The China Secret Review: Scam Or Legit?

The China Secret Review: Scam Or Legit?Welcome to my review of The China Secret. It’s a program with huge claims (about thousands of dollars per day) and you can find it on the listings of Clickbank. I guess that someone sent you an email about the program and you want to learn if this is a legit one or another online scam. In my opinion, there are many issues to consider about The China Secret and the owner, Robert Walter.

What Is The China Secret?

The sales page promises a money making system that can work overnight. The motivation of a visitor to buy this program is to make money and not to learn about a new business or something like new. From my experience, I know that there are no legit ways and business models that work overnight. The same applies to The China Secret.

The secret is not a secret at all. It’s a program about messenger marketing. It’s not a popular way to get traffic and make sales but some online marketers prefer it than other alternatives. However, it will not work overnight or make for you thousands of dollars without effort or any other education on online marketing.

The creator of the program is supposed to earn up to $28,432.22 per day and he does not reveal his real name. On the disclaimer of the page, it mentions that he uses a pen name. Also, messenger marketing is not a secret from China. He just mentions a company from China and that’s all.

A legit program does not need pen names and tricks to present the product. If the owner wants to build trust with his visitors, he can reveal his real name and a proof of his earnings. Lastly, the spots on that program are not limited. It’s available for everyone, and many people promote this program. So, the scarcity is fake as well.

There are many products from the listings of Clickbank with claims about overnight earnings, pen names, and fake scarcity. For example, you can read my reviews on Money Looper, Fast Profits, Voice Cash Pro, and Explode My Payday. These programs have similar sales pages and tricks.

How Is It Supposed To Work?

I have already mentioned that it’s about messenger marketing. Programs like this one have not any valuable product inside. Usually, you can find a few thin guides.

The same you can expect here. You can get some basic information about this business model. In my opinion, it’s not a complete business but just a way to get leads or some traffic to another existing business. I do not believe that it’s worth the money. There are better guides on blogs and YouTube videos about that topic.

The creator of the program does not make money with messenger marketing but he tries to sell this product to you.

So, the creator of The China Secret sells digital products on Clickbank, an affiliate network. He does not promote it in the ways he teaches but with email marketing and some affiliate marketers.

He may have used this method before. We do not know because he does not reveal his name or any results with the program. But we can be sure that The China Secret works for those who sell and promote it.

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How Much Does It Cost?

The starting price is at $9. It’s an affordable price for most people who buy products online. However, there are some issues here as well.

First of all, the actual value of the product. As I mentioned above, I believe that you can learn more information about messenger marketing on other free sources on the internet.

The next problem are the upsells and the promotions on the members’ area. According to the listing of Clickbank, The China Secret has three upsells on the members’ area. If you follow all the funnel, it will cost hundreds of dollars. Also, the owner will promote other low-quality products with his affiliate links.The Chine Secret Pricing

The 60 money back guarantee is legit, and you can get a refund if you do not like the product. However, I do not know if you can get your money back for any upsells and extra fees.

My Final Verdict – Is The China Secret A Scam?

The person who claims that he made $146,228.39 from the comfort of his wheelchair is not a real person. At least, he uses a pen name. We cannot confirm any part of the story or his earnings with this method. Also, the only secret on this program is the upsells after buying the product.

The China Secret is promoted as a money making system but there is no system here. In my opinion, it’s not a legit program and does not deliver all these claims of the sales page.

The low price is a just a way to send you into their funnels and make even more with the upsells. I would not risk buying a program like this one.

Online marketing takes hard work and a good strategy. Do not look for a ready to use system but for a plan that works. When you discover a strategy that it’s good enough for you, work hard on it.

At least this is what I do to make money. I have bought worthless products in the past that promised secret systems but they did not work. The only thing that worked for me was hard work.

How To Make Money Online

Here is a quick story:

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Fast forward a few years. I have an active site and publish content with reviews on online programs to help new marketers to avoid products that do not work.

I highly recommend getting started on Wealthy Affiliate. For this reason, I have created a simple guide on how to use that program and the training on the members’ area.

Simple does mean that it does take effort. You must work to earn money. However, if you can read and write, you can build a profitable online business. There is no simpler task than reading and writing to start a business. If you are interested in learning more, check the link below.

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Thanks for reading my review on The China Secret. It was not a good program but if you have a different opinion, feel free to leave your comments below.

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