VigLink Review

VigLink Review: Scam Or A Legit Way To Monetize Your Blog?

There are many ways to monetize your traffic if you have a blog or a website. Most people go with the standard ones like affiliate marketing and Google AdSense.

In this review of VigLink, we will examine this program as an alternative way to make money with your site. There are some pros and cons that I will analyze later in this post, and you can read how it works.

VigLink Review:

Name: VigLink
Price: Free
Founder: Oliver Roup
Make Money Bay Rank: 80 out of 100

What Is VigLink?

VigLink is a monetization service for publishers (bloggers, website owners) and service for vendors who have created an affiliate program for their businesses.

While it is similar to text advertising services, you do not get paid per click like most advertising programs (for example, Google AdSense) but per sale.

So, it’s closer to an affiliate marketing method than advertising.

The process is really simple and easy to get started. When you join the program, you just install a code on your site.

Then it scans your sites for keywords relevant to the affiliate programs of their database. When it finds a keyword, a link will be added to the most profitable affiliate program.

The database includes many well-known affiliate programs like the Amazon and eBay affiliate programs but there are some unknown programs as well.

The good news is that you do not have to join every affiliate program but you can simply join VigLink and it will monetize your traffic for you.

The bad news is that VigLink takes a commission (25%) from your earnings and you do not control these links.

Most of the affiliate programs include physical products like Amazon. It means that you will not send your visitors to scam products on networks like ZVZoo and Clickbank. It also means that most of the commissions will be at 5%-10%.

As you can see, there are pros and cons by using this program and you need to figure out if the program is the best option for your site.

Who Is VigLink For?

If you publish content on any platform, you can use VigLink to add links to relevant affiliate programs.

The fact that you can do that, it does not mean that it is always the best option for you.

Let me explain:

If I add the code from VigLink, I know that I will not increase my earnings but I will probably see a decrease really fast.

It makes sense because I research ways to make money online and review relevant programs. The best option for me is to recommend high-quality programs that can help my visitors to reach their goals. But you cannot find these programs on VigLink’s database.

So, If I add VigLink, it will add links to cheap ebooks from Amazon and eBay. These ebooks are not going to help my visitors and of course, it is not the right way to monetize my site.

So, who is it for?

Let’s assume that you have a website that gets some traffic and you monetize it with Google AdSense. You probably earn a few cents per click. If you install the code of VigLink, you can only increase your earnings.

It does not violate the Google AdSense policies and it will find keywords on your content to link to relevant products. Also, if you have not monetized your content yet, you can just test it.

Some people will say here that they prefer to join the Amazon Affiliate program directly. They could avoid giving a 25% on VigLink.

The benefit of VigLink is that it finds the most profitable affiliate programs for you and scans your content to add more links when possible.

I would test my site with Amazon Affiliate links and VigLink before deciding which one is the best option. It is always fine to test different programs and compare the results.

How It Works

The first step is to create a free account.

Next, you must give some information (the type of the site, content, and traffic) and your site’s URL.Add Url VigLink

Next, you can get the piece of code and copy/paste it into your site. If you do not know how to add the code, follow the instructions when you create your free account on VigLink.

Lastly, you can check if everything works properly and it is recommended to disclose the fact that you are monetizing your site with VigLink.VigLink Code

If you follow that process at that point, your site will be under review. According to VigLink, your account will be activated when you start generating clicks.

It is easier to get started than applying directly to Amazon Associates or Google AdSense so VigLink is a solution if you have issues with the approval process for other advertising programs.

You can check your stats from the dashboard and the last feature is the VigLink Anywhere that you can use it to create links for your social media accounts and email campaigns.

I want to mention here that I do not use VigLink to monetize my site but I have only tested it to write this review. I prefer affiliate marketing as a way to monetize my sites and this is what I recommend too.

Of course, every monetizing way has pros and cons and I compare them below in this post.

The Referral Program

When you see videos on YouTube or articles on blogs with unrealistic claims, you can understand that most of the time are created by someone who promotes the program.

While VigLink is a good program, it will not do miracles for you. If you are not ready to work to get traffic and create content, you will not get clicks and sales. Also, it takes work to promote the referral program.

In comparison to other affiliate/referral programs, it is not anything special. You earn 35% of VigLink’s commission for the first year only.

