The Six Figure Formula Review: Scam Or $300 Per Day?

the six figure formula review - scam or legit?

In this review of The Six Figure Formula, you will read if this is a legit site to make money or a scam.

It’s an interesting program with both positive and negatives parts so below I mention how exactly it works and my opinion about the program based on my research.

What Is The Six Figure Formula?

The Six Figure Formula is a money-making program that teaches a way to do affiliate marketing.

When you visit the homepage of the program, it looks like a professional website. However, as you click the get started button, you go through 3 landing pages and in the end, they ask for your email to show you a free video.

When you visit your email and click the link to visit the video, you just see one of these landing pages you can find on the affiliate networks with the many low-quality products.

The headline mentions that you will learn how a beginner made $7,242.95 in his first month and he will show you a done-for-you system to do the exact same thing.

While the sales page is quite similar to many of Clickbank’s products that promise similar done-for-you systems, this is not the typical low-quality product. It has some training in the members’ area but yes, there are some issues here.

The methods of marketing can turn off many people who search for a good training program. Simply, the strategy of the program is to impress you with the screenshots and these random claims.

Most of the claims are not realistic. You are supposed to work 30 minutes per day to earn 200-300 dollars because of this system. Also, there is a lot of scarcity. For example, limited spots, there is a timer and mentions a few times on the video that you have to hurry.

claim the six figure formula

Some marketers use similar techniques. They call them marketing but there are ethical ways to promote a product too.

Anyway, The Six Figure Formula is promoted as another money-making scheme but there is some training inside that you can read below.

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How Does It Work? – The System

six figure formula members area

The spokesperson mentions a system and the goal of the system is to make money fast. To achieve that he uses the five following steps:

  1. Setting up your ID through a PayKickStart account. It’s a service that has a free trial but it’s not free.
  2. Connect to your autoresponder (it’s another paid service)
  3. Get your links: You choose a landing page
  4. Copy paste your pre-written emails to your autoresponder
  5. Promote your site

For some of you, it may sound familiar with other systems. Many digital products use a similar setup but in my opinion, a landing age and some pre-written emails is not a system.

The next thing you must do after completing the first four steps is to send traffic. The program recommends and focuses heavily on solo ads.

Solo ads are advertisements through emails. You find a seller, and he sends your emails to his list. If you find a good list, you may earn some money. If you don’t find a good list, you will lose some money.

You can actually earn money, but it takes a bigger investment than most people expect. Solo ads have a high risk as an advertising method so make sure you can afford them.

From this strategy, we can understand why the video uses so many unrealistic claims and fake scarcity. This is the type of landing pages that convert with this source of traffic. As you can understand this strategy may work when you promote the program but you don’t learn to promote anything else.

Next, for a few free methods, the program recommends Facebook and YouTube. Both of them can work if you are a little consistent but it will take some time as all the free sources of traffic.

Additional Training

The setup was the first part of the members’ area. The next part is the training modules.

There are two categories:

  • Basic modules
  • Advanced modules

Both of them include videos with training. The basic modules cover the basics of affiliate marketing and there is some videos on ways to get traffic.

The advanced modules go a little deeper and you can learn for more complicated concepts.

You can find information about the most ways you can use to get free traffic like social media, YouTube, and email marketing. Also, there are videos on paid advertising like native ads advertising even if the focus is on solo ads.

Overall the training is good. You can learn some new things and there is enough content on the members’ area. However, you will find any training for SEO or content marketing.

Keep in mind that all the training is created to promote The Six Figure Formula. So, some things in the training will work only here.

Next, you can find some guides:

  • Domain names: You want to buy your own domain and this section shows you how to use it.
  • Website setup: It includes how to set up WordPress, set up hosting, upload your website and some more HTML training.
  • Autoresponder: You will set up Market Hero, add a web form, send a broadcast, check stats, and more.
  • Tracking setup: You will set up Google Analytics and ClickMagic to keep track of your traffic
  • Outsource: It includes videos on how to find part-time and full-time worker on different freelance platforms, and how to evaluate and manage your workers.

About The Owner And The Testimonials

The name of the owner is Shea Korte but the information we have for him is very limited.

While he is a real person, we do not know how much he earns and if he had built any other businesses before. All the available information are from him and members of the program so we don’t have an unbiased source to learn more.

The screenshots on the sales page do not prove anything. There are many scammy products out there with tons of screenshots.

The testimonials seem to be real users of the program but again there is no proof but only what they say.

How Much Does It Cost?

The pricing structure is very weird and complicated. It has many low ticket upsells as you go through The Six Figure Formula that increase the total cost. These upsells include tools, resources, and more information.

I think you will need some of them because you follow the strategy of the program.

You can create a new account for free but you must add a credit card. After three days, the program will charge you $37. If you want to cancel your membership in the first three days, you must contact support.

Next, there are six upsells that will cost in total $185 and there is one more upsell with a $67 monthly fee.

In the money you need to invest, we can add the monthly fee of your autoresponder and the other tools you will need to work with the system. You may pay $50-$100 only to set up the system.

I do not estimate on the price above any costs for buying solo ads, buying a domain name, hosting provider and any other tool you may need.

So, it’s an expensive program and if you cannot get some sales fast, you will spend more and more money. They include a 14-day money back guarantee and some support inside.

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Pros and Cons


1. Good training: There are many training videos in which you can learn many new things if you are a beginner. It includes some free ways to get traffic, some paid advertising and the basics of affiliate marketing.

2. Step by step process: While I am not a fan of these done-for-you systems, you can follow a few steps, set up your autoresponder and a landing page which is the main part of the program.


1. Promoted as a get-rich-quick scheme: On the free video, you can see many unrealistic claims, and misleading information. It’s not possible to make $200-$300 a day with 30-minute work per day and by just sending a few emails. The legit businesses take work and effort is the real price you must pay on any legit program.

2. You must promote the program: You get training and resources only to promote the program. That means you don’t learn a specific business model that you can use elsewhere but only how to promote The Six Figure Formula.

3. No SEO training: It includes videos with basic information on social media marketing, email marketing, and video marketing. These methods can give you some free traffic for sure.

But best long term investment you can do today is to learn about SEO because it will help you generate more and higher quality traffic than any other free source of traffic.

My Final Verdict – Scam Or Legit?

First of all, it’s not easy to say if you can make money with The Six Figure Formula. It recommends a high-risk strategy so you need a budget but even with a budget, it’s possible to lose money.

Also, when it comes to the main strategy which is landing page -> autoresponder -> solo ads, it’s not something new and many products use the same strategy out there. Also, it’s a common strategy you can find on many low-quality products.

The fact is that some people make money with this method but most beginners simply lose too much money. Your success with solo ads depends on the seller.

In my opinion, this is not a system or a long term strategy. It’s simply a trick for a few quick sales that may work for some people.

If you go through the training and decide to create a Facebook fan page or a YouTube channel, I do not think it would be a good idea to promote these scammy landing pages. It will be your channel, so you can promote any product you want and you have better alternatives.

So, I can rank it as an average program even if some things do not seem right like the upsells and the nonsense of the video presentation.

It’s a little better than most low-quality products you can find on Clickbank and JVZoo but I do not think it can compete the top programs for affiliate marketing like Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama.

Lastly, you can check my personal guide on how to get started with affiliate marketing. It has a few simple steps that anyone can do and you can start for free on the link below.

Thanks for reading my review on The Six Figure Formula. Below, you can leave any questions or comments.

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