what is a niche website

What is a Niche Website?

A niche website is a website that focuses on a specific target audience or a specific segment of the market. This type of website is popular because users can find the information they want, and their creators make money. However, the first question should be what is a niche, and then we can talk about these niche websites.

What Is A Niche?

A niche is a small part of the market or a group of people with a common interest. For example, the people that are interested in losing weight are a niche. Or the people that are interested in making money online are a niche. These are two obvious examples of crowded niches. 

People care about these niches when they learn about marketing and business. Choosing the right niche is a common problem for beginner internet marketers that have not the experience to analyze the market yet. They are afraid of the saturated niches and the competition. However, some people can get into any niche and get results.

Niches are important for all types of businesses. You may consider starting a blog, promote your products with paid advertising, become a freelancer, or create an offline business.

In every case, you must know your target audience and figure out ways to reach them. Our job as marketers is to communicate with our target audience and help them with products and services. You can also find your niche after deciding to promote a product, which can happen to affiliate marketers and salespeople.

What Is A Niche Website?

A niche website helps a specific target audience. Most websites include content and information about different topics. However, these topics tend to be in the same niche. For example, a sports website will not include health-related posts most of the time but only sport articles.

Most beginner marketers decide to build niche websites because they have heard about another person’s success in the same business. They assume that it works. However, you must know the business model if you want results.

Niche websites work when they focus on low-competition and building an audience. Users prefer niche sites when they need more detailed and quality content. They can have only 20-30 posts, but they are the best in their topics.

Many big websites publish many posts per day, but these posts don’t focus on details. They are short articles with generic content. They hire writers that create content all the time because they need to post something new even without value. On the other hand, small niche sites focus on targeting low competition topics and creating the best content.

Of course, there are niche sites that started small and went big. If you get some results, you can keep building without limitations. There are many sub-niches that you can use to expand a website.

Broad Vs. Narrow Niche

Niche websites tend to get most of their traffic from search engines. They target low competition keywords and get ranked because they create quality content. They build an audience at the same time that comes back over and over again to learn more information about the topic.

If you get into a broad niche, you will focus on a bigger target audience, so you can get more traffic. However, broad niches have more competition. A narrow niche targets a small group of people. The potential traffic and earnings are lower, but there is less competition.

Here is an example:

Broad niche: make money online

Narrow niche: make money as a freelancer

More narrow niche: make money as a freelancer on Upwork

You can keep narrowing down by focusing on specific types of tasks, but you get my point. As you dig deeper into a niche, you become more specific. 

How Much Can You Earn With A Niche Website?

Each website is a different business. However, if you want to create niche sites as side projects, it’s fine to do it. The good news is that they have huge potential in almost every niche and can create full-time businesses.

Most people have heard of the big names of their niche. However, they don’t know how many small sites make a lot of money. You may visit a review site with 50-100 posts. It sounds small, but it may already earn thousands of dollars per month. On the other hand, some websites do not work well. You can add tons of content, but they earn a few dollars per month.

It has to do with the competition of the targeted topics. If you write publish content on a topic that there are thousands of articles and videos, the chances are that no one will read it. Your earnings depend on your traffic, and the traffic depends on the keyword and content.

In most niches, you can earn a full-time income. When you get into a competitive niche, the potential is still there, but you have to win the competitors. While there are many ways to make money online, you shouldn’t overlook this one.

Are niche websites a good business opportunity?

When you build a niche website, your job is to create content and communicate with your target audience. You must find ways to add value and help other people through your website.

It’s a business model that works for some people, but many others have failed over the years. No one can tell you if this is the right option for you. You can consider if you like to have a website that helps other people with a specific topic.

You don’t have to write every piece of content. Many freelancer writers could help with that task on marketplaces like Fiverr. If you don’t want to invest money initially, you probably have to do the work by yourself. It will help if you build a website in a niche that you like.

Unlimited Options

Many people think that opportunities are limited. So, let me make it clear to you.

There are unlimited niches and sub-niches that you can target. There are unlimited topics and keywords to target. They will never end, and always new ones will be created. Every new trend and product is an opportunity to target new keywords.

Even if you have created a site in a narrow sub-niche, you can add more categories for other relevant niches. For example, a website that writes about building six-pack abs could add a category about any other muscle group. This is a real-life example, and I have seen it on a successful niche site.


Low entry is a positive aspect of this business model, and you can start building a website right now. You need a website hosting provider and a domain name. A great place to get started is Bluehost. It has web hosting at a low price and offers a free domain name.

For a training program about niche sites, you can read about Wealthy Affiliate. It teaches how to build a niche website and monetize it with affiliate marketing.

Thanks for reading my post on niche websites. For any feedback or questions, you can leave your comment below.