TrafficZion Review: Scam Or 250 Daily Website Visitors?

trafficzion review - scam or legit?

Welcome to my TrafficZion review. You will read if this program is a scam or you can actually get 250 visitors per day on autopilot.

The goal of the members is to make money with that traffic as well. So, here is how it works and what results you can expect.

What Is TrafficZion?

TrafficZion is a digital product you can find on the marketplace of Clickbank. Also, you may have heard about it from people who promote through emails and social media.

Many Clickbank products claim that they have a new system that will make money for you, and it will happen without effort from your part. However, most of them do not deliver.

You can see the claims on the homepage about traffic that you get on autopilot and 250 visitors per day. It uses the standard hype about a system that works on autopilot and an automated process.

In my reviews for programs like this one, I mention the term of a get-rich-quick scheme from Wikipedia.

Get-rich-quick schemes create an impression that they can give a high return for a small investment with little risk, effort, and time. In my opinion, the homepage of TrafficZion creates this impression to the visitors.

The claims about getting traffic regularly with their software with one click are too good to be true. While there is a product inside and a software, you can’t expect quality traffic like SEO traffic or social media traffic. It works like a traffic exchange website.

You can read more about how it works below. The first important thing is that TrafficZion is just another Clickbank product.

I have reviewed many similar programs. For example, you can check Your Income Profits, ClixStarter, and VO Genesis. There are plenty of similar products. Of course, there are legit ones as well, but you need to be careful.

No one will give you a real source of income for a few dollars and a few clicks. It’s ok to pay some money to learn something new, and then apply it by yourself. But there is no legit way that will create income for you with no action from your part.

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How Does It Work?

TrafficZion works in two parts. The first part is to build and set up a WordPress website. There are step by step videos on how to buy a domain name, install the website, and set it up.

The second part is the software. This tool that you install on your website is supposed to get you traffic.

The traffic part works as a traffic exchange website with likes. You like other people’s content, and then they visit your website. They may like your articles to continue the process from their part.

These members have created their own websites. The reason why they visit your site is that they expect to get traffic back. So, they are not interested in your content.

The process of TrafficZion creates a few issues. First, this is very low-quality traffic because the visitors are not interested in reading your content and buying products. Also, they are your competitors. Even if you get this traffic, it’s unlikely to make sales.

Next, you need other members of the program to have sites in your niche. You can expect to get some visitors if you are in the make money online niche, but it will tough for other niches.

As a website owner, I want visitors who are interested in reading my content. It’s very different to get traffic from search engines and social media because someone has searched for your article than getting traffic because you made a few likes.

Lastly, this is not an autopilot or a set and forget system. You still need content. However, instead of focusing on the quality of your content to get traffic, you turn your focus on making likes to other people’s websites.

How Much Does It Cost?

TrafficZion is created to generate commissions for the owners and the affiliates that promote it. So, you can expect a funnel with upsells and tricks to get money out of your pocket.

First, the starting price is $47 dollars. However, they do not tell you on the homepage that there is a $47 per month membership fee. Also, you can get an annual membership for $297.

If you don’t buy the monthly or annual membership, you will have access to the product only for one month.

Next, there are more upsells inside. They give more features or resources for $37, $67 or $197 (per year). If you keep buying their offers, the total cost can be hundreds of dollars.

The 30-money back guarantee is real. You can contact Clickbank for a refund, and they will send your money in a few business days.

About The Owners

TrafficZion was created by Demetris Papadopoulos and Alek Krulik. These are real names. They are two online marketers.

From the available information, we know that Demetris Papadopoulos has created many digital products and has a YouTube channel with over 10,000 subscribers.

Creating many digital products is not always a good thing. It depends on the quality, but they have a similar style to TrafficZion.

The program has an advantage on this part from most Clickbank products that use pen names.

Also, it has some basic support. There is a Facebook group for the members of TrafficZion. When this review is written, it has 1165 members. However, there are only a few posts per month.

My Final Verdict – Is TrafficZion A Scam?

TrafficZion includes a product on the members’ area. This product has some features, and you can get some traffic.

However, 250 visitors per day with TrafficZion will not give you the same results with 250 visitors from search engines or social media. Also, getting 250 visitors per day is the best case scenario that they present on the sales page.

Other members of TrafficZion will visit your website with the purpose to get traffic as well. It’s a concept similar to traffic exchanges, and I do not believe that any professional online marketer will use it.

The sales page of the product is very misleading. It is not a set and forget system, it does not work for all niches, you don’t get traffic from a reputable source, and I doubt that you can make money regularly.

You may get lucky and make a sale but most people will not get any results.

I am pretty sure that the owners already know that their system is not so great as they describe. One of the owners has a YouTube channel and creates content. This is how he gets traffic and not from this tool.

The pricing structure is misleading too. While they ask for you to get started for $47, you will discover inside that it is not a one-time payment.

So, it can cost a lot of money without giving back the results you expect. While it’s not a scam, TrafficZion is a low-quality product with a misleading presentation.

For all these reasons, I do not recommend it. There are better ways to make money online and get traffic to a website.

Here Is Something That Really Works

I don’t believe in the systems that work on autopilot or automated tools. You can give them a try if you want, but the negative results will not be a surprise for anyone.

I will show you what I do to make money. It is not a set and forget system or a loophole. It’s the one thing that can help you to get results.

I am an affiliate marketer and get traffic from search engines. Affiliate marketing is a very simple online business model. You just join an affiliate program, get your links, send traffic to them, and make commissions.

The only part that sounds difficult for most affiliates is traffic. In my opinion, it’s not difficult, but it takes work.

Do you want traffic?

If the answer is yes, start creating content. It will take time to get results, but if you keep creating content for your website sooner or later, you will get traffic.

Traffic from search engines is the best traffic for a website.

If you don’t want to create content, you can keep buying for systems that don’t work. I know there is a lot of misleading information. People will tell you anything to sell a product.

The best thing you can today is to stop listening to people who promise everything for a few dollars. Real businesses take time and work.

While I had bought worthless products when I got started, I was lucky enough to find this legit training platform that told me the truth.

It gave me the right training and instructions, and I did the work. Fast forward to today, I have two websites that make money and work as a freelancer on other people’s projects.

This platform was Wealthy Affiliate, and for those who are willing to do the work, it’s the best investment they can do today.

P.S. Thanks for reading my review on TrafficZion. For any questions, leave your comment below.

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