An Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review (2020)

An Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review (2021)

Welcome to my Wealthy Affiliate review. You can read what you will learn about this program and how it can help you make money in 2021.

Wealthy Affiliate is a legit program and a scheme to earn money overnight or a push-button system. It is a program with real affiliate marketers who work daily on their websites. If you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, you are not in the right place.

Below you will read about the different features and some success stories. Next, I invite you to join Wealthy Affiliate with a free membership. It will let you confirm that what you read in this review is true.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

It is a top platform for affiliate marketers. Most affiliate marketers have heard about it before. It has created many full-time members over the years.

Wealthy Affiliate members dominate the search engines on the make money online niche. You can type terms about affiliate marketing or competitive programs. The chances are that you will find a few Wealthy Affiliate members on the first page of Google.

Good rankings on search engines bring targeted traffic. It means a lot of money if you know what to do with that traffic. This is what you will learn on the Wealthy Affiliate. You will master the process of getting ranked on the first page of Google and earn money from your website visitors.

There are a few things that are guaranteed on Wealthy Affiliate:

  • You will get quality training that works. The free membership allows you to get access to a part of this training. 
  • There is a community of over 2 million people. Many experienced marketers can help with your projects.
  • You will get all the tools you need to start your own online business. There are more details about the tools below.

I have reviewed over 300 programs and sites that promise different systems. Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best place on the internet to learn how to start your own business and make money.

How Does It Work?

The main idea of the program is to build an online business that will be profitable for many years. So, the best way to achieve that is by creating a website.

However, I do not talk about one-page websites or spam pages. The focus is on creating an authority website. There is only one way to achieve it. You must publish content and help your visitors to find what they want. Your job is to make your website a source of information in your niche.

Wealthy Affiliate will help you to understand this process and start building your site. There is a specific strategy in which you find what people search for on the internet and create helpful content for them. Then, you will earn money with affiliate offers.

The training and tools will show you how to do that. The training is in video and article format. It’s quite easy to apply, and there are many members who are willing to help you.

When you start getting traffic to your sites, you can promote quality products. If people buy these products through your site, you will make commissions. This is the process of affiliate marketing explained in a few words.

From my experience, many gurus and programs recommend ways to get traffic to a website that simply does not work. It’s not just about publishing content.

There is a strategy behind this process, and this is why so many members of Wealthy Affiliate dominate the search engines. If you use this strategy, you will create a great source of residual income. You need to create content once, and then, it will make commissions for years.

Create a FREE Wealthy Affiliate account here!

Is Wealthy Affiliate for you?

Are you looking all day long for information on the internet about ways to make money online? You probably want to know how you can start from scratch today and be successful.

Wealthy Affiliate can help you achieve this goal. The training is created by the co-owner and helps beginners to take their first steps online.

After every lesson, there are tasks to do. If you do the tasks, you can build your first website while you follow the training. You don’t have to use any tools or information that are not included in the training.

If you are not ready to take action, I do not think that Wealthy Affiliate or anyone else can help you. But if you take action, your first website will be ready in a few days. Your job is to do a few simple tasks every day.

Is Wealthy Affiliate For Experienced Marketers?

There are thirteen classrooms for any marketer, from beginner to expert. Here are some extra benefits to your membership:

  • Get help from other affiliates, 
  • Watch the weekly live webinars
  • Make questions on the community whenever you want.
  • Create your own training and earn money

If you already earn money with your website as an affiliate marketer, you can go to the next level. It will help you improve your rankings, find keywords, and get feedback.

Wealthy Affiliate Training and Tools

Free Memberhip Training:

  • Understanding how to make money online
  • Choose a niche
  • Build a website
  • Setting up a website
  • Getting your site ready for SEO
  • Finding content ideas
  • Create your first pages
  • Create quality website content
WA lessons

The free training teaches you the basics to start building your website. In my opinion, the free membership alone gives you an advantage over the competition. Most affiliates do not have the right information.

You will also get a plan that you can apply to your site. It sounds weird, but most websites have not any plan but just creating content. 

With free membership, you will get the following:

  • Two free websites with a subdomain 
  • Access to a premium keyword tool for a specific number of searches
  • Access to the community for one week.

