Viral Bucks Review: Scam Or $500 Today?

viral bucks review - scam or legit?

In this Viral Bucks review, you will read if this is a legit site or another scam. It’s not easy to make $500 in a day when you start from zero so here you will discover why they make these claims and how it works.

What Is Viral Bucks?

Viral Bucks is supposed to be an influencer network in which you can make money. However, this site is not a network and has nothing to do with influencers or social media.

It’s only a money-making scheme that promises huge rewards by doing simple tasks. But these rewards do not make sense for this type of tasks.

As a visitor of Viral Bucks, you cannot find any information about the owner, the company and how exactly it works. So, we can say that the homepage tries to mislead you and make you create an account.

While you do not pay anything to join the website, you can lose money on the members’ area as you try to complete these tasks, and you can be sure that you will waste your time as well. Yes, you will not receive any money from that site no matter your actions.

Viral Bucks is a copy of two other online scams with the names Viral Pay and Viral Dollars.

Even from their names, you can figure out that something goes wrong. These sites are not just similar but completely the same. From the homepage to the member’s area and the way they trick their users.

It seems that many similar websites pop up all around the internet and make unrealistic claims for simple tasks.

Simply, there is no legit way to make $500 overnight if you don’t have made any money on the internet before. There is a learning curve like everything else and you must add value before making money.

But Viral Bucks promises a lot of money for nothing. This is by default a scam alert but there are many other issues you will read on this review.

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How Does It Work?

When you create a new account, you get a $25 bonus. At least, they add this amount to your Viral Bucks account. The members’ area is exact the same with Viral Pay.

members area viral bucks

But you can’t just cash out the $25 so there are the following ways to make more money:

Refer & Earn: You get a referral link and try to send traffic to the site through your link. They ask from you to share your link to your social media accounts and invite your friends.

Then, you are going to make $2 per click or $10 per referral even if your referrals do not take any actions. These numbers do not make sense. Your traffic from social media is not worth $2 per click. The site cannot pay these rewards to each member and be profitable.

$30 Task Wall: The same applies here. Too much money for downloading apps.

These tasks are not free. For every task, you must share your phone number to some third-party websites. I do not know if these sites are legit but they will charge you for the SMS they will send you.

Viral Bucks earns some money for each member that complete tasks. However, your phone number is not worth $30. Again, they can’t pay that rewards because they would lose money in the long term.

YouTube Submission: If you create a video to promote Viral Bucks and upload it on YouTube, they will add to your account $50. There are many members that say good words about this website because they wanted to reach the payout limit and get paid.

When you complete these tasks and get referrals, money is credited to your account. You will not find any issues here. The problems start on the next step.

Can You Really Get Paid?

When you request for a cash out, you can see the requirements of the site to allow that action. You must complete a number of tasks and get referrals.

  • 20 clicks (20 needed)
  • 5 referrals (5 needed)
  • 5 completed taskwall tasks (5 needed)

This restriction is similar to Viral Pay rules for cashing out. However, when you do all the above and ask for your earnings, they do not send the money to your account.

All the similar sites to Viral Bucks delay your payment for a few weeks and then, they tell you that they don’t approve your payment because of fraud clicks and referrals.

For this reason, we expect the same thing here. When this review is written, there is no payment proof on the internet or anything that indicates that members are getting paid.

On the homepage, you can see screenshots of payment proof but they are not real. They just write an amount of money and the name of the site but no more information like the platform of the account (PayPal).

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About The Owner and The Testimonials

Most online scams have one common problem. They don’t give any information about the owners or the company behind the site.

While we can see different random numbers and information, we cannot see a real person. It’s obvious that the owners of Viral Bucks want to hide their names and there is a good reason about.

They say that the site has 200,000 members and is online since 2017. However, this is a new website, and all the numbers are fake. Also, there is no consistency in these stats. On the FAQ page, they mention a different number of members.

The same applies to the member’ area. You will be alone to figure out what you need to do.

Next, there are a few testimonials. The guys are hired video spokespersons and we have found them on other online scams too. For example, you can check the guy from the video below:

fake testimonial viral bucks

And here is his Fiverr gig:

fake testimonial - fiverr male

The testimonials have not tried the product. They get paid to make these videos.

Lastly, there is a ridiculous calculator that gives high numbers. It says that you can make over $100 per day with 500 referrals. But it does not explain how it calculates these numbers.

My Final Verdict – Is Viral Bucks A Scam?

Viral Bucks will not pay you for any task or referral. The purpose of the site is to make you complete these tasks, get your phone number and send your friends on the site. The homepage and the members’ area is created only to mislead the users.

There are many websites like this one under different domain names. I guess they change their domain names to avoid negative comments and reviews.

If you have some experience in online marketing or side income sites you may figure out that something goes wrong from the big rewards.

But many users who will visit the homepage will give it a try because it looks like a free website. However, it would be a bad idea to give your phone number.

These sites will try to charge you as more as possible and there are many SMS scams lately. Also, it’s possible to spam or sell your email address to other marketers.

If you have already taken some action on the site, the only thing you can do is to stay away from it and stop sending traffic or completing tasks. Viral Bucks is a scam, and they will not give you money. You cannot even get back the money you will lose on these SMS.

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Thanks for reading my review on Viral Bucks. The website was a copy of another scam…

If you want to share your experience with the site or ask any questions, leave your comment below.

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