ways to make money with videos

5 Simple Ways To Make Money With Videos

In this post, you will discover five simple ways to make money with videos. Even if you don’t like to put yourself in front of the camera or don’t have any special skills, there are many types of videos that you create if you have a good video maker online.

1. Start A YouTube Channel

You don’t have to be an expert to become a YouTuber or publish a few videos on the internet. YouTube is a great option because everyone can publish new videos without any limitations. Many people have gone viral without showing their faces or creating anything extraordinary.

The simpler way to get started is by choosing a niche. You can consider your interests and what videos you like to watch. Then, you can choose the type of videos that you will make. For example, there are PowerPoint videos, animation videos, screen recording videos, etc. People have tried everything on YouTube, and many things can work.

The topic of your videos can be anything interesting, educational, or funny. If you can teach something to other people, you already have an advantage from most of your competitors. Once you start getting some views and subscribers, you can scale your channels by creating more videos. You can upload your videos to other similar platforms and social media if you want to get more views and promote your channel.

When it comes to money, you can use affiliate marketing to promote relevant products or earn money from Google AdSense. Many YouTubers earn a full-time income with both options.

2. Offer A Video Related Service For Others

Many marketers and companies want to make videos for their products, but they don’t have the time or the skills to get started. In both cases, this is an opportunity for you. By creating animated or PowerPoing videos, you can help them to promote their products.

Of course, offering video services to others is freelancing. You need to find clients, deliver the services, and get paid for your work. However, there are tons of companies that outsource many simple tasks these days, so there is a lot of demand for freelancers.

If you are a beginner on freelancing, you will start with low rates. But you can increase your rates once you get some clients that are happy with your work. Another popular option is to offer upsells of your services. Freelancing has a full-time income potential, but many people do it part-time as well.

There are several ways to get started. You can join some standard big freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, do your own research on the internet and apply for jobs, or find sites that focus only on video services. All these options are fine for any beginner. Lastly, you can consider starting an agency that offers video-related services.

3. Create Video Courses

Many people prefer video than other types of content when they want to learn something. Video explains in more detail and can show examples. There is a big market that buys lessons and courses in video format.

If you feel that you are an expert on a specific topic or can teach something that is worth the money of other people, you can create video lessons. There are platforms like Udemy and Skillshare that people use to upload and sell their courses.

You can build a reputation on these platforms and get loyal buyers. They have a review system that allows people to share their experiences below each lesson. The courses with the most reviews have more chances to make more sales.

Another option is to create a digital product that includes many videos. Some marketers sell courses in this format on their websites or marketplaces like Clickbank. You may need to learn some internet marketing to promote your products if you choose this way, but the potential earnings per sale are higher.

The benefit of creating a lesson is that you create it once and earn residual income for years. It can add up by creating more courses in the future or offering relevant upsells to your customers.

4. Create Videos For Paid Advertising

Many advertisements on social media and YouTube use videos to promote products and services. Video gets more engagement than other types of content and get attention instantly. So, you can create videos for your own advertising campaigns.

If you don’t have a product, you can use affiliate marketing as an option. There are many affiliate programs in different niches that allow you to promote quality products and earn big commissions. Other competitors may create ads for your products, but most of them don’t use videos yet. The quality of the video can help you get better results as well.

So, you can create a video for the advertisement that is relevant to your product and then send traffic to a sales funnel or a product page. Your job will be to buy traffic at a lower price than the price that you sell your product. You can then scale this method by creating more ads and sending more traffic to your existing campaigns.

Publish Videos On Your Blog and Social Media Profiles

If you already have a website or a social media strategy marketing, you can add videos to your campaigns. They get more likes and shares than images and can explain more complicated topics.

For a blog with content, you can turn your posts and page into nice videos. Many users prefer to watch videos than reading. Videos on a blog improve user experience, and people will remain longer on your posts. Google likes websites that include videos and may improve your rankings on specific pages.

Building a website from zero that focuses on publishing your videos can get some attention if you add value to your niche. If you share your YouTube videos on a website, it will increase your views and backlinks.


Video has many uses for internet marketers and people who just want to make some extra money. These five ideas do not require any experience, technical knowledge, or a budget to get started. Many people already use them to make money with their videos on the internet.