This is not a free trial. You can keep working on your sites after the first week and be able to access the training. Many members create blog posts and courses with their strategies and make them available to everyone. You will get tons of content even as a free member.

There are many programs out there that ask for hundreds of dollars to give outdated information. It will not happen on this platform, and this is what I want to highlight in my Wealthy Affiliate review.

Here you can get the latest news about affiliate marketing and tools to build a business. This is one of the reasons why Wealthy Affiliate is the biggest community of affiliate marketers on the internet.

Premium Membership Training:

There is the Online Official Certification which is the premium training level. The 5 levels of the Online Official Certification are the following:

  • Getting Started
  • Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  • Making Money
  • Mastering Social Engagement
  • Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation
wealthy affiliate premium training

Each level includes ten different courses with videos and articles. This training is focused on free traffic sources. If you follow and apply all the tasks, soon you will get results.

You will learn about: 

  • Social media marketing 
  • SEO 
  • Keyword research 
  • Content creation 
  • WordPress
  • Outsourcing
  • Affiliate programs
  • many more

This is only the beginning of your online business. Once you have completed the Online Official Certification, it’s possible to generate traffic. As you keep building your site, more visitors will come your way.

Next, there are 13 more classrooms with a lot of information on different marketing methods. For example, you can learn about PPC, email marketing, YouTube, local marketing, and more.

The good news is that you don’t have to learn everything to make money online. You must master only one thing well to be able to make a full-time income. Most experts are experts on something. Learn and master one strategy or one skill to get the results you want.

Lastly, there is a lot of training from the members of Wealthy Affiliate. You can find extra training or content with tips. As a premium member, you can create your own training after the third month of your membership.

Tools and Resources

As a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you do not have to look elsewhere for any type of tools to start your business. You can find everything you will need. Here are some examples:

  • A great web hosting service which is available with the premium membership. You can build up to 50 websites inside WA.
  • One-click WordPress website builder that is great for beginners who do not know about coding or web design.
  • An accurate keyword research tool that gives exact metrics about traffic and competition.
  • A unique platform where you can get comments and feedback for your website. (You can earn money by leaving comments on other people’s sites.)
  • And the last addition is the SiteContent tool that helps you to improve your writing and productivity.

I do not think that any competitor of Wealthy Affiliate can offer the same quality of training and tools and I have tested most of them. For beginners and advanced marketers, the tools are more than enough to do anything they want.

State of Art Web Hosting

As a premium member, you can build 10 websites with your own domain names or free websites with a subdomain. You do not pay anything extra for hosting.

It’s super easy to build your first website from the SiteBuilder. If you have a free membership, you can create a website in a few seconds and then, you can customize it, add content or work in any way you want.

This website is entirely built on Wealthy Affiliate. I have not used any tools outside this platform. When this review is written, I have published over 350 articles with a lot of content, images, and content.

I like to teach by example so this site is an example of Wealthy Affiliate hosting and my results are an example of the strategy you will learn in the members’ area.

You will have three benefits from your competitors if you build your site on Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. SiteSpeed: This is one of the latest updates. It helps your site to load super fast so your visitors will have a better experience. That means better rankings and more sales.
  2. SiteSSL (HTTPS): You need an SSL certificate in 2021. It shows to your visitors that your site is safe and search engines drop the sites without it. Most host providers include an SSL certificate as an upsell but you will not pay anything extra on Wealthy Affiliate.
  3. SiteProtect (Spam Blocker): Again, many competitors sell spam blockers as an upsell but it is included on the premium membership and helps you to get rid of tons of spam.

SiteComments Platform

One of the most important ranking factors on the search engines is engagement. Most SEO gurus do not even mention that because they try to sell worthless products.

However, if you want to get ranked for any keyword, the most important factor is quality content. While you can learn more about SEO on the free and premium membership, engagement really helps your rankings.

Simply, the quality comments add value to the content, increase trust with your visitors and search engines, increase the time that your visitors spend to your site, and improve the chances to get even more organic comments.

If you visit a site and read a nice post on something you are interested in, you probably take a look at the comments. If there are no comments, you just leave the page or take another action.

