Wealth Project Review: Scam Or Legit?

Wealth Project Review: Scam Or Legit?If you are looking for an honest review of Wealth Project, you are in the right place. Before getting started, this review is about the Clickbank product that you can visit on the domain name, https://wealthproject.net. There are other companies with a similar name so I make sure that we talk about the same topic.

On this review, you can read if Wealth Project is a legit product that can deliver the big claims on the homepage or another online scam.

What Is Wealth Project?

The first thing I noticed on the homepage is that it’s similar to another program I have visited lately. More specifically, it’s the same with Smart Cash App. The only differences are the headline and the video.

The structure of these two sites is the same. You can see the buttons, the design, the affiliate page, even many big parts on the video are the same.

Smart Cash App has many negative reviews on the internet, and I did not like it as well. So, it would not be a good idea to buy a copy paste of a bad product. But let’s talk about Wealth Project:

There is a headline that promises earnings up to $17,520 in one week starting today. You just need to do some clicks and spend a few minutes on this program. The spokesperson repeats names and money numbers several times on this presentation.

I think that he does say anything to help us understand what this product is all about and how it is going to help us to make money.

The spokesperson mentions the name, James Robertson. It is supposed to be his name, and he says that he is the owner. James Robertson claims to be a writer, researcher, and online business expert. The same claims about the name of the owner are made on Smart Cash App too.

It sounds like a fake name but there is no way to confirm it. But if you know an online business expert with that name, feel free to leave a comment below with some information.

In my opinion, the goal of this program is only to generate money for its owner and not to help you. It sounds like another online scam, and many things are too good to be true on the video presentation.

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How Is It Supposed To Work?

When someone promises a system that after 30 minutes and 21 clicks can start generating thousands of dollars per week, I would expect to learn more about these clicks.

Well, after a lengthy video the spokesperson does not give us an idea of what this program is all about. He mentions that it’s not about online surveys or cryptocurrencies and that’s all.

From my experience, there is no legit way to make money online that will make you so much money in a few minutes. The legit programs give you as more details as possible for their product because they are confident about it.

The bad programs make many claims about the possible results. The story is that the owner has developed a system the last years that makes thousands of dollars per month. But he is so generous to give it for a few dollars. It sounds like exchanging money for more money.

Also, there is some scarcity. It mentions that there are only 32 available for the system at the starting price. It’s not true. The program is available for everyone who is willing to pay the $37.

With a few words, do not expect a system that will give you thousands in a few clicks. The “system” works only for the owner who makes money by selling to people who want to get started online.

How Much Does It Cost?

It’s a product from the listings of Clickbank, so it has a 60-day money back guarantee which is 100% legit.

The starting price is at $37 but there are many upsells and on the member’s they may promote other low-quality products as well. The total cost for those who will trust the program could be hundreds of dollars.

On the affiliate page, it mentions that an affiliate marketer can make up to $355 per sale on a 70% commission. So, the product can cost over $500.Wealth Project pricing

The upsells are never a good thing for the buyers. They get you deeper into the funnel of the owner. Many people buy the upsells because of new claims, or they just want to earn some money to get back their initial investment.

In my opinion, you should avoid falling for these claims. However, if you buy it and you do not like what you see inside, use the money back guarantee and don’t invest more money.

My Final Verdict – Is Wealth Project A Scam?

Can you make $17,520 in your first week starting today? I really doubt you can make any money at all with this program.

Wealth Project does not deliver what it claims, and it’s not a legit way to get started online for sure. The unknown owner, the similarities with another low-quality product, and the many upsells are three huge red flags.

Sure, you will get something in return for your money, but the product will not give you any results.

There are many ways to make money online. You can find too many alternatives. For this reason, I do not recommend products with random money claims without any information about the system or the training.

The legit ways have one common thing. They take time and effort. When someone promises huge earnings without real effort, almost always something goes wrong.

A Simple Way To Make Money Online:

To create an online business that generates money, you do not have to learn super complicated things. When something is not easy, most people will avoid it.

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1. Take action: Most beginners when they learn something new do not take action. They believe that it’s not for them or it will not work. Just give it a try before deciding if this is for you.

2. Work hard: I have broken down my strategy in easy steps. But you must repeat them again and again. Without work, any strategy will fail.

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Thanks for reading my review on Wealth Project. For any questions, you can leave your comment below.

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