Transcribe Anywhere Review

Transcribe Anywhere Review: Scam Or A Legit Program?

Welcome to my Transcribe Anywhere review. We can agree that there are many online businesses and work-from-home courses on the internet. They are not all of them good, but I think this one it’s worth your effort and time. In this post, you can learn what this course is all about and how it can help you to make money online.

What Is Transcribe Anywhere?

Transcribe Anywhere is a training program created by Janet Shaughnessy. The purpose of the program is to educate people who want to work from home about the “art” of transcription, as the owner mentions.

Janet Shaughnessy is a transcriptionist for over 30 years. In my opinion, it’s important to learn from people who apply what they teach in their real life. So, you will find this business from someone who had real success with it.

In the beginning, you will learn how to complete transcription jobs, and later you will learn how to create a business with your skills. There are four courses, the two of them are offered for free as an introduction with basic information, and two of them are paid courses. The courses are about general transcription and legal transcription.

Transcribe Anywhere is not a quick rich scheme or another low-quality online business program. You will not see any weird claims or tricky sales pages. It is a legit program, and real people have tried (you can see some success stories on their blog). You can also read the blog on the website. There is helpful information about relevant topics.

Is Transcribe Anywhere For You?

Many people who are looking to find a way to make money online believe that it’s going to be something easy or fast. This is just a myth created by online gurus to sell worthless programs.

On Transcribe Anywhere, it is clear from the sales page and the blog that you must be willing to work hard and learn. You are going to learn about a real job that you can turn into a business. It is not going to happen overnight. When someone asks you to work to achieve your goals, it’s almost always a good thing.

You do not need previous experience or any technical knowledge. All the important information about this business is included in the modules of the program.

What Is Inside?

There are two courses you can get from Transcribe Anywhere. The first one is about general transcription, and the second one about legal transcription. You can read them below:

General Transcription Course:

The course includes 6 modules in video and article format. Here are the titles of the modules:

  • Laying the foundation
  • Essential skills for excellent transcription
  • Time-saving tool for efficient transcription
  • Practice dictations
  • Build a business
  • Final exam

The course starts with the basics. As you go forward, you develop your skills, learn to use some helpful tools, and you need to spend some hours of practice before you are ready to start looking for possible clients.

In module 5, you will finally learn how to market yourself and start building your business.

Legal Transcription Course:

In this course, there are 14 modules, and similarly to the course above, you will learn what it takes to do that work properly before finding some clients. I am not an expert on legal transcription, but you need to learn the terminology and work in a different style than the general transcription.

You can find available jobs on both of these types of transcription. Many companies are looking to hire freelancers or employees. I am sure that if you spend the time and learn these skills, you will get a competitive advantage over most people who work as transcribers.

How Much Does It Cost?

General Transcription:

The total cost of the program is $597, but you do not have to buy all the modules at once.

You can get the first two modules at $127, the first three modules at $362, and all the programs at $597. The cost will remain the same no matter if you start with the two modules and decide later to buy the next ones.

Legal Transcription:

The total cost of this course is $697. You can buy the basic modules at $197 and the level two at $497.

Is It Worth The Price?

It sounds a little expensive, but you learn a business model from scratch. However, there are no monthly payments. Only a one-time fee. It’s on you to decide if you really want to learn about this business. I do not think you can find better courses about transcription. Also, at the end of the courses, you will be ready to complete successfully any transcription job (I assume that you have followed all the steps of the training). So, if you really want to learn and work hard to build an online business, I think it’s worth it.


Experienced owner: You will not learn from a random guru but from an experienced transcriptionist. Janet Shaughness shares the knowledge, and you can learn from her.

Legit Program: There are no unrealistic claims or low-quality ebooks on this program. There is top training, and you can learn how to do this business like a pro.

Beginner-friendly: The courses are created for anyone who wants to learn to work online. You will start with the basics, and later, you will be introduced to the advanced stuff.


Price: I think that some people cannot afford it or they just do not want to invest so much money. Of course, there are more expensive programs on the internet, so it’s you to decide here. The good news is that you will not see any upsells or hidden costs inside.

My Final Opinion

Transcribe Anywhere is a legit training program for people who want to work from home. The training is created by an experienced transcriptionist, and you can use this knowledge to start your own online business. You can follow the modules inside the courses to learn how you can successfully complete any transcription job. Also, you can ask questions and get support on a private Facebook for members only.

This a good opportunity to get started online. Transcriptionists are needed from many companies and individuals. You can work as a freelancer or just find a regular online job. There are many websites as well that are looking to hire transcriptionists for full-time or part-time jobs. Usually, the users who apply for these jobs just fail because of the lack of training and real education.

I do not want to make any big promises. I just mention the opportunities in the online world for those who are willing to learn new things and work hard. The potential for a freelance business is unlimited on the internet. As you become better and more experienced, you will be able to earn more money and do your tasks faster. I guess the only way to figure out how much you can earn is to get started and check it by yourself.

Click here to read more about Transcribe Anywhere on the homepage of the program.

Thanks for reading my review on Transcribe Anywhere. You can leave your questions below, and feel free to share your experience with the program, positive or negative!