5 Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives

In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is the best training program for online marketers. It has thirteen classrooms for all the types of online marketing. However, it does not fit to everyone as any other online program. Some people do not want to create content, build a website or they simply want to follow a different strategy. This is not a problem as you can find training programs for any marketer on the internet. Below you can see a list of Wealthy Affiliate alternatives.

1. Chris Farrell Membership

chris farrell membership reviewCris Farrel Membership is the second best program that I recommend on Make Money Bay. The main difference with Wealthy Affiliate is that focus more on email marketing while Wealthy Affiliate focuses on SEO, keyword research and content creation. It is a great program for beginners and intermediate marketers.

You will learn how to find a profitable niche, build a WordPress site and set up your first autoresponder. On the cons is that it does not offer a free trial but you have to pay at least $4.95 for seven days to see inside. If you want free web hosting like Wealthy Affiliate you need to pay the yearly membership that costs $297 and  Private coaching and training costs $997. It is in the second place of Make Money Bay’s rank with 95 out of 100. Read my Chris Farrel Membership review.

2. Internet Jetset

internet jetset reviewInternet Jetset is a system created by John Crestani. It helps you to start your affiliate marketing business from scratch with free traffic from Facebook, Youtube and organic traffic from search engines. You will make money recommending Amazon products and getting a commission. It is a legit program and many marketers use these ways to get traffic.

It teaches you how to pick up a niche, website creation, SEO, Youtube marketing and Facebook marketing. In comparison to Wealthy Affiliate, it does not offer free hosting, website builder and in-depth training in other types of online marketing.

I have ranked it with 87 out of 100 and you need to pay $47 to join while it has many upsells. Also, there is not a free trial or any other way to check out the program before you buy it. You can see my review on Internet Jetset here.

3. Affilorama

The Affilorama ReviewAffilorama is a big name in the industry, created by Mark Ling on 2005. I know that many of you expected to see Affilorama as the better Wealthy Affiliate alternative but I have valid reasons to rank it on the third place.

While you can learn from Affilorama important lessons about affiliate marketing, you can find outdated information on its courses too. PLR articles and focus on backlinking are not two good tips these days.

On the positives are the free trial, the active forum and that is a place for all types of affiliate marketers from beginners to experts. I liked the easy to understand videos and the available tools that really helps you to build and run your websites.

It has many levels of membership and/or upsells. Affilorama Premium costs $67 per month and includes training, hosting and access to the community. My rank on Affilorama is 86 0ut of 100. Check out my review.

4. CB Passive Income 4.0

patric chan photo

Patric Chan

CB Passive Income is a totally different program from the other programs on this list. Patric Chan created this program to help beginner marketers to make money fast. Make money fast means paid advertising. You promote CB Passive Income with landing pages that provides you the program and your subscribers receive emails from Patrick Chan autoresponders.

If you have money to invest, it is a quick solution but there is a risk when you try advertising on the internet. You need to find cheap traffic that converts. The worst thing on this program is that you cannot choose any niche except CB Passive income.

You are not learning about WordPress, SEO, keyword research and content creation which are important skills for any online marketer. Inside the program, you can find guides on Facebook, Pinterest, Forums, Guest Blogging, Bing Ads and solo advertising. While I really liked the Bing Ads training, I did not find anything else interesting on the training.

It costs 97$ and my rank is 76 out of 100. Check out my CB Passive Income 4.0 review.

5. Amz Training Academy

amz training academy reviewGaz Cooper has created Amz Training Academy for beginners who wants to get into affiliate marketing. He teaches you how to build niche sites and make money with Amazon Associates. You can learn about SEO, Youtube and Facebook marketing with great step by step training. It is the only program on this list where you can contact the owner on the forum.

But Amz Training Academy has some cons too. You can find inside outdated training like Affilorama. It recommends you to use PLR articles and it focuses only on Amazon affiliate program as a monetizing method. This way is a legit one to make money online but there are much more to learn about affiliate marketing that are not included on this program.

It costs 37$ per month and you cannot try it for free. Make Money Bay’s rank is 67 out of 100 and you can check out my review here.

My Final Opinion

With this list, you can find training programs for any affiliate marketer. You can learn about email marketing, advertising, SEO, social media marketing, keyword research and many more. Keep in mind that affiliate marketing does not work on autopilot and you need to put effort to have any success. Be patient until you have the skills and the experience to create profitable websites and campaigns.


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