Ultimate Guide On How To Make Money With Hubpages

How to make money with HubpagesWith seventy two percent of millenials asserting that they do their research online before making a purchase, the Web presents an opportunity to make money from your content. While getting online used to be so difficult, the advent of content platforms such as HubPages has made it all the more easier to get started online. Nonetheless, while it is easy to be accepted into these platforms, not everyone makes money. The question of how to make money with HubPages is an important one you need to ask before diving in headfirst.

How it Works

HubPages offers some of the simplest registration processes of any content platform. All you would have to do to sign up is fill in a registration form with your desired name, email address, password, and captcha and you are done.

Once registered, you can immediately start writing your hubs, which are essentially your own pages on the internet. You can write on any topic that you are passionate or interested in as long as it is high quality.

Hubpages provides an easy to use editor that comes with templates according to the different types of content you may wish to publish. For instance, if you would like to publish car reviews, you would click on the review button and the editor would provide you with several review templates to choose from.

The Hubpages editor provides many customization options that you can use to improve the design, usability, and quality of your hubs. Some of the customizations available include quizzes, polls, maps, ratings, videos, and images all of which make your hubs more fun and engaging.

After you hit publish on your hub, it goes to the quality review team where it is given a quality score. While you do not need to be a super writer to do well, it helps to ensure that your hub is well researched and structured. If the quality of your hub is good enough, it may be featured on other members’ hub or even on the Hubpages homepage, where you can get more eyeballs on it.

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Ways to Make Money from Hubpages

There are four main ways to make money with your Hubpages content;

1. Amazon Associates

2. Google Adsense

3. HubPages Earnings Program: eBay Partner Program

4. HubPages Earnings Program: Ad Program

1. Hubpages Earning Program – HubPages is a partner in many premium and high quality ad sources. To earn from these sources, all you need to do is sign up for their program and configure your account to display the premium ads on your hubs. You will be paid any time someone clicks on your ads.

2. eBay Program – Hubpages is a partner with the eBay Partner Program, which gives you access to the program once you register with the Hubpages earning program. It is important to note that you have to register with the Hubpages Earning Program before you can run ads from the eBay affiliate program. You are paid anytime someone buys from eBay through your affiliate link.

3. Google Adsense – You need to sign up to Google Adsense program to monetize it on your Hubpages content. While Adsense typically requires one to have a website to register, with Hubpages, all you need is to fill in your personal details and the URL of your hubs in place of the website, to be accepted.

4. Amazon Associates – If you have an Amazon affiliate account, all you would have to do is add your affiliate codes to your hub content capsules and you are good to go. In case you are not registered with Amazon, you can create your account from Hubpages to start earning. You will earn a commission any time someone purchases goods after going through your hub.

Increasing Revenue

While almost anyone can earn with Hubpages, experts recommend that you do the following to maximize your income;

1. Write good content about your passions – When you write about your passions, you are more likely to produce engaging and high quality content that will convert highly. Ensure your content is of between 600-1000 words and is well-formatted.

2. Perform Keyword Research – While you may want to go for the big keywords that get a lot of traffic this may not be the best approach. It is always advisable to go for long tail keywords, which are easier to rank and often convert better than higher competition keywords.

3. Write more – The more content you have, the higher the traffic you could get on your hubs. Higher traffic subsequently increases your conversions and income potential.

4. Build Backlinks – Similar to websites, you need to make backlinks so that your content can rank highly on the search engines. Write articles on other content platforms and websites, and link to your hubs to increase their authority for better rankings.

5. Share your Content – Share your content on social media, on bookmarking sites, forums, and email to get it maximum exposure. By sharing it, it gets in front of more eyeballs, which could make it go viral or get more backlinks significantly increasing traffic and revenue.

How Much Can you Make?

It is not practical to put a figure on how much money you can make from HubPages. The amount of money you could make is dependent on factors such as your efforts at promotion, quality of content, number of hubs, and the quality of traffic visiting your hubs. Nonetheless, if you put in enough effort you could make up a part time income from Hubpages.

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