What Is Clickbank Gravity – Myths and Truths

Many affiliate marketers argue about Clickbank gravity. You can see them on forums, on social media and you can see many different opinions on their personal blogs.

They usually mention it when they are ready to choose a niche to build a site or a product to promote.

Well, the truth is that I have seen sites to work great with low and high gravity products.

So, on this post, I will reveal you what is Clickbank gravity and I will show you a way to promote Clickbank products.

What Is Clickbank Gravity?

When you browse some products on Clickbank’s marketplace you can see a few metrics below them, one of them is the gravity as you can see on the graph below.

What Is Clickbank Gravity



Gravity is an indicator on how many affiliate marketers sell this product.

More specific:

When one affiliate makes a sale then is added 1 on the gravity. If the same affiliate makes more sales the same day or the next day it will not be added more than 1.

However, if he does not make a sale the next day instead of 1 it will add 0.96 for the specific affiliate. The number can be anywhere from 0.01 to 1 for the sales of the last 12 weeks.

Ok, you should not care about the technical details if you want to choose a product.

Here is a simple method to analyze gravity:

If gravity is zero, the product has not sales the last 12 weeks. If it is under one, no one has made a sale the last two days.

Above one means that at least two have sold the product the last days.

High gravity products (over 100), they have hundreds of affiliates that make sales daily.


You do not know how many sales a product makes. So, it is possible a low gravity product to sell more than a high one. Think about a product with just 10 gravity.

Even if there were ten affiliates who sell thousands of products every day, the gravity would be still ten. The opposite example is a product with 100 gravity that has 100 affiliates who make one sale per day.

What is my point?

This metric is not an indicator on how many sales you can make, competition or quality of the product. The only thing it shows you is if there are people who sell it.

How To Use Clickbank Gravity?

I have heard many ways to select products or niches only considering this metric. I do not agree with them. Over 5 gravity is good enough for me to learn more about the product because it is an indicator that it sells.

After that, I check out other factors like the sales page, what people say on forums and social media and I make keyword research to see if there are any opportunities on keywords.

I have tried before high gravity products that were low-quality ones and I could not recommend them to my readers.

So, if you have the information that a product can make sales go to the next step and make your research out of Clickbank.

Myths and Truths

Myth 1: High gravity = too much competition.

The Truth: If you have a website or a list and your readers trust you, they will buy a product if you recommend it. It is not about competition but how you communicate with your audience.

Your goal is to find a profitable niche and get traffic. Then, find the best products for your readers.

Myth 2: High gravity = high-quality products

The Truth: I have seen high gravity products that were scams or outdated. Test any product before you recommend it.

Also, many times you will find great products with lower gravity.

Myth 3: Low gravity = It does not sell well

The Truth: You can never know if you do not test it by yourself. As I said, gravity is not an indicator on how many sales it makes but how many sell a product.

Do not listen to any “gurus” about which product to sell or not. If you know your niche think if they will buy it and how it can help your readers.

How To Get Started

You may expect to tell you the best selling Clickbank products but it is not how it works.

Before selling any product you need to know your audience (your niche). The good news is that you will choose it.

After that, you can check out what are the best products you can recommend. You may find a great product on another affiliate program. Clickbank is not the only one on the internet.

On the next step, you build your own website. No one will buy your products because you put some links on social media or in a comment box.

You must explain to them why they need the product and how they will use it. Also, they will not trust you from the very first time. You need to create content for them regularly. If they trust you and need the product, they will buy it.

Sorry but you need a website…

I know that many people who are beginners in Clickbank want to find a way to make money without a website but this is the plain truth. You need a way to communicate with your audience and a website is a place where they can find you.

If you need help on how to build a website or how to get traffic a good training program is Wealthy Affiliate and you can try it for free.

Thanks for reading this post, I would like to see your feedback and your questions. Please, leave your comment below.