Two Dollar Click Review: Scam Or $2 Per Click?

two dollar click review - scam or legit?

Welcome to my Two Dollar Click review. This is a PTC site that sounds like another scam because of the big rewards for every click you make. Most sites of this category pay you only a few cents per click.

In this review, you will read how it works and if you can really get paid from the website.

What Is Two Dollar Click?

Two Dollar Click is not a PTC site even if it promises to get paid by clicking ads. It’s only a scam that tries to get your money with various ways you will read on this review.

First of all, let me give a small description of the PTC sites for those who have never joined one before.

A PTC site (Paid To Click) is a site in which you can click ads, watch them for a few seconds and earn some extra money. There are many PTC sites on the internet. They are popular for people who want to make money with the minimum effort.

However, you can’t make enough money only by clicking ads so the members of PTC sites usually rent referrals or try to get low-quality traffic from other similar sites to get even more referrals.

While this process sounds like a scheme between these sites, most PTC sites actually pay their members when they follow their rules. For a popular example of a PTC site, you may have heard about NeoBux.

These days they include additional tasks that you can complete for rewards but the focus is on clicking ads.

The main difference between a legit PTC site and a scam like Two Dollar Click is the amount of money you can earn.

On a legit site, you earn from $0.001 to $0.02 so we can easily understand that something goes wrong when someone promises $2 per click. They could not be profitable if they were paying that money to each member.

The purpose of Two Dollar Click is to keep you on the site clicking ads but they will never pay you for your activity on this platform.

How Does It Work?

On the members’ area, there are two main pages. In the first one, you can click ads and the second page is for those who want to advertise their links.

View ads: You can find eleven advertisements that pay $2 each. If you have created a new account, there are only 5 available ads for you. For the premium members, there are six more ads.

view ads two dollar click

When you click an ad, you will be redirected to a page of a third party website. It takes 30 seconds to complete the process and add $2 to your account.

Purchase: In this page, you can advertise your links, upgrade your membership or buy referrals.

purchase - two dollar click

Referrals: Lastly, there is a referral link that you can use to send traffic on the website. You earn commissions from 10% to 200% but they do not explain in more details how the referrals work.

As an advertiser, you can buy clicks anytime you want. Also, the members can upgrade their membership or buy referrals. It’s very easy to give your money but not easy to cash out.

You must earn at least $1000 which is at least 500 clicks. This is a ridiculously high cash out limit. Usually, the legit PTC sites have a minimum cash out limit of $5-$10. I have never seen a limit so high even in other types of sites.

As a free member, you must come back to the website for 100 days to click these 500 ads (5 per day). As a premium member, you can reach that amount of money faster but in that case, you must pay some money which is not a good idea.

Can You Get Paid?

Many members have the patience to stick to the website and reach the $1,000. However, they do not get paid from Two Click Dollars.

The first scam alert is the 60-day waiting period after requesting your earnings. It does not make any sense to wait for two months to receive your money. Simply, they try to keep you around.

Many things can happen as you wait to receive your money. After the 60 day period, you may lose your account, the website may look offline in your end and in some cases they try to make you upgrade.

It does not really matter what tricks they will use because you will never receive that money.

The page with payment proofs just shows a few numbers and names. But these are not real payments. Also, there are many complaints about this website on other places of the internet.

How Much Does It Cost?

Two Dollar Click is a free website but you can easily spend money because of the structure of the site.

If you really believe that you will get paid, then it’s possible to upgrade your membership and spend money to buy referrals. The owners of the site know how to get your money from your pockets.

First of all, the premium membership costs $19,95 per month and the ultimate membership costs $39,95. With the premium, you have a few extra clicks per day but I do not know what they offer for the ultimate membership.

Then, you can buy referrals. This can be a huge waste of money. You can buy referrals as many times as you want and you can buy up to 500 referrals at once that means $500.

The total cost for a member who is willing to invest money can be thousands of dollars.

My Final Verdict – Is Two Dollar Click A Scam?

Two Dollar Click is a scam that can cost you a lot of money. Most people with some experience will avoid it because they will figure out that something goes wrong because of the very big rewards.

It’s not possible to make $2 per click in any legit website. This is the first scam alert. Next, the $1,000 minimum payout limit cannot be real.

If you have not any experience on money-making websites, it’s possible to waste time and money on this one. Everything looks like a legit PTC site and the only difference is on the rewards.

Also, we have no contact information and do not know anything about the owner or the company of the website. Usually, this is a very good reason to stay away. However, many PTC and other side income website hide this information.

Two Dollar Click makes money from the advertisers who pay to place their ads. Then, you click on these ads and watch them for a few seconds. A legit PTC site should pay you for that. Lastly, they earn from the costs of the memberships and the referral they sell.

The best thing you can do right now is to stay away from this site and look for better alternatives. You cannot earn something on Two Dollar Click.

Here Is Something That Works

You cannot make enough money by clicking ads and there are many scams on this type of sites. However, there are many better alternatives and I will show you what I do to make money.

For every beginner who wants to make a part-time or a full-time income, I would highly recommend learning about affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate marketer, you do not need to own a product but you just promote other people’s products.

That process gives anyone the opportunity to start an online business with no budget or experience in online marketing.

The marketers who follow the right strategy get great results. However, you must do the work like any other legit business.

On the link below, you can get my affiliate marketing strategy. It includes a few simple steps and some tools from a top training program you can join even for free.

Thanks for reading my review on Two Dollar Click. It was not a legit program and I do not recommend it. If you want to add something or ask any questions, you can leave your comments below.

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