WhatUsersDo Review: Scam Or Legit?

WhatUsersDo Review: Scam or LegitWhatUsersDo Review:

Name: WhatUsersDo
Price: Free
Make Money Bay Rank: 48 out of 100 (legit but you can earn only a few dollars per month)

Program Overview:

WhatUsersDo is a site where you get paid to test websites of other people.

The process is really simple:

Websites owners want to learn how their visitors see their sites. They usually want to make improvements on the user experience but sometimes in other parts of the site as well.

They can hire a freelancer or they can go directly to sites like WhatUsersDo and pay for these services.

On the specific site, the cheaper project cost 650 pounds which is over 850 dollars. As you can see, these services are quite expensive and the customers expect professional work.

The company to complete this service, hire testers to check the websites. However, it’s easier and cheaper to hire random users than paying professional testers.

So, here you can get into the game. You can visit the site and apply for testing jobs. Depending on your demographics, you will be accepted for a few jobs in the future.

Your job must be as professional as possible. It is not a friendly place for spammers or people who are not willing to do the requested job.

Usually, the get paid to test websites platforms pay 5-15 dollars per test. This site will pay you at a similar rate, 8$ per test.

Who Is It For?

There are a few requirements:

First of all, you need to speak English. It seems that the company is not very strict so you may have some chances to get approved even if you are not a native English speaker.

Next, there are technical requirements. For example, you need a microphone, a computer or Apple Mac device and specific equipment. You can check the requirements on the site of the company.

If you are ok with the above, you just need to apply, it’s a 5-minute process and hopefully, you will get approved.

When that happens, you just wait for testing opportunities that usually take almost 20 minutes or less per test.

How Much Can You Earn?

If you want to be a tester on these sites the best you can expect is a few extra dollars per month.

Also, on the testers page of WhatUsersDo, they say that the available jobs depend on how well you have completed the previous ones. This is a bad thing for those who are beginners and it’s possible to make a few mistakes.

However, even if you are a good tester, you will not get tons of jobs. A good tester can get 5-7 jobs per month while a bad tester 1-2 per month or no jobs at all.

I think that the limited number of jobs is the only negative on a good website. It is an easy job, takes only a few minutes, and you earn 8 pounds per job. It sounds much better than other side income alternatives.

If you are interested in starting a career as a tester, there are other options as well. You can join on many similar websites or you can become a freelancer.

Some popular websites to find available jobs could be Fiverr or Upwork. While they have a different structure, they have many freelancers and potential customers.

Your earning expectations can be a little higher but it will be difficult to get your first jobs. If you are patient enough to start getting jobs regularly, you can earn a part-time income. Many people when they get a few reviews, start earning $5-$10 per day.

Of course, there are freelancing jobs with better potential. Usually, virtual assistants and writers earn more money than the testers.

How To Earn A Full-Time Income Online

It is obvious that there are a lot of limitations on your potential earnings if you become a tester.

However, you can find many ways to earn a full income on the internet. But all these ways take a little effort and the right mindset. You can learn more about the right mindset on my guide on how to earn $100 a day online.

Yes, anyone can make a full-time income online if he is willing to invest some of his time and change some of his habits because it takes some work.

Let me explain how you can do it:

On this site, I have mentioned many times that the best way to make money online is by starting an online business.

There are many types of online business. But I am a fan of affiliate marketing. It is the simplest way to get started. You do not need a product, a budget or any expertise. Also, you can start a business about something you like or you are passioned about.

Many people who started from scratch have created great affiliate marketing businesses and some affiliates earn over $10k per month. For more information read my affiliate marketing guide for beginners.

My Final Thoughts – Is WhatUsersDo A Scam?

WhatUsersDo is a legit website but not a good opportunity for those who want to earn money online.

Those who join on this site only for the money give up after a while or they do not get enough jobs to feel happy with the site.

Also, I have read some complaints from people who completed one test but they did not get a second one and never got paid. (they probably did a poor job). However, it is bad for someone to put some effort and never get paid for it.

So, in my opinion, the site is not a scam but you can find better alternatives.


WhatUsersDo Review:

Name: WhatUsersDo
Price: Free
Make Money Bay Rank: 48 out of 100

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