If your referral has earned $100, VigLink’s commission is at $25. You earn 35% of the $25. So, you can expect $8.75 for every $100 from your referrals earnings.

There are better affiliate programs if you are interested only in promoting VigLink. You can check my top recommended affiliate program here.

How To Get Paid From VigLinks

There are four alternatives ways to get paid:

1. PayPal
2. ACH (USA only)
3. Check (USA only)
4. Wire

To transfer the money to your account, you must earn over $10 if you use PayPal and over $50 for any other ways.

Most affiliate and advertising programs have higher withdrawal limits. For example, on Amazon and Google AdSense, you must earn at least $100.

The money is sent to your account on the last days of each month.

About The Support

The process to install the code on your site and start getting clicks or sales is very simple. Most of the time, you will not face any major problems.

So, the support tries to teach you about the program and how it works. If you need help with anything, you just click the Support button and you will go to a page with common questions.

If you do not find your question on that page, you can type it into the search box and you will get relevant questions.VigLink Support

When you choose any of the questions, you can read the answers, feedback, and comments. If you still cannot find the right question and answer, you can submit a request below the questions.VigLink Submit a Request

Someone will reply in a few hours and all the simple issues will be fixed soon. In my opinion, the support is good and you can get help when you need it.

VigLink vs Amazon Associates

To help you get a better understanding of VigLink, I will compare it with some other alternatives. Let’s start with Amazon Associates. In the same category are affiliate programs of similar huge stores like eBay and Walmart.

Usually, the online marketplaces with physical products pay you low commissions. On Amazon, you earn 4%-10% per sale.

You can join Amazon Associates directly or you can use it through VigLinks.

The obvious benefit of joining directly on Amazon is that you will keep 25% of your earnings (this is what VigLink charges you).

However, VigLink scans your content and adds links based on the keywords. These links send your visitors to the most profitable affiliate program.

So, you will make more sales and you will earn more money in the long run. Also, you do not need to figure out where you will add these links.

Is it worth sharing 25% of your earnings?

It depends on your content. If you have created a review website or you compare products in your niche, then you must link manually to these products. There is no reason to use VigLink because it will send your visitors to the same products.

If you do not recommend or mention specific products on your content, let VigLink do the hard work for you. It will find relevant products to your content and you will earn commissions that you would not earn without using it.

Of course, the top affiliate marketers can find these opportunities by themselves. However, if you do not want to spend your time on finding relevant products, it’s fine to focus on another part of your business while you use VigLink for this task.

VigLink vs Google AdSense

For those who monetize their sites with Google AdSense, there is some good news. You can use these two programs together on the same piece of content.

It works fine with Google AdSense policies and there is no risk to ban your account.

Some people check VigLink as an alternative to Google AdSense. If you cannot get approved or you do not earn enough from your site, you can try VigLink.

It is a type of affiliate marketing so you can expect to work better than Google AdSense even if the company keeps 25% of your earnings.

VigLink vs High Paying Affiliate Programs

In this category are included all the affiliate programs with commissions bigger than 10%. For example, you can check affiliate programs like Clickbank, JVZoo, private affiliate programs, etc.

These programs offer commissions up to 75% or large recurring commissions.

The benefit of using this type of program is that you can earn more money from a sale.

The negative is that you must promote not-so-popular products and sites. As a result, you will make fewer sales with higher commissions.

VigLink does not include merchants from high-paying affiliate programs at all. If you want high commissions, you must manually join these programs and add your links.

In my opinion, if you can promote high-paying affiliate programs in the right way, it is a better alternative than VigLink, Google AdSense, and low-paying affiliate programs.

For great training on affiliate marketing, you can check Wealthy Affiliate. It has a free membership to get started and you can learn to get targeted traffic and promote any product you want.

VigLink vs CJ (Commission Junction)

CJ has many available merchants for affiliate marketers who want to monetize their traffic.

You can find on this network high and low commission affiliate programs. Also, there are physical and digital products.

The same applies to ShareASale. Another popular affiliate network that people want to compare with VigLink.

While you can easily create a free account on these networks, you have to apply for every merchant you want to promote.

Many of these programs have strict rules and reject new affiliate marketers with no sales or proven traffic. Also, they may reject you for life.

The benefit here is that you do not have to give the 25% of your earning.

If you are confident that you can get approved to promote these products, you can try them.

If you get rejected or you do not want to risk it, you can just join VigLink.

