What Does Wealthy Affiliate Teach?

What Does Wealthy Affiliate TeachWhat does Wealthy Affiliate Teach? This is a common question that people ask me when I explain that WA is a training platform and a community for online marketers. Wealthy Affiliate is not a money making program but a place where you will learn important lessons if you want to be a successful online marketer.

Wealthy Affiliate training will take you by the hand to show you every step that needed for the creation of your own online business. The lessons are simple and easy to understand. I have seen people of all ages and from many different countries to be active members of this great community. Everyone can understand and apply the WA strategy on his/her own website. Most of the new members start from scratch so previous experience in online marketing or website creation is not needed.

Let’s start with the Online Entrepreneur Certification that is recommended to get started with when you create your free account on Wealthy Affiliate.

Online Entrepreneur Certification

The Online Entrepreneur Certification includes five courses and every course includes ten lessons. The first ten lesson are available with a free account but if you want to get access on the other four you need to upgrade to Premium member. After every lesson, there are tasks you can complete if you want to build first your website while you follow the lessons.

Getting Started

The first lesson of the level 1 is an introduction to Wealthy Affiliate. It shows you how to set up your account and gives you information about the membership. On the second lesson, Kyle explains the process of earning revenue through your website and shows you an example with one of his own websites.

On the third lesson, you will start thinking as an online entrepreneur. You will choose your niche. When you make this decision you need to choose one of your interests as the topic of your website. You will not be alone in this decision. You can ask for help from the community and other experienced members whenever you want.

When you choose your niche you will start making the first steps on the building of your new website. The next three lessons are more technical. You learn how to build your first website, log into your dashboard, install some helpful plugins.

WordPress websites are very easy to use from anyone. I have seen total beginners without knowledge about programming and web design to build great websites. I was one of these guys who learned everything from scratch when I joined at Wealthy Affiliate.

After that, you will start using the WA keyword tool or Jaaxy as you start making keyword research and finding content ideas from keywords. These tools are also simple to use and created for beginners. I think that all the successful members of Wealthy Affiliate use one of these two tools. Keyword research is important for you future success on online marketing. Again you can watch step by step guides and videos inside WA.

The last part of this course includes the creation of your first pages of your website and how you can start creating quality content. Also, Kyle explains why search engines love content.

If you are not a premium member, you can apply the training on the free websites that are available for the free members. At the beginning, you do not have to spend money on a domain name or a hosting service.

On the end of the course one, you are going to have your own website, learn how to make keyword research, find many keywords in your niche, create your first pages and you are ready for your next steps. If you work 1-2 hours ped day, it is possible to finish the first course in one week.Wealthy Affiliate lessons

Levels 2-5

These levels are available for premium members only. When you have learned the basics, you can go to the next step. Starting from level 2 you learn how to get traffic to your website. You are not going to get traffic in one day or week but you get a deeper understanding of WA way. With a few words, you will learn how to optimize your site for SEO, create content that will get ranked and now you have a long-term strategy for getting traffic on your website.

Level 3 is about monetizing your traffic. You will learn how affiliate marketing and AdSense work, where to find affiliate programs and making product reviews.

social mediaSocial media marketing is very popular these days. Many beginners try to start on online marketing with an account on Twitter or a Facebook page. On lever 4 Kyle shows how to connect your website with the social media. He focuses on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Also, you will start socializing at WA. As I mentioned above Wealthy Affiliate is a community where you can connect with real people.

At level 5 you get deeper in content creation, SEO and you set up long-term goals. If you complete all these  5 levels and working at your website at the same time, it is possible to generate revenue before you end the level 5 if you stick to the training.

When you complete the Online Entrepreneur Certification tasks and training, you can still continue learning. There are 13 classrooms at Wealthy Affiliate available for premium members. Wealthy Affiliate training never ends, members create tutorials and courses every day.

Here is a list of WA classrooms:

  1. Getting Started
  2. WA Affiliate Program
  3. Keyword, Niche and Market Research
  4. Everything WordPress
  5. Authoring and Writing Content
  6. Search Engine Optimization
  7. Social Engagement and Marketing
  8. Website Development and Programming
  9. Local Marketing
  10. Video Marketing
  11. Email Marketing
  12. The Wealthy Affiliate Platform
  13. Pay Per Click Marketing

WA Affiliate Bootcamp

WA Affiliate Bootcamp is an alternative to the Online Entrepreneur Certification. You learn the same strategy as above but you focus on how to promote Wealthy Affiliate. It includes all the niches and subniches related to Wealthy Affiliate like make money online, affiliate marketing, build a website and many more.

Instead of five courses, Affiliate Bootcamp has seven. The additional courses are about Pay Per Click marketing and how to promote WA with advertising. You could choose Affiliate Bootcamp if you can not find any niche or you want to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

wealthy affiliate bootcamp

Last Thoughts

At Wealthy Affiliate you learn how to start an online business. The five levels of Online Entrepreneur Certification is the best training on the internet for beginners. While many making money programs promises you quick ways to make money that usually does not work, WA shows you how to work if you want to be successful.

Building your first website is just the beginning of a great adventure. You will really enjoy learning with other members, creating content for your readers and socializing on social media and at the WA platform.

But WA is not only for beginners. With great hosting, updated training and weekly webinars by top online marketers, WA is for everyone who wants to learn every new strategy and tip about online marketing. It is a great opportunity to be a part of this community with thousands of online marketers.

Special Bonus

If you join for free and upgrade in the first week to premium you will get the following bonus:

  • 61% discount on your first month of your Premium Membership (19$)
  • Unlimited Personal and Private access to me and any other member of WA. (You can contact with Kyle and Carson!!)
  • Jay’s “Build a Niche Site – 2017 Live Case Study” webinar series – Jay is one of the top marketers at WA

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