What Is a Low Competition Keyword?

What is a low competition keywordA low competition or a low hanging fruit keyword is a keyword that is easy to get ranked for on the first pages of search engines like Google and Yahoo. The competition depends on the number and the quality of the websites that competing for a particular keyword. It is almost impossible to find keywords with traffic that has no competition at all. But, you can find keywords with a few websites to compete for them or without an authority website on the first page of Google.

The low competition keywords tend to have less traffic than high competition keywords but this is not always the case. Sometimes are not useful for commercial purposes (informational keywords). But most of the times have quality and targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is what the most online marketers looking for when they get on the first page of Google, visitors that are highly interested in their content and products.

Why Are Low Competition Keywords Important?

Big authorities websites compete for the high traffic and competition keywords in every niche. For this reason is very difficult a new website to get organic traffic from search engines. So, they find and target low competition keywords. Let’s see with numbers how this strategy works.

If you get in the first place of Google for a high traffic keyword, you will get thousands of visitors every month. For example, the “make money online” keyword has 161110 searches per month according to Jaaxy. But if you type it and search on Google you will see only authorities websites that small websites and businesses can not compete.

GoogleNow, I will show you an example of a low competition keyword. I found with Jaaxy the keyword “easy ways to make money online for free”. It has 120 searches per month and 72 websites to compete for this keyword. Then I check out the results on the first page of Google, there are 3-4 authorities sites but not for the exact keyword. Now a new website has some chances to get ranked on the first page.

But when a keyword has 120 searches even if you get ranked, you will not get more than 30 visitors per month. A website can not be profitable with only 30 visitors. Well, the only thing you need to do now is to repeat the process. Find many low competition keywords and get ranked. Make the maths for 20 keywords like the one above. 600 visitors per month. Not bad, you can definitely have a profitable website now. This is why low competition keywords are important for online marketing.

How To Find A Low Competition Keyword

In the example above, I use Jaaxy. Jaaxy is a keyword tool that gives you keyword ideas and the exact numbers of searches and competition for any keyword you like. It has a free trial if you want to try it. Another free keyword tool that I have used before is the WA keyword tool that you can use for free if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

You can get keyword ideas for some other keywords tool like Anser The Public and Google Adwords but they will not give you metrics for competition. Be careful with Google Adwords, the competition that is displayed is not for SEO but for advertising on Google.

The last way that I suggest for keyword research is the alphabet soup technique. You type a keyword on Google and you add a letter. For example, make money online + a. Then you note the recommended results of Google and repeat for every letter. With this way, you will get many new ideas. Jaaxy also makes this process in a few seconds in the pro membership if you do not want to do it manually.

Last Thoughts

Organic traffic is really important for small online business. If they get ranked on search engines they will be profitable most of the times. Otherwise, they need to invest in paid advertising and look for other ways to get traffic. The cheaper and the most effective way to run a blog or a website is by creating quality content and targeting low competition keywords. This way works and many online marketers earn money with this strategy. The best place on the internet to learn this business model is Wealthy Affiliate.


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