Viral Cash App Review: Scam Or Legit?

Viral Cash App ReviewViral Cash App Review:

Name: Viral Cash App
Website: www.viralcashapp.com
Price: $47 + downsells + upsells
Make Money Bay Rank: 0 out of 100

Program Overview

When you visit the home page, you see some stories from tv news. I could not find a way to buy the product, and a few seconds later, I saw a pop up with a discount.

This introduction is similar to another program that I reviewed a few weeks ago. It was the Profit With Alex review and my verdict was that it does not work. It was selling a software that creates affiliate site automatically. But it does not work because the sites have duplicated content and there is not a real traffic strategy.

If you check these sites, you will see that at least, they have the same marketing strategy. That was not a good start.

Next, on the video sales page, the creator does not make it clear what you are going to do if you buy the app. He talks a lot about viral videos and claims that you do not need to build a website or work on something. Just an automated process with viral videos.

The program is based on an app that uploads videos to a website with your affiliate links or your Google Adsense ads. You need to find a viral video on YouTube, copy paste the link, and the new post is ready. For every visitor that clicks on your ads or buy a product through your links, you earn a commission.

The process is simple and easy but it does not work.

First of all, without unique content or an audience, it’s unlikely to get traffic. Search engines do not rank duplicated content, and you hope your friends and followers to see these videos on social media. The website is called viralsyndicator.com. I made a Google search for the exact name, and you cannot even find it on the first page.viral syndicator - Google Search

However, there is a facebook page with over 4500 likes which is not anything impressive. You can sometimes see the same post published a few times per day because some members upload the same videos. Also, there is no engagement at all. It looks like a share-only page which is a bad thing if you expect to get traffic from their page.


Pricing and Upsells

This program has many downsells and upsells. When you are on the sales page, it offers you a discount and inside the members are offered many upsells.

Most of the times, you will not earn a single penny, and they will offer you a solution through an upsell. Can you expect something better from the upsells?

Well, I would not recommend buying upsells to make the basic program work.

On the member’s area, there are many banners of other products with an affiliate link which is ridiculous for a paid membership. The creators of the app spam you from the first minute.

If you buy all the upsells, the program can cost you up to $490 for an app that uploads YouTube videos and creates ads with your affiliate links.

The standard price is at $47, but it can go down to $9.99. On the image below you can see all the upsells and downsells.Viral cash app upsells

The image is from the affiliate page of the program on Clickbank. Of course, I would not recommend the affiliate program of Viral Cash App either.

If you are looking for some cheaper and better alternatives, there are legit programs with a free membership like Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama that provides you real training to make money online. Wealthy Affiliate also gives you two free websites without an investment in the program.

Is The Claims Fake or Real?

On the sales page and the member’s area, there are some screenshots of Clickbank earnings. While they can be real, we have not enough information to confirm it. We do not know the name of the owner as he does not introduce himself and there is no other information about him on the site.

It is a common strategy lately. Many scammy programs have fake names or no names at all in the description of the program. For example, eCom Profit Sniper is another program that does not work, and we cannot confirm the name or the earnings of the owner. So, it’s unlikely to find a way to check if they have used the strategy of the program and has worked for them.

On the presentation, he talks a lot about viral marketing, social media, and explains some basics of advertising. Yes, viral and social marketing can bring traffic to a site but I do not know anyone who has made money in this way without a website, a YouTube channel, an email list or a huge social media following.

In my opinion, you need a platform to make it work, and you must create the viral content. It will not work with other people’s content. If we could make money by just sharing other people’s videos, everyone would be rich.

My Final Verdict – Is Viral Cash App A Scam?

Well, this product sells an app and a system that does not work. If the owner is aware of that, then he does not care about you, and he just tries to earn money by scamming other people

With a few words, there is no value here and I would avoid that.

Some people when they try similar products that do not work, they give up and never look back for another opportunity. It’s too bad when it happens.

The fact is that many people have made money online and created profitable online businesses. This is what you need to do if you still want to get a better life with more freedom and security for you and your family.

I invite you to join me for free on Wealthy Affiliate. A community and a training program for affiliate marketers. It is perfect for beginners with step by step guides, tools, and experienced members to help you.


Name: Viral Cash App
Website: www.viralcashapp.com
Price: $47 + downsells + upsells
Make Money Bay Rank: 0 out of 100button top recommendation

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