I think it’s common sense that you need engagement with your sites. As affiliate marketers, we create content to help other people and not for ourselves.

If you are a beginner, it will not be easy to get quality organic comments. Also, you don’t want to allow spam comments or comments like “nice post”. They do not add value to your website and they make more bad than good.

To solve that problem, Wealthy Affiliate includes on the tools a comment exchange platform.

Other members can read your articles and leave their comments. You can do the same thing. There are some specific rules to make sure that everyone really reads the content and leave relevant and quality comments.

Site Comments Platform

Make Money With SiteComments

One of the latest updates enables you to earn money with the comment exchange platform.

The process is really simple:

  • You read the article of another member
  • Leave a unique comment with at least 50 words
  • Earn 1 credit = $0,50

The members who have requested the comment can approve or disapprove it.

The good news is that you can leave as many comments as you want and you can also ask for comments on your site. This process takes a few minutes and it’s an easy way to earn some extra money.

There are people on the internet who spend hours per day to earn a few cents on side income sites. Here you can earn extra money while you build your business.

Premium Keyword Tool

Jaaxy is the keyword tool of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a great tool but you don’t have to buy it. If you are a premium member, you can get free access to that tool.

Keyword research is one of the most important parts of your online business. You want to find low competition keywords with traffic.

If you have a new site and try to get ranked for competitive keywords, you will fail most of the time.

This is a common mistake that most beginners and intermediate marketers do. They find a free keyword, grab a few keywords and start writing content. After a while with no results, they assume that SEO does not work.

There is nothing wrong with SEO but it can be wrong the way you do SEO. Jaaxy is the best tool for a strategy based on low competition. If you are a beginner, you want some easy wins.

With that tool, you will get specific metrics on traffic, competition, domain availability, and many content ideas in a few minutes.

It’s the best tool you can use to do niche and keyword research. Many successful affiliate marketers use it daily.

jaaxy - wa

A Top Writing Tool

When you are a beginner, you want to create your own content. Many people love to write but others write only for the money. If you have a budget, writing is a task that you can outsource but until reaching that point, it’s a good idea to write your own articles.

For those who enjoy writing or they write to earn money, I have some good news. You can find on Wealthy Affiliate one of the best writing tools you can find on the internet.

Many people spend hundreds of dollars on tools for grammar and spelling checking. They use other tools to write, save their work, keep stats and create templates. On SiteContent, you can do all the above without paying anything extra.

Also, you can choose images to add to your content from a big database of free images. When you add an image with this tool, it’s automatically optimized for your website.

Lastly, you can keep stats and challenge your writing skills and productivity while you can prove your results. SiteContent can help you produce more content and improve your skills.

How is the Wealthy Affiliate Support?

I will share a personal story to give you an example of WA support.

The first time contacted the support when I had tried to install an unknown plugin and my website could not load. I sent a message to the support and five minutes later, my website was loading properly. Also, support had sent me a message with information about the problem and how they fixed it.

Before joining Wealthy Affiliate, I had built another website on Hostgator. I had faced a similar problem and I had contacted the support. After an hour, they said that it was my mistake and they gave me instructions on how to fix that problem that they did not work. I found the right instructions on Google and I fixed the problem myself after 3-4 hours.

Once again there is a huge difference between Wealthy Affiliate and their competitors. I wish you never face a technical issue with your websites but no one can avoid it forever. Sooner or later a technical problem or a mistake of yours will happen.

Do you want a hand to help you fix it as soon as possible or you want to start watching tutorials on Youtube?

My poor experience with Hostgator played a big part in my decision to start looking for better alternatives. I did not join Wealthy Affiliate only for web hosting but I was really happy when I could transfer my website.

About The Community:

One of the huge advantages of Wealthy Affiliate is the community in the members’ area. Most WA members are proud of the engagement and the support of each other.

There are over 1 million members, many experienced marketers create new training and publish posts daily. If you ask any questions, they will be answered in a few minutes.

I am an active member as well and help people every single daily while I focus on my referrals.

Many of the affiliates who will see inside run full-time income businesses and you will be able to contact them. Lastly, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate are active members of the community too.

