The Panel Station Review: Legit Or Waste Of Time?

the panel station review - scam or legit

Welcome to my review of The Panel Station. It looks like a legit site to make some extra money but as always there are some pros and cons to consider.

So, you will read below how it works and what you can expect as a member of this website.

What Is The Panel Station?

The Panel Station is a survey site that does not include any extras tasks and methods to make money than paid surveys. It’s a typical survey site in which you answer questions and earn rewards.

According to the homepage of the program, the website is part of a company with the name Borderless Access Pvt. Ltd which is a market research company.

However, the information about that company is a little limited. It’s a real company but it’s not easy to figure out how it works, any other sites, or what people say about it. We cannot confirm the number of 2.7 million consumers or the total rewards to the members.

So, everything we need to know is on the platform of The Panel Station and the comments from members about this site.

The Panel Station is available to many countries but it’s not available worldwide. If it’s not available to your country, they will not let you create a new account.

You can complete these surveys on their website or through a mobile app but I think it’s created with the focus on the app.

In both cases, there are many complaints about the surveys and the website. It seems that most people cannot get what they want which is to make some extra money and you will read the reasons in this review.

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How To Make Money With The Panel Station

The homepage of the site shows a three-step process. You join, take surveys and get paid. Most people already know that usually, it more complicated than this process to make some money on any survey site.

The good news is that you can join by filling in a form as expected and you can make money in two ways in the members’ area.

Surveys: The website is created to offer you surveys. You will find the standard rewards of the industry and a little lower on average. The website says that you can earn from 100 to 5,000 points. 100 points are about $0.15.

However, most of the surveys will be low-paying and rarely you will find high-paying ones. Another issue is the disqualifications. All the survey sites have disqualification but on this one, they are too many.

The only positive is that any time you get disqualified, you earn 20 points. The surveys take 20-30 minutes on average.

Lastly, there are not many surveys in the members’ area. You must be a little patient if you want to earn enough money to get paid.

Sweepstakes: These are some simple draws. If you are lucky you can earn some money.

On the monthly dray, you can earn 500 points. On the quarterly draw, you can earn up to 20,000 points and some people will earn 7,000 points.

How To Get Paid

The minimum payout limit is at 3000 which is a little lower than $5. When you reach that limit, you can get paid in multiple ways. On these ways, you can choose PayPal payments and Amazon gift cards.

After requesting your payment, it will take 6-8 weeks to see the money to your account.

When it comes on if they actually pay the members, we can see some payment proof on YouTube but most of these videos are a little old. On the other hand, there are too many complaints because it’s not easy to reach the minimum payout limit in a short period of time.

User Reviews Of The Panel Station

There are positive, average, and negative reviews on the internet about this The Panel Station. The same applies to the comments and reviews that are made by members.

The positive ones are from people that probably got paid and they are happy with that. The complaints are about a few reasons.

All of the issues are about the surveys as expected. When there are too many disqualifications, the users are not happy. Many times you spend time filling in many questions before you learn that you cannot finish a survey.

Other problems are the low rewards per survey and some technical issues.

complaints - the panel station

Pros and Cons


1. It will pay you: There are people who have made money and some of them posted their payments on the internet. It seems that if you reach the minimum cash out limit at 3,000 points, you will receive your money. Also, there are multiple ways to get paid which is a good thing.

2. Sweepstakes: You can be lucky and earn some extra money. They are free money and you don’t have to do something about it.

3. Mobile app: This is created to make the platform and the process of completing surveys more user-friendly. The fact that you can complete surveys from your mobile phone is an advantage compared to the competition.


1. Slow payments: When you reach the cash out limit, it will take 6-8 weeks to complete the payment. Also, it will take time to reach that limit because you will find only a few surveys per week and you will not be able to complete most of them. So, it takes a lot of patience to make a few extra dollars.

2. Many complaints: After so many complaints like the ones you can see above, it’s not easy to join this website or recommend it to others.

3. Side income site: The surveys sites cannot help you to make a part-time or full-time income. They are created to give a few extra dollars to the members and that’s the best you can expect from them. I would not spend much of my time on sites like The Panel Station.

My Final Verdict – Is The Panel Station Legit?

In my opinion, The Panel Station is a legit site but it has too many issues. Simply, there are better alternatives out there and for this reason, I do not recommend it.

Many of the typical surveys sites that do not include offers but only surveys struggle to survive these days. Simply, they must complete the big GPT sites that have more options.

However, when a survey site has good rewards on surveys and people can complete them, it can work. So, I think it’s possible to join multiple sites and log in on your free time if this is what you want.

For some better options to complete surveys, you can read about Swagbucks, ClixSense, or you can check more options to my list with the best GPT sites.

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Thanks for reading my review on The Panel Station. It was a website with some issues. If you want to add anything or ask any questions, leave your comment below.

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