Viral Market Review: Scam Or $150 Per Day?

viral market review - scam or legit?

Welcome to my Viral Market review. The website is under the domain viralmarket.com, and in this review, you will learn if it’s a scam or a legit website to make $150 per day.

The claims of the homepage are too big for a free website and they do not make sense. So, it sounds too good to be true and this is what you can expect.

What Is Viral Market?

Viral Market is a new name for an old scam that promises hundreds of dollars per day just by sharing your links.

The description of the homepage mentions that Viral Market is an influencer network. But there are no influencers networks out there. At least, I do not know any legit website that claims to be an influencer network and promises money by sharing a referral link.

As I mentioned, this is an old scam. You can find different versions of the site under many domain names around the internet. I have exposed websites like Referral Pay and Clout Bucks the last few weeks. Viral Market is a copy of these sites.

But you can be sure that we will find the same scam on other websites as well.

These sites have the same claims. You can see that is mentioned earnings of hundreds of dollar per day. On Viral Market, you are supposed to earn $150 per day and average members earn $2,000 per month. Of course, these claims are not real.

You can’t earn so much money by sharing links on your social media. This is pure spamming and will not work.

Sites like Viral Market does not pay the members. Any of these influencers network scams have not any payment proof from real users.

I know they say that they have got paid $68 million dollars and have 225k members. But these stats are fake. This is a new website and most people have not heard about it yet.

Viral Market is not a free website that will pay you thousands of dollars. The opposite is a more possible scenario. You may waste money and time inside but you will not make any money.

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How Does It Work?

You can create a free account on Viral Market and move on the members’ area. However, you will not find any influencers and the site will not help you with your social media campaigns. They will add to your account $25 as a sign up bonus and then, you can add more money in three ways:

members area viral market

1. Referrals: The first thing you see on the members’ area is a referral link. Next, they ask for you to get free traffic by sharing it on social media. This is not free traffic but just your friends and followers who may click on your links.

They will add $2 per click and $10 per referral. But the referrals do not have to be active or take any action to get that money. This is an unusual reward and strategy for a free site like this one.

2. $30 Task Wall: Most sites that pay the members to complete tasks, they give small rewards. They can be from a few cents to a few dollars. But these $30 tasks are quite ridiculous.

If you want to complete them, you must click on any of the tasks, get redirected on a third-party website, and fill in your phone number. For each SMS, they will charge you some money.

The third-party websites do not look like legit task websites but I have not enough information because I’m not going to give them my phone number.

3. YouTube Submission: If you create a testimonial video for Viral Market, they will add $50 to your account. You must follow some instructions and the video does not have to be lenthy.

You Will Not Get Paid

All the similar scammy programs include the same ways that you can use to make money and the same members’ area. Also, they follow the same strategy on payments. They do not pay.

On Viral Market, there is no minimum payout limit but you can’t request for payment. They include some requirements that are not specific.

They say about a few tasks and referrals. I guess that if you complete some tasks, they may let you request for payment but again, you will never receive any money.

This type of scams wait for a few weeks and then reject any payments because of fraud referrals and clicks.

The proof page on their website and some videos on YouTube may confuse the users. But if you check the screenshots on the proof page, you will see that they are not real payments.

They do not even use the name of the site and these are not payments from PayPal or any other similar platform.

Lastly, the few videos on YouTube that say positive things about Viral Market are created from members who expect to get paid. We can see that are created with the instructions of the site as well.

Lack Of Important Information

We have no contact details and no information about the owner. It’s a good idea to avoid websites with a similar structure. The legit websites have no problem to put on their sites everything you should know about them.

Viral Market is full of nonsense and misleading stats. They say about a parent page and thousands of members. But there is no proof here as well.

If you try to contact the support, chances are that you will not get a reply because you will not find any real person on Viral Market.

The last weird part on the homepage is the calculator. It shows ridiculously high amounts of earnings. But it does not explain how it calculates them.

My Final Verdict – Is Viral Market A Scam?

Viral Market is a scam. The owner created this website for two reasons.

First, he wants people to complete these tasks. The third-party websites pay him commissions for each member that complete tasks through this site.

The legit sites that include tasks give a percentage of their earnings to their members. But the $30 is an unrealistic payment. If Viral Market pays that money for each task, it will lose a lot of money in the long term.

Then, the owner collects data from the people who join the website. But I do not know if he uses that data to promote his products or sells them on other marketers.

All the website have been created based on these two goals. With the referral program makes the users send more traffic to their website. The YouTube submission works in a similar way as well.

So, there are many things that you can do for this website. But they will not pay you.

I know it sounds frustrating for those who have already invested money and time but this is the truth.

There is no proof, no testimonials, no owner, no support, and no contact details. The guys who say some positive things about Viral Market just try to promote their link.

For this reason, it’s better to stay away and avoid losing any more money.

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Thanks for reading my review on Viral Market. It was another scam with tasks and a referral link. If you want to share your experience with the program or ask any questions, leave your comment below.

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