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Wealthy Affiliate Vs Clickbank: Which Program Should You Join?

There are many differences between Wealthy Affiliate vs Clickbank, but you will be able to make the right decision after reading this post. You will learn how these platforms work, their benefits, and my final suggestion.

Wealthy Affiliate Vs Clickbank: The Basics

Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform for affiliate marketers, as you can see here. It is an excellent place for all types of affiliates that allow you to learn basic and advanced techniques. While it has a great affiliate program, the focus of the platform is on the training and community.

The training includes five levels of courses, regular webinars, and classrooms for all types of internet marketing. It has over two million members who can publish their own training or tips. Below each course and piece of content, you can leave comments or ask questions. It is a friendly and supportive platform that helps affiliate marketing, and you can read more about it in my review.

Clickbank is an affiliate network and marketplace for digital products. So, it’s a middleman between affiliates and vendors. Clickbank creates your affiliate links and takes care of the payments. If you create a free account, you can browse products on the marketplace. There are categories that include many of these products and metrics that allow you how they perform. Some vendors have created an affiliate area with various resources for your campaigns.

The only thing you can do on Clickbank is to browse products and get your links. It does not offer any type of training when this post is written.

Affiliate Programs and Commissions

Wealthy Affiliate has an affiliate program that allows you to promote only their website. It has recurring commissions in 40% of the total payments of your referrals. The monthly earnings are $23.50 for the premium membership or $235 for the yearly membership. Today there is a premium plus membership that double your earnings when a referral upgrades. But affiliates don’t have to get the premium plus membership to get their commissions.

You can also earn credits that allow you to exchange money for simple actions on the platform. For example, you earn two credits that are equal to $1 when your referrals set up their profiles. There are many additional ways to earn money on Wealthy Affiliate, so you don’t have to limit yourself to the affiliate program.

The main advantage of affiliate marketers on that platform is the community and the training. Members help and motivate beginners to take action that would increase your conversion rates. Also, many members are loyal to Wealthy Affiliate because they like the community and make friends in the members’ area. In many cases, member renews their membership for years.

Clickbank has a simple platform. It includes many products that you can start promoting. The commissions vary, but they can go up to 75%. Each vendor has a different sales page and members’ area. The problem is that you must avoid products that don’t make sales.

There is no community on Clickbank, but you can find information for it on forums and websites on the internet. You must evaluate the available information before using them. Affiliate programs have cookies that determine the time you can get credit after a click on your links. Both Clickbank and Wealthy Affiliate have 30-day cookies.

The winner is Clickbank in this category because you can get higher commissions and have many products to promote.

Strategies You Can Follow

Wealthy Affiliate focuses on building a website and getting traffic from search engines. The plan is to build a niche or an authority website that will bring profits for years if you do the right things. A part of this process is to share your content on social media and learn SEO.

Wealthy Affiliate is a large community, so there are members who apply additional methods like paid ads, sales funnels, and dropshipping. They share content on these topics, but the official training of the platform is about SEO.

Clickbank does not suggest a specific strategy for their affiliates. But most successful affiliates on this network use paid ads. The sales pages of most Clickbank products are also optimized for paid traffic. If you are in the internet marketing niche, a big percentage of affiliates use solo ads as well.

Another thing to consider is that you will need to build an email list to improve your conversion rates. Direct traffic can bring sales, but the results will be bad or average.

There is no winner in this category because both platforms allow you to choose profitable strategies.


I already mentioned the training material of Wealthy Affiliate. The official training includes videos, articles, and tasks for all the members. The free members have access only to the first level of training, while the premium members can access five levels of training with ten lessons on each level.

You also get access to information that other members share. They can publish blog posts on the members’ area or create their own training. They are motivated to share their best tips because they earn credits from the engagement of their training.

Clickbank has no training programs or courses today. You can get information from their blog or individuals who share their tips on the internet.

The clear winner is Wealthy Affiliate. You can also use their training to promote Clickbank or other affiliate programs if this is what you want.

Benefits Of Wealthy Affiliate

1. Community Of Affiliate Marketers

There are many communities on the internet that you can join in various topics. But affiliate marketing communities are full of spam and get-rich-quick schemes.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a spam-free community with experts and professional affiliate marketers. The platform has a special ranking that rewards those who help other members and engages on the platform. Today you can’t find a similar platform. While there are other programs for site owners and affiliate marketing, they are too expensive or inactive.

2. Learn About Affiliate Marketing

If you want to become an affiliate marketer, you can get your links on any affiliate program. But you need access to the right strategies if you want to earn money from your efforts.

Wealthy Affiliate has step-by-step training that reveals a profitable strategy. Those who complete all the five levels of training build a profitable website and know what they need to do in the future.

If you lose your focus or make some mistakes, you can always get help from the other members. All the courses allow you to ask questions below the courses, and many people are there to help you.

3. Nice Affiliate Program

The affiliate program has great recurring commissions and training you can follow to get results. The courses of the affiliate program are adjusted to the needs of an affiliate marketer in this niche. So, you will know what to do to get commissions.

It is also a great way to earn a passive income because many of your referrals will remain on Wealthy Affiliate for months or years, as mentioned above. I have premium referrals for four years or more, so I have made over $1000 from each of these referrals.

4. You Can Build Your Websites On The Platform

Wealthy Affiliate provides hosting for all the premium members. You can build up to ten websites, and it offers you websites with subdomains as well. Building a website is critical for the process you will learn in training.

Your websites will have fast loading pages, an SSL certification, and great support. It means that you don’t have to invest any extra money than your membership and your domain names.

Negatives Of Wealthy Affiliate

1. It Is Not An Affiliate Network

If you are an affiliate marketer, a part of the process is to search for affiliate programs. Wealthy Affiliate has only one affiliate program for people who are in the internet marketing niche. So, it’s a good idea to join programs like Amazon Associates, Clickbank, ShareASale, and any other program you want.

Benefits Of Clickbank

1. Top Affiliate Network

Clickbank is a top affiliate network that always has available products and pays the affiliates on time. This is the reason why it is so popular, and many affiliates prefer it.

The sales page of the products has the logo of Clickbank to help the user understand that they take care of the payments. The name of Clickbank means trust and security for many users who are familiar with digital products. Lastly, it offers a 60-day refund that increases the chances of conversions, even if some affiliates don’t like the refunds.

2. Many Products To Promote

You can find hundreds of products in different niches on the marketplace of Clickbank. If you run out of ideas for your projects, you can take a look at the available products and resources. Also, your vendor strategies can generate more income for you. For example, many vendors use one-click upsells or recurring products.

If you have a website to promote Wealthy Affiliate or any other program in the internet marketing niche, you can also promote Clickbank offers to increase your revenue.

Negative Of Clickbank

1. There Are Some Low-Quality Products

Clickbank is a huge affiliate network that invites any vendor and affiliate to join the platform. So, it attracts people that want to make quick bucks without offering a good product. While Clickbank has some guidelines and an approval process, they can’t filter out every bad product.

It means that you need to do your research before promoting a product. If you have an audience or a long-term strategy, promoting low-quality products can negatively impact your reputation. You don’t have to buy every product, but you can check the sales page, the claims, and read some reviews before promoting something.


While many people want to make an option when they compare Wealthy Affiliate vs Clickbank, I encourage you to figure out what you need. If you need quality training and a strategy, you should join Wealthy Affiliate. Clickbank is for those who have a strategy and search for products to promote.