With a few words, there is a lot of experience and many experts to model their strategies. You can be sure that the first place they share their successes and strategies is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Complaints

Like any other company on the internet, there are a few complaints. However, the positive reviews and comments about Wealthy Affiliate are much more than the complaints.

As I mentioned above, the members of Wealthy Affiliate dominate the search engines. This is obvious in the make money online niche. Many of the members make reviews on other products.

Well, many people are unhappy when they read a negative review of their products and they tell many different things. Of course, every member writes his/her own review and Wealthy Affiliate has nothing to do with that.

But when someone gets a positive review of his product, he is happy about his work. When he gets a negative review, the fault is always on the writer.

The first complaint is for some affiliates and they come from people with bad internet marketing products.

Next, there are some negative Wealthy Affiliate reviews and comments from competitors for obvious reasons. They must find something negative to say.

When it comes to complaints from users, they are very limited. If you join the platform even with the free membership, you can discuss it with many members and ask any questions you want.

The few complaints you will hear are from those users who were expecting something different. It’s clear that Wealthy Affiliate is a long term investment.

Some people believe that it’s possible to earn thousands of dollars overnight. This is not going to happen. If you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, you will not like this program.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

My motivation to join Wealthy Affiliate was to earn more money a few years ago. I guess this is what most people want to know when they consider joining a training platform for affiliate marketers.

The good news is that the training of Wealthy Affiliate works. They are many success stories. Also, many of the members who get good results have no problem to discuss their strategy, help other members, and create new training and blog posts showing how you can do the same thing.

So, it’s not only the official training that can help you to start a profitable online business but there are tons of other resources and study cases that you can model and make them work for you.

Here are 3 success stories of members:

wealthy affiliate success story 1
wealthy affiliate success story 2
wealthy affiliate success story 3

These stories can show you the potential of this business. Most people who have created websites and got results with that strategy are beginners who without online earnings before joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Also, they did not apply any extraordinary difficult strategy. They just have worked consistently on their sites, followed the training, and had the patience to let it grow.

I will share in a few words my personal story with Wealthy Affiliate as well. When I built my first site, I could not write well because I am not an English native speaker and did not know anything about online marketing.

However, I decided to follow the training and do my best. Fast forward a few years later, I have made money in multiple ways on the Internet. I have made sales by promoting Wealthy Affiliate, sold my services as a freelancer (services about skills that I learned on the training), made money on Clickbank, Amazon affiliate program, and other affiliate programs.

Some people have doubts if they can create a profitable business for many different reasons. If I did that, I truly believe that anyone can do it. Just take action and follow the training.

Affiliate Program and Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the best affiliate programs you can find on the MMO (make money online niche).

It’s free to join and many people upgrade to premium because of the training, community, and tools. It’s the best program for affiliate marketers so it makes sense that people want to stay.

The good news is that you can promote Wealthy Affiliate and earn commissions. You can get into any niche you want so this is another option.

While the membership is not expensive, many people stay for a long time and the affiliates earn recurring commissions. For every premium member, you will make $121 on average.

Also, you can find inside the members’ area training only for those who want to promote Wealthy Affiliate. This training is available for everyone and it’s on the same level as the official training of the platform.

For those who want to get into any niche relevant to the MMO niche, it’s a great opportunity to learn about the audiences and the available techniques.

Lastly, once a year the super affiliates are invited for by the owners to a 4-day conference in Las Vegas. These four days talk about business and have fun.

wealthy affiliate conference

If you want to become a super affiliate, you must make 300 sales in a single year. It’s achievable with the available training. With one sale per day, you make more than 300 at the end of the year.

Many members do their best to reach that goal and I sure it can give you motivation too.

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

I have mentioned until now two types of membership, but I have not talked about the prices.

Free membership: $0 (Join Here)
Premium Membership: $49/month, $234/6 months or $$495/ year (Join Here)

I think you will agree that you will not find a free membership in any training program with so much value. There are 10 free lessons with videos and tasks while you have access to the tools to create your online business.

Also, for the first week, you have the benefits of a premium member on the community. That gives you the opportunity to contact any other member.

Next, there is a premium membership. When you want to start a business, $49 per month is a fair price. It’s less than $2 per day to join a platform in which you can connect with successful marketers and learn everything you need about this business.

