Which Are The Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

The Best Affiliate Programs For BeginnersIf you are a beginner to online marketing, finding products to promote can be difficult as you don’t know where to look for and how to pick them up. I’m going to show you what are the best affiliate programs for beginners and where you can choose products for your website.

I think these programs are better for beginners because they are easy to join, have good commissions and is unlikely to get scammed because they are reputable and trustworthy.

Amazon Associates

Amazon associates are the affiliate program of Amazon, a huge brand name that people trust and has many customers all over the world. Every time someone visits Amazon through your affiliate links, you get a commission 4% – 10%. While the commissions are low in comparison to other affiliate programs,  Amazon is converting much better.  When you send someone on Amazon, you get a commission for every product he buys even if you haven’t recommended it.

The commission you get it raises as you sell more products. It starts at 4% and it raising until 8,5%. Some products have their own rates and the maximum commission you can get is 10%.

I recommend it for beginners because is much easier to make sales with Amazon than other programs. If you can send traffic, Amazon can convert this traffic to sales. My first sale on Amazon was for products I didn’t recommend on my site. The buyer clicked my links, bought irrelevant products and I got a commission.

On the other hand, there are some negatives too. Low commissions are one of them as other programs have commissions up to 75%, only 24 hours cookies. This means that you get a commission for 24 hours from the time when someone clicks your links. Cookies from other programs last 30 – 60 days.

In conclusion, I consider Amazon associates a very powerful affiliate program despite the negatives I mentioned above. The fact is that it converts better than any other program and you can make money for every product someone buys for 24 hours. In my opinion, these reasons make Amazon Associates one of the best available options. You can join Amazon Associates here.


Clickbank is one of the biggest affiliate networks with thousands of products available to promote. Many affiliate marketers make money with Clickbank. Beginners prefer it because it’s easy to start with and experts choose its products for big commissions. Unlike Amazon Associates where you can find physical products, Clickbank offers a variety of digital products like ebooks and software.


  • Easy to sign up: You can sign up and grab your affiliate links to promote products right now. You don’t need to have a website or other requirements. Anyone can start promoting products by any way he wants. You can sign up here.
  • High commissions: Clickbank has higher commission than most of the available affiliate programs. Usually, you get 50% – 75% from every sale you make.


  • Product Scams: If you want to build trust between you and your customers you have to be careful on what products you promote. You won’t have any problem with payments because Clickbank is always paying in time but there are some low quality products that can make your readers complain. Before you suggest a product, read some reviews and check out the vendor’s website.

While Clickbank has bigger commission than Amazon Associates, it’s more difficult to make sales because the products and their vendors are unknown to your readers and you have to build trust with them. Join here.

Wealthy Affiliate

If you are a regular reader on this website, you know that Wealthy Affiliate is my top recommendation for people who want to learn how to make money online. They give you all the tools and information you need to build a successful online business. They also have a great affiliate program. You can earn for every member that sign up through your links 8$ commission for the first month and 23,5$ thereafter.

They have a great training program to help you with the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate and there is an active community where the members help and support each other. You can sign up on Wealthy Affiliate here.wealthy affiliate bootcamp

There are many affiliate programs on the internet these days. However, if you are a beginner try to keep it simple and start with a reputable program. Amazon and Clickbank have enough products for most of the niches and Wealthy Affiliate can show you a way if you don’t know how to start. A new online business needs a website to be successful. Check out how you can build your own website in a few minutes.

For more information ask your questions or comment below. If you have any affiliate program to share with us you’re welcome.

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