnet review - scam or legit?

Welcome to my honest review of Your Wealth Magnet. It’s a product that promises to reprogram your mind with a simple mind hack and then, you will be able to become rich.

On this article, you can read if this is another online scam or a legit way to increase your income and what exactly you will find on the members’ area.

What Is Your Wealth Magnet?

From the different types of money making products you can find on online marketplaces, the most difficult to review are those who offer self-help guides.

It’s not difficult to find the product. However, even on the bad ones, people will tell that it’s “too soon to get results” or “you don’t believe it enough”. For this reason, my focus will be on the actual product and the video presentation on the sales page.

First of all, the big claim is that you can start from dead broke and become wealthy. Later, on the video, the spokesperson mentions that you can achieve results without even working. Also, there are a few testimonials that claim huge earnings without doing anything different than before.

In my opinion, when you hear about quick earnings without actual work, it’s better to be careful. The spokesperson mentions some rich people like Henry Ford and Bill Gates. If you study or just search on Google about the working life of these two people, you can easily find that they worked really hard to get their great results.

For example, Bill Gates once said “I never took a day of in my twenties. Not one.” With a simple Google search, you can find many quotes and stories about his high work ethic.

So, the claims about becoming wealthy by changing the frequency of your mind without taking any action, they are completely misleading.

Another issue on Your Wealth Magnet is the name of the owner. It’s an unknown person and we can’t find anyone with that name who has any connection with the product.

It’s on you to trust this unknown millionaire/billionaire but I would have a few doubts here. Lastly, there are some not so ethical marketing tricks like fake scarcity and one-click upsells. There are too many red flags and issues on the sales page.

What’s Inside? – The Product

While the sales page sounds impressive, the member’s area tells another story. When you get access to the product, the well-hidden secret is a PDF book of almost 120 pages.

These pages include many different topics and each one of them is covered in 2-3 pages. We can agree that it’s doesn’t dig deep enough on these subjects.

Then, there are three audios with the following titles:

  • Wealth Attraction Hypnosis
  • Instant Habit Transformation
  • Mind Over Money – Neurological Synchronization

Again the audios are not anything great. It’s not easy to understand why this product cost $37.

I am pretty sure that you can find the same information on blogs, YouTube and other books at a much cheaper price or even for free.

Then, there are a few upsells where you must pay even more money to get more PDFs and more audios. The quality of the upsells, you can expect to be on the same levels with the basic product. Again the next PDF includes many topics in a few pages.

In my opinion, Your Wealth Magnet includes generic information about different law of attraction and self-improvement topics. There is nothing good enough to deserve your money. You can find much better content even from free elsewhere on the internet.

How Much Does It Cost?

Your Wealth Magnet is a product from the listings of Clickbank. I have written many reviews on similar products. For example, you can read about Millionaire’s Brain Academy and Auto Chat Profits.

So, the pricing structure is standard for these products and there is a money back guarantee.

First of all, you can get access to the product for $37 and there is a downsell at $27. You can find the downsell with the popups of the sales page.

downsell your wealth magnet

Next, there are three one-click upsells. It means that you can simply click a button or a link with an offer on the members’ area and it will get money from your PayPal or bank account. The total cost of the product and the upsells can a few hundred dollars.

The 60-day money back guarantee is legit and provided by Clickbank. You can get a refund for the starting product but I would not risk it on the upsells.

Also, there is not any active support here. You just get a PDF, a few audios and there are some links. That’s all. You are alone to figure out anything.

My Final Verdict – Is Your Wealth Magnet A Scam?

You get a product for your money. Even if the quality is very low, it’s not a scam.

But is it worth your money?

I have an easy answer for this question. I would not pay even one dollar for the product.

I like to watch videos, listen to audios, and read books daily. Also, I am aware of this category of self-improvement.

In my opinion, you can find great books for a few dollars on this topic from great writers. Also, You can find audios and videos on YouTube that have helped thousands of people. Even if you really want to buy a relevant program, make sure you get information and no from an unknown marketer. You do not need this program to learn about the law of attraction.

When it comes to money and businesses, some type of actions me be taken if you want to improve your situation. You must do different things to get different results.

The examples of the famous rich people on the sales page are the opposite than presented on this program. They took massive action to make money and build their businesses. However, they loved what they did.

I think that everyone can find something that enjoys doing and earn money. At least, we all deserve to search for an enjoyable and profitable job or business.

Here Is A Better Alternative To Make Money Online

There are many ways to make money. Any of the available ways would be a better idea that a few poor PDFs and audios.

But I can show you only what I do. I am an affiliate marketer. This is the simplest way to start an online business because you do not have to own a product. The process is simple but you must take action.

You find what people search on the internet and create helpful content on topics you are interested to write. When you help people, they will read your content and buy your recommendations. When someone buys your recommendations, you earn a commission.

The best training platform to learn about affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate. It has top training, quality support and over one million members. I am an active member as well and help people daily.

For more information, you can read about Wealthy Affiliate here!

Thanks for reading my review on Your Wealth Magnet. I do not recommend this program and it would be better to look for other alternatives. However, if you want to share your opinion about the product or ask any questions, leave your comment below.

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