What Is SEOClerks?

What Is SEOClerks? – Does it Really Worth it?

I realized a few days ago that there are too many online marketers who have not heard about SEOClerks before. I was not expected that because I have used a lot this site before to outsource some tasks for my websites and I thought that most marketers use it too.

Most people use Fiverr, it makes sense because it is a great website. In my opinion, both Fiverr and SEOClerks should be your priorities when you want to find some freelancers for a few dollars.

As you may have already understood, SEOClerks is a marketplace for online marketers. Freelancers list their products/services and you can order any of them with your credit card or your PayPal account.

Instead of Fiverr, there is not a minimum of $5 and you can buy services even for $1.

It started as an SEO marketplace but these days you can find many other services that could be relevant to an online business like article writing, social media services, ebooks, etc.

If you think that it is a small marketplace, you will be surprised by the variety of the services and the number of sellers.

I use SEOClerks often as a buyer and I will show you a few tips below.

How to Use SEOClerks as a Buyer

There are two ways you can start using SEOClerks:

1. When you need a job to be done for your business you can browse the available services in the relative category. For example, if you want a new post for your blog, you click the content and writing category and you can see many different offers.

There are many different types of sellers and services in any category so you can easily find a good freelancer.

2. If you want to buy something uncommon or you want to avoid the standard packages, you can create a custom job. You can find this option in the buyer’s section.

You will usually receive many offers for any job you create. Compare the sellers and choose the best option for you.

SEOClerks is a legit website but it does not mean that you can trust every seller. Many of them, offer low-quality services. So, do not be afraid to ask for samples before ordering.

Business Opportunities on SEOClarks

In my opinion, there are three business opportunities that worth your time:

1. Freelancer: You can start selling your own services if you have the time to make some simple tasks for a few dollars. You can create services in the seller’s section.

It will not be easy to get started because there is some competition. For this reason, bidding for custom jobs, it would be a good idea. Make a few easy jobs to get some positive feedback. Positive ratings will help you to make sales consistently.

Making a full-time income will take time this way but you can easily make a few extra dollars.

2. Become a Reseller: You can find many cheap services on SEOClerks. This fact encourages many online marketers to resell them on other marketplaces like Fiverr and Craiglist at a higher price. The difference is their profit.

You can also build a website where you can sell these services if you add a Paypal button. In this case, you will probably need paid advertising to get traffic so you need to know what you are doing.

3. Affiliate Program: Promoting a legit website like SEOClerks is really easy. You just need to build a website in a relevant niche and you will make sales when you get traffic.

It has a great affiliate program, you earn a 10% commission on every sale, for life.

Does SEOClerks Worth it?

In my opinion, you will save money and time if you are a buyer of SEOClerks. You can find cheap freelancers for your business and many different options.

When I want extra help, I usually check out for available services, and many times I have created a custom job.

As a business opportunity, it is absolutely worth it if you are a beginner. All these three ways can be profitable and you can scale them later to increase your income.

Create your free account here and get started.