timebucks review - scam or legit?

Timebucks Review: Scam Or Legit?

timebucks review - scam or legit?

Welcome to my TimeBucks review. You will read if this is a scam or a legit way to earn money by completing simple tasks.

This is a website I have included to my list with the best GPT sites. However, all the sites have pros and cons so you will figure out how it works and what exactly you can expect on the members’ area.

What Is TimeBucks?

I have already mentioned it’s a GPT (Get Paid To) site. These sites include many types of offers you can complete to earn small rewards.

The tasks are provided from other third-party companies that want to promote products or do market research.

When you complete an offer, the reward is credited to your TimeBucks account. Once you reach the minimum cashout limit, you can request for a payment.

Most GPT sites have some common third-party providers. So, the difference is on the payments, design, platform, referral program, etc. It’s not a bad idea to join many of them for more offers.

For examples of other GPT sites, you can read about ClixSense, CashCrate, or Swagbucks. They are three popular websites.

TimeBucks is a user-friendly site. You can create an account fast and start completing surveys or offers in a few minutes. You will not find something complicated or frustrating.

It’s an active website with many members. You can see on the live chat that many users send their questions and discuss any issues. Also, it’s available worldwide. The only requirement is to have access to a PayPal account because you need a way to get paid.

According to TimeBucks, a person who lives in the USA can make $10-$20 dollars per day. The first day can earn up to $50 because there are more high paying offers.

If you do not live in the USA, your potential earnings are lower. They depend on your demographics.

How To Make Money With TimeBucks

There are many ways to earn money on the members’ area. When you create a new account, you get a $1 signup bonus.

Then, you can go to the earn tab and find the following options:

Surveys: You have many choices when you create a new account. Also, they invite you to complete your profile. It will enable more surveys. The average rewards are at $0.50 and they take 15-20 minutes on average.

surveys - timebucks

Content: You click ads and watch them for a few seconds to earn a tiny reward. You make $0.001 per ad.

Videos: You watch short videos to earn $0.001 per video.

Refer: This is the referral program of the website. You make 15% from the activity of your first level referrals and it has four more levels of referrals with smaller commissions.

Offerwalls: They are more offers from specific providers. You can earn money to complete surveys, play games, download apps, sign up on other websites and more.

Tasks: They are super simple tasks that you can complete fast for a few cents. The goal here is to complete many of them and increase your earnings.

timebucks tasks

Social: You follow social media accounts of other people for $0.005.

Cashback: When you buy something from the available online stores on this list, you get back a percentage of your payment. It could be a very profitable option if you use these sites already or want to replace other stores.

cashback timebucks

Roll: This task will give you free money up to $100.

Once Off: There are two options. The first one is about creating a promotional video for TimeBucks for $3. There are a few instructions to follow. The second option is to create a FreeBitcoin account for $0.05.

Ladders: There are bonuses for the top earners of the day.

Also, you can advertise your products or your referral link on this platform. This is an indirect way to earn money.

How To Get Paid

TimeBucks have a $10 minimum cashout limit. Once you reach that limit, you can get paid through PayPal, Payeer, and Bitcoin. They pay once a week. You cannot redeem your earnings into gift cards like other GPT sites.

The good news is that there are no any major complaints about payments. Most users are happy from these part of the site.

You can see payment proof on their Facebook page and on the videos tab, they pay you to see a video with payment proof.

Pros and Cons


Many available offers and tasks: There are many types of tasks, offers, surveys, and other ways to earn money. It gives you enough options to be selective and follow the most profitable strategy. The ladders can help you to earn even more money and focus on a specific type of offers.

Legit site: If you reach the minimum cashout limit, you will get paid. I would not expect any surprises on that part. Also, most reviews from users, blogs and videos positive.

Support: There is an active chat that many members use for questions. Also, they reply to comments on their Facebook page when needed. Most people will not need any help but if something will go wrong, you are not alone.

User-Friendly: It’s easy and simple to use the members’ area. Everything is straightforward, and you can find what you want. Once you create a new account, you can complete the first offers in a few minutes. For any questions, you can use the live chat or the FAQ page.


Low Potential: You can earn money with TimeBucks but the potential is low like any similar GPT site. Most offers pay a few cents so it takes time to reach the $10 limit. The site says that members who live in the USA earn $10-$20 per day. I guess the members who earn that amoung spend a lot of time completing offers. If you don’t live in the USA, you will earn even less money.

My Final Verdict – Is TimeBucks Legit?

Yes, TimeBucks is a legit GPT site. In my opinion, it’s one of the best sites in this category. If you want to complete surveys and offers in your free time, you will really like it.

The ladders and the easy process of the site will keep you motivated. It’s always a good thing to earn bonuses from your activity.

There are notifications for available offers so you do have to worry about missing good opportunities.

The referral program is interesting as well. The 15% commission for the first level referrals is not huge but there are four more levels. They can increase your earnings even with a few first level referrals if they send traffic to the site.

Overall, TimeBucks is a top GPT site and you have many ways to earn money.

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Thanks for reading my review on TimeBucks. For any questions, you can leave your comments below.