Many money-making products ask for hundreds of dollars just to give a PDF or some short videos. When you ask for more information, they try to sell upsells and different things just to get more money. So, I know why you may hesitate to try Wealthy Affiliate.

This is not going to happen here. With the free membership, you get a sample of the training and then, there are tons of more information with even better quality.

You will not see any upsells or weird promotions. Everything is offered at the same price. Every premium member has the same access to information, tools, support, and everything that WA offers.

Think for a moment that you will have the same resources with the guys from the success stories above. Also, you will learn what exactly they do to model them.

With the 6-month and the yearly membership, you get a discount on the premium membership by paying for many months at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

I am personally a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and I promote it through my site. You probably expect that I will say that it is a legit platform for affiliate marketers. However, I will bring some proof to see by yourself that Wealthy Affiliate really pays the members. First, you can check the above three screenshots from the success stories of different members. I know that many scam programs and sites create fake screenshots, so here is a PayPal payment to my account:

wealthy affiliate payment proof

The next part to consider is the strategy and if it works. My only proof is this website. I have built it based on the training of Wealthy Affiliate without external ideas and strategies. It gets traffic in a competitive niche. Also, most successful members use the training that you can find on the members’ area over and over again.

It can work for any niche, no matter the competition or the type of products or services you promote. If you get results once, you can repeat the same strategy as many times as you want without limitations. Many members already do that. You can build up to 25 websites inside the platform.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth The Money?

First of all, there is a free membership that you can use it until being ready to upgrade. In this free membership, you have access to all the free resources and the first level of training.

If you want to get more of the training and more access to the available tools, you can upgrade for $19 for one month. From the second month, you pay $49 per month, and there are packages with discounts for six months and one year.

You get top training on how to start an online business and build your own website. Usually, the programs that include a similar level of training cost thousands of dollars. There are many low-quality products that give guides that make no sense and do not work for hundreds of dollars without estimating the upsells.

Instead of that, you get all the training you will ever need and tools to build your site for some dollars per month. If you estimate how much it cost per day, you will pay a little over $1.50 per day. In my opinion, it’s a good deal for a high-quality product. 

The other alternative is to get started with the high-priced junk that you can get from other programs on the internet. I don’t say that there are not other legit products, but most of them are overpriced without any good reason.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Pyramid Scheme?

Wealthy Affiliate is not a pyramid scheme. If you have read any of my reviews on pyramid schemes and get-rich-quick schemes, you already know that I hate these types of businesses.

Wealthy Affiliate has an affiliate program and only one paid membership. It means that all the training and tools are included in the product that it sells. If you want to promote it, you can get your affiliate link and share it on your blog, social media, YouTube, or any other platform you want.

However, there are no upsells or hidden fees that you can find on pyramid schemes. There is only one price for everyone. Also, there are no membership levels. There are only free and premium members. If you upgrade to premium, you have access to the same tools and training as any other member. There are no hidden benefits. The real affiliate programs do not have membership levels, and this is the main difference from the pyramid schemes.

Lastly, you can promote Wealthy Affiliate even with the free membership and earn commissions. As a free member, the commissions per sale is lower, but it is enough to make a lot of money if you don’t want to upgrade.

How Long Does It Take To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate? 

Building a real business takes time. Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme that promises overnight results. The suggested process is to build a website, create content, share it on social media, and start getting traffic.

The time that will take to get visitors and make sales from this process depends on how active you are. If you love to do the right actions, you will get results sooner than expected. 

When you start from zero with no following on social media, no list, and no traffic, you need to start building an audience. The natural process of start getting results from Google takes from three months to one year. In social media and YouTube, you can start getting results much faster. It is possible to make sales in one-two months with traffic from social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest. Of course, you don’t have to be everywhere. You can choose the places that you will be active. 

So, the time that it takes is not standard. In my first year, I had many doubts and did not do the right things. However, I made my first sale six months later, even if I made many mistakes. The first sale was enough to boost my confidence and help me focus on my site. Today, I earn money consistently and work on many projects at the same time.  

What Types Of Products Do You Learn To Promote On Wealthy Affiliate?

