Traffic Xtractor Review – Page 1 Of Google In Minutes Or Scam

Traffic Xtractor ReviewTraffic Xtractor Review:

Name: Traffic Xtractor
Website: www.trafficxtractor.com
Price: $37
Owner: Art Flair
Make Money Bay Rank: 15 out of 100

Product Overview

The idea is that you find low competition keywords with some traffic and create content to get ranked on the first page of Google and Youtube.

The process is a good one that works but no in a few minutes and clicks.

I mention this method many times on this site. You can check my affiliate marketing guide or my recommended keyword tool.

You can see that I like to target low competition keywords.

However, I have not seen again such a low-quality program based on this idea.

Also, the claims are ridiculous. You will not get ranked on the first page of Youtube or Google in a few minutes with a new channel or site.

Some years ago, you could get some organic traffic with low-quality articles or videos, but it does not work anymore.

Now, you need to publish fresh and informative content consistently. The one-minute videos of the program have not many chances if they are not super-informative.

In my opinion, it’s just a below average product which is based on a good idea that works for many affiliate marketers, bloggers, YouTubers, etc.

To get ranked for many keywords in any niche, you need to create content and put some effort to create it. Or you can hire someone else to create it for you.

However, it takes time to get results. At least 3-6 months for a new site, 2-3 months with a new Youtube channel if you keep publishing content.


  • The keyword tool is legit
  • It’s a good strategy to target low competition keywords


  • Low-quality program and guides
  • Ridiculous claims
  • The system is outdated (low-quality content does not work anymore)

Who Is Traffic Xtractor Supposed To Help?

The creator of the product focus on people who want to start an online business or they have built a site or a store but they do not get any traffic yet.

While they have created software for Youtube and Google SEO, they tend to mention the phrase “free traffic”.

They do not even try to promote it as keyword tool or an SEO system. The reason is that anyone who knows the basics of SEO will not waste his time with these claims or the system.Traffic Xtractor Claims

But, what if you buy the product for the keyword tool and use the keywords to create quality content?

Well, it could work but there are many better keywords tools to buy at the same price or cheaper.

If you decide to apply the strategy of the system and create many Youtube videos on different keywords,  you hope to get some traffic from some of them.

Even if you are lucky, people will take a look at your video but most of them will search again for another alternative because it will be low quality.

How many one-minute videos have you watched lately with general information?

Usually, the YouTube videos that get thousands of views or become viral has really interesting content.

So, to answer the question, “who is supposed to help”.

It is supposed to help beginners affiliate marketers and people who are looking for traffic but most of the times, it will not work.

About The Software

The main feature of the program is the software.

It is a simple keyword tool that finds keywords automatically from Google and Bing from the auto-suggest and related keywords.

Then it analyzes the Youtube competition. It searches for videos with the exact keyword in the title.

In my opinion, it helps to figure out the competition for Youtube but not for Google.

I have checked the demo of the software, you can see it here.

The low competition keywords he finds are generic keywords with no sell intention. On his example, he picks up the keyword “things to do in Murcia” and creates a short video.

Yes, he got ranked at the first position on Youtube but after four years from this example has only 1500 views. Next, the channel has random videos and the most of them have 50-100 views.

Also, he has added a link from the video to a website. No affiliate offer, store, or squeeze page. It makes sense because this is an informational keyword and cannot help you to sell anything.

You can keep only one thing from this strategy. You need a website!

Does It Worth The Money?

If you need a keyword tool to figure out Youtube competition, you can consider buying it. For Google competition, it does not help you and there are much better alternatives.

The strategy of the system will not give you any great results and you will be disappointed if you have believed their claims.

On the sales page says that you can get traffic after 15 minutes and earn 100-200 dollars per day. Sorry, but it’s unlikely to get these results.

Lastly, there is a 30-day guarantee for those who want to take the risk and give it a try.

My Final Verdict

There are differences between scams and low-quality programs.

However, both of them do not work.

As I mentioned before, low competition keywords are great opportunities for many bloggers and affiliate marketers.

But you need to add value. Google and Youtube do not send tons of traffic to spammy videos and articles.

In my opinion, the software is a below-average keyword tool and the short videos will not help you to get enough traffic for your business.

If you are interested in learning how to get ranked in the first page of Google and YouTube, check my top recommendation for affiliate marketers.


Name: Traffic Xtractor
Website: www.trafficxtractor.com
Price: $37
Owner: Art Flair
Make Money Bay Rank: 15 out of 100

You can leave your comment, questions, or feedback below. Also, if you have tried Traffic Xtractor feel free to share your experience.

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