On VigLink, you do not have to worry about approval processes and you automate the affiliate link placements by installing the code on your site.

VigLink vs Skimlinks

Skimlinks is a competitor of VigLinks. The process is the same:

  • Create a free account
  • Get approved
  • Install the code
  • Earn Money

While VigLinks has a faster approval process, all the other parts of the companies look the same.

By checking other peoples’ comments on social media and forums, it seems that there are more complaints about Skimlinks.

Both of them have a lot of available programs without approval is needed but it seems that they will not give the same results.

The only reasonable explanation is that they analyze a page or a site in a different way so many times will send your visitors to different products for the same piece of content.

Of course, there is no way to figure out how exactly they decide which one affiliate program is the best for your site.

You can test both of them and check which one works better for you. In my opinion, VigLink seems to be a better option. It is more user-friendly and there are not many complaints about the programs.

Success Stories With VigLink

Many people do not believe something until showing proof. Who can blame them for all the online scams that promise anything to waste your time and get your money?

You can find many success stories anywhere on the internet but I checked directly on VigLink. Proof that it works is the following video. The specific account has earned over $48.000 in a short period of time.

It does not mean that you will earn the same amount of money at the same time. However, it makes it clear that if you have traffic, VigLink will convert that traffic into sales.

Pros and Cons


1. It will not harm your organic traffic.

Affiliate links from some affiliate programs have a negative effect on our organic traffic which is the best type of free traffic you want for your blog.

You can be sure that VigLink links will work fine with Google.

2. You save a lot of time

If you want to do all the research manually, you must spend a lot of hours of hard work.

Some tasks you must complete:

  • Find all the good and relevant to your niche affiliate programs
  • Apply and wait to get approved
  • Check every piece of your content for opportunities to add some affiliate links (or you can work on each one when you write them)
  • Test the results and keep or replace them

All this work will take only a few minutes with VigLink and you can check all your stats from your dashboard.

3. VigLink works with Google AdSense

If you have ever faced a problem with Google AdSense, you know how easily they ban an account even if it earns thousands of dollars per month.

I would not risk it and a ban from Google AdSense could decrease the worth of your site immediately.

If you use Google AdSense and want to earn more money from your site, it is a good idea to use VigLink.

Also, for those who have been rejected from Google AdSense, I believe that it’s a great alternative.

4. You can get paid via PayPal

There are no many complaints about the payments and everything seems to work fine on this part of the company.


1. You do not control the affiliate links

The affiliate links or the ads of a website must add value to the visitors. You cannot send your readers to irrelevant links and expect to be happy.

Great affiliate marketers make sure they recommend top products that help their visitors to solve their problems.

I do not say that the affiliate links will be irrelevant but sometimes mistakes can happen.

2. You need the traffic to your site

Without targeted traffic, you will not make sales. It is one of the simplest concepts of online marketing.

So, do not expect miracles if you do not have the right traffic. However, you can learn how to get more visitors to your site. Check my top training program on organic traffic.

3. You can earn more money with a high-paying affiliate program

We cannot overlook the low commissions that you will get from the most affiliate programs of VigLink’s network.

If you create a site and target from the beginning promoting a high-paying program, you will get better results.

My Final Verdict – Is VigLink A Scam Or A Legit Program?

If you have read my review thoroughly, you can see why I rank it among the legit programs.

It is super easy to get started, you get approved fast and you only need to copy-paste a piece of code.

There are no major complaints about the payments or the affiliate links and some website owners have earned tons of money with VigLink.

However, you cannot expect miracles. It will not create income if you do not get some visitors who are interested in the content of your site.

If you have traffic and want to know if this is the best option for you can check above how I compare it with other programs.

Many people think that is too complicated to find an effective and legit way to monetize their website. VigLink is legit and most effective than many affiliate programs.

It saves you time because you do not need to search by yourself for good offers and figure out where to put your links on your content.

The only issue for some people is the 25% commissions that they must give from their earnings to the company.

So, if you have traffic and you do not want to search for the best affiliate offers by yourself, VigLink is a good solution.


Name: VigLink
Price: Free
Founder: Oliver Roup
Make Money Bay Rank: 80 out of 100

For any questions or feedback about VigLink, leave your comment below. I would like to hear from you.

Also, if you have tried the program, feel free to share your opinion and help other readers with your experience.

Thanks for reading my review of VigLink!