The focus is on how to build a website that will be the foundation of your business. Then, you can get traffic from any place of the internet you want and promote your affiliate offers. The training will show you step by step how to find affiliate programs relevant to your niche.

While it does not promote any affiliate program, the first examples are from the affiliate program of Amazon. While the commissions from this program are not great, it is easy to make your first sales because it converts well. People trust Amazon, so you don’t have to convince them that it is a good place to buy products.

However, you will learn to find affiliate programs by yourself. The internet has thousands of affiliate programs in every niche, and the strategy of Wealthy Affiliate is not limited to the affiliate program of Amazon. It can work with any product and service that you want to promote because you learn to use free and targeted traffic.

Can Wealthy Affiliate help you to promote Clickbank products? 

Yes, you can promote Clickbank products with the strategy of Wealthy Affiliate. For example, you can check this post on how I made over $1000 from only one sale on Clickbank. 

Many Clickbank products have not good quality, while they tend to include a lot of upsells. For this reason, I avoid promoting most of them, but you can find legit ones that help their buyers to get the results they want.

As I mentioned above, this strategy can work for any product. I don’t focus on the affiliate program or network, but I make sure that a product is good enough for my readers before suggesting it.  

Can You Learn About Paid Advertising?

The training on paid advertising is only available for the premium members and not for the free ones. If you upgrade to premium, you have access to webinars about Facebook advertising and 20 courses on Google Ads and Bing Ads.

The 20 courses are a part of the training on affiliate bootcamp that is created for the affiliates of the site, but it is available to everyone. You can use the same techniques to promote any product you want. 

Lastly, there are experienced members who have created additional training and blogs on paid ads, and these resources are available as well. In some cases, they are available to free members.

How To Get Started?  

From my experience as a member who uses the training to get results, the best option is to get started with the first lesson. If you join from my links, I will contact you to show you the right lesson. It’s important to follow the training and do the tasks without skipping anything.

When you have questions or stuck with anything, you will be able to leave me a message or leave questions below the training. Your first goal should be to complete the training. Once you achieve that, you will have already created a functional website. 

Many members already get some traffic or sales after finishing the training. Then, they have a plan to continue by themselves and expand their knowledge with the other resources of the platform.

My Final Opinion:

Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best training platform for beginners and intermediate affiliate marketers, bloggers, people who just want to make money, freelancers who want to learn new skills and people who search for quality products to promote in the make money online niche.

It will give quality training, all the tools you need, and fast support to build your own online business.

Wealthy Affiliate is not another rich-quick-scheme or a program that shows you how to make a few bucks. But it’s the right place for those who want long-term and lasting success on the internet.

There are many ways to use the training and the skills you will learn in the members’ area. You can create your own websites as I do, become an expert in your niche, learn about SEO, become a freelancer to sell relevant services and much more.

You can also earn money on Wealthy Affiliate. For every training you create you earn money depending on the views, likes, and comments. You can generate passive income only from the training you have created.

Another option is to blog on Wealthy Affiliate for topics relevant to affiliate marketing. If someone joins WA through your blogs (from search engines, social media, email, etc.), he becomes your referrals and you can earn monthly commissions.

There are many options and you can choose any direction you want. It will be one of the best investments you have made and of course, you can start for free to see by yourself how it works.

Wealthy Affiliate is a top program. I am an active member and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more on how to make money online and affiliate marketing.

Create A Free Account On Wealthy Affiliate Here!

Special Bonus:

This is the best time to start your own online business. Simply, there are billions of users on the internet who search for information and buy products.

But the available information is not enough out there. While many say that they have tried to build an online business, only a few of them are willing to put the work and have the right strategy.

Those who are willing to build a website and help other people can create a profitable online business for many years.

For this reason, I really want to help you to get started. I will give you a special bonus if you join today. Here is what you will get:

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Keep in mind that I treat anyone who joins through my links very seriously and I will be always there for anything you may need.

If you join through my link, I will contact you inside soon and the same you can expect from Kyle, the co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate.

The only thing you need to do is to click the link below and fill in your email address:

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When you get inside, just check the platform and wait for my message with further instructions!

Thanks for reading my honest Wealthy Affiliate review. If you want to share your experience with the program or ask any questions, leave your comment below.