The Affilorama Review

The Affilorama Review – Is It A Scam? (2018 Update)

The Affilorama Review

The Affilorama review was one of the first articles on this website. But some things have changed and an update is needed for the new readers.

Most people have heard about Affilorama by browsing affiliate offers on Clickbank or from other people recommendations on blogs, Youtube, social media and more.

Is the training program of Mark Ling a legit one or a scam? Can you really make money online with this information?

You will find it out in this review.

Program Overview

Affilorama includes courses, training, and tools that can help you to start and build your own affiliate marketing website.

Mark Ling created the program in 2005. It is one of the oldest training programs for affiliate marketers. All these years, thousands of members have tried their luck with Affilorama. Some of them have created great websites.

Nowadays, it is still a reputable website. You can see many people to promote it and positive reviews on the internet.

When you join, you expect a step by step training to build your own websites, create content, make money with affiliate offers and relevant strategies.

This is exactly what Affilorama offers.

Of course, all this information offered at a price. A negative is the high price of some products. However, you get one of the best courses on the internet.

There are five types of memberships:

  • The free membership
  • Affilorama Premium
  • AffiloBlueprint
  • AffiloTools
  • and AffiloJetpack

We will explain all of them below but you need to know that there is a different fee for any of these packages.

The basic products of the program are Affilorama Premium and AffiloBlueprint which cost $67/month and $197 one time.

Sure, there are more expensive seminars or guides out there but still for some people, it is an expensive one. For a quality but cheaper alternative, check my top recommendation to get started with affiliate marketing.

About AffiloTools and AffiloJetpack, many people say that these are two expensive upsells of the program. I would say that are different products. Each one of these packages is different and can be bought separately. So, you can directly buy the last one which is AffiloJetpack.

Most people here are confused about where to start and what is the best decision. I would recommend doing one step at a time. Start with the free membership, watch some videos and read the resources.

If you like what you see, upgrade to the premium membership with the 1 dollar trial.

Create Your Free Affilorama Account Here

Who Is Mark Ling?
Who Is Mark Ling?

Mark Ling was a pizza boy who has created a 7-figure online business. He tells this story on some sales pages to make you believe that you can achieve your dreams.

He has created many other digital products in many different niches.

There is no reason to mention all the products of Mark Ling as they are irrelevant to this review.

I have reviewed other programs before with completely unknown creators or fake names on the about us page. They were usually quick rich schemes.

However, Mark Ling has created many successful online programs, helped a lot of people and he can prove his earnings.

What Type of Marketer is Affilorama Intended For?

Until now, I have mentioned more than once that is training for affiliate marketers. But there are many types of marketers.

You can find beginners who just want to find a way to make money online or people who already work online and they just need some help.

Also, there are many ways to do affiliate marketing. There are people who build small niche sites, others who like the big authorities sites and marketers who have not built a website at all.

Does it cover all these audiences?

I would say that it cannot help the people who want to make money without a website. If you are one of them, check Super Affiliate System by John Crestani. It is an interesting program on affiliate marketing with paid advertising.

The fact is that a website is usually more profitable than other affiliate marketing strategies and better long-term investment. If you plan to build your own website, Affilorama can absolutely help you in that way.

Building a website, it does not mean that you have to create content. Mark Ling believes that it’s fine to outsource your content completely. There are some guides to learn how to do that process as well.

In my opinion, it’s better to have some experience before hiring someone but you can see some courses and decide later.

For the beginners, there are many free guides to learn the basics. For those who have some previous experience, the free training cannot help them and they need the most advanced training.

As expected, the more you invest in Affilorama’s products, the more help and better training you can expect.

The Affilora Training

There are five types of memberships and each one has different training. Let’s see what you can find inside

1. The free membership:

This training is helpful for beginners who want to learn the basics of affiliate marketing. However, you will not see any advanced articles and the value of the information is not anything great.

You can get better information from authority websites and blogs. For this reason, it’s free.

Why should you read it if you are a beginner?

You need to get an idea of the program and affiliate marketing. Even if you decide to look for another alternative, you will have learned the basics of a business model.

Sometimes most advanced marketers think that they already know the basics but they lack in important lessons. So, make sure that you know and understand everything in this part of the program.

2. Affilorama Premium

Here starts the action!

First of all, you can build your first website. With the premium membership, you get hosting for 15 sites.

The most important part of your training will be to applying every new lesson you learn. This is the best way to become good at anything.

So, Affilorama gives you this opportunity. It is on you to follow the training and get the available resources.

Next, there are some videos of advanced training. I want to mention that you will find extra training on the topics that are analyzed on the free training.

On this part, the videos are a mix of training for traffic and outsourcing.

The best part:

I think the “Digital Product Creation” series of courses is something special that you cannot find in similar programs.

Lastly, in the Affilorama premium included the Affiliate Blog Bootcamp training for those who want to promote Affilorama and access to the forum which has some engagement.

The good news is that you can try it for $1 before paying $67/month which is the standard price.

Affiliate Premium

Try Affilorama Premium For $1 Here

3. AffiloBlueprint

For most people, it is the best product of Affilorama and the best value for money. I agree with that opinion. It’s better to invest $197 in this product than $67 per month on the premium membership.

However, there is not a trial for AffiloBlueprint.

Mark Ling says that this is the system that turned him from a pizza to a 7-figure affiliate marketer.

The only requirements to achieve your goals are to follow his instructions, buy a domain name, stay focused and have some patience as the system does not work overnight.

So, on this course are included the following:

  • 90+ Step by step video lessons
  • Downloadable lessons & course notes
  • Private members’ forum
  • Lifetime access
    Affiloblueprint review

The videos include information about anything relevant to an online business. From the first step where you choose your niche and develop an entrepreneurial mindset to the building of your website and techniques to get traffic and money.

Again, it is fine for people who do not want to write. There are videos on how to outsource your writing tasks.

As a bonus is included:

  • One year web hosting for one website
  • AffiloTheme website builder, it is a theme developed by Affilorama which costs $97
  • One month trial of Affilorama Premium

You can get AffiloBlueprint here

4. AffiloTools

Affilotools is a mix of tools on one software that keeps track of your site health. Anything that can be relevant to SEO is included and you can also connect it to your Clickbank account and your social media profiles.

The idea behind this tool is that you can check anytime you want if everything works fine and you can also use it to search for backlinking opportunities.

Affilotools review

It does the above tasks properly and fast. While you can save some time watching your site’s performance, the main benefit is the backlinking strategy.

If you are still looking for backlinks, it’s worth trying. However, these