The Ecom Formula Review – Can You Earn Over $1000 A Day?

The Ecom Formula ReviewThe Ecom Formula is a new product that you may have seen on the listings of Clickbank or someone has promoted it to you as a making money opportunity.

On this review, you can read what this program is all about. But I warn you this is not a positive review and I have many reasons to believe that you must avoid this product.

What Is The Ecom Formula?

There are no secret sites and formulas in the online world. The sooner someone realizes it, the better.

But The Ecom Formula is just another program that makes the same promises just like hundreds of similar money-making products you can find online.

As you can understand from the name of the product, it is supposed to show a course or guide that will help to build an e-commerce business.

E-commerce is considered any business that sells products or services online like an online store which is the suggested business model of the program.

However, the information you can find inside The Ecom Formula, it is not enough to get started and the promises do not make sense.

Let me explain:

Selling products or services on the internet is a legit way to make money. Many profitable businesses have started by creating only an online store and many marketers still prefer this way to make money.

However, you cannot build a business overnight. If you start from zero, there is a process where you must build your store, find products, get traffic, make the sale and scale the traffic and your earnings.

Starting from zero and make the promised $1483.29 a day, simply do not make sense. And where have they found that number?

Why not to make more money or less?

The presentation of the program do not answer these questions and of course, do not tell you anything about what you are going to get if you pay the $37 price.

What Is Inside?

I have reviewed many products on this site with the same claims. You see huge promises on the homepage, you may receive emails from marketers who promote the program for a commission in return, and when you get inside, you get disappointed.

In a few words, this program includes an ebook in PDF format with 53 pages and 9 short videos.

About the quality:

If you have never heard before about online marketing and e-commerce, you may learn something.

However, I do not think, it’s worth the $37.

Here is why:

I have been working online for the last two years, and I read ebooks, watch YouTube videos, attend webinars, buy products and try to learn as more as possible for different ideas, models, and platforms.

I am telling you that because I think you can find other better alternatives even for free.

First of all, I doubt that the owner of the program has ever used this training. We can’t confirm who he is and if he has any success on the internet.

I guess he is making money by selling that product.

Next, the training is thin, a little outdated and definitely cannot help you to start an online business. There is no a step by step process or something like that.

So, I believe even the free information you can find elsewhere can be more helpful.

For more information, you can read my FREE guide to earn money online!

Fake Testimonials

The program does not include only unrealistic claims in the sales page but I recognized some fake testimonials who tend to participate in low-quality products like this one.

Check this guy:

The Ecom Formula - Fake Testimonial

Below you can see his gig on Fiverr:fiverr gig testimonial

You can see the same guy on two similar programs to The Ecom Formula:

This person and the other testimonials who participates in the video of the program are just hired testimonials.

They have not tried the program and it is obvious that they do not earn money by creating online stores but by selling their services to owners of programs like this one.


The cost of the program is at $37. As I mentioned above, I do not think it is worth the money.

There are better alternatives on the internet. It just takes some research to find a legit business model or a legit program to get started.

Also, if you have bought the product or you want to give it a try anyway, there are one-click upsells that cost in total hundreds of dollars.

While there is a 60-day money back guarantee which is provided by Clickbank, I do not think you can get your money back if you buy any of the upsells.

The upsells and the fact you do have information about what is inside before buying, it’s another alert that something goes wrong.

The legit programs and sites, usually, they give something for free (ebook, webinar) or there is a free membership with a few information.

My Final Verdict

I do not recommend this program for all the reasons that are mentioned in this review.

Here is a summary of the review:

  • Unrealistic claims
  • Fake testimonials
  • Thin training
  • $37 cost and expensive upsells
  • No system, formula or step by step guide

While it is possible to make money by creating online stores, it will not happen by buying this guide.

All the legit businesses take some time and effort to give you results. There are no shortcuts when it comes to effort or work.

Here is something that really works

Many programs in the online world simply do not work. Sometimes the owners do not know how to help you, other times do not want to help you.

The good news is that you can find legit programs and people who are willing to show you how they earn their money.

Anyone on this site can see how I make money online. I am an affiliate marketer and I enjoy researching for relevant topics and provide all the information to you.

You can do the same on any topic you want. Find a topic you are passioned about (hobby, sport, music, something you want to learn), build a website (it takes a few minutes), create content, and recommend helpful products.

This is how affiliate marketing works!

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Thanks for reading my review of The Ecom Formula. Below you can leave your comments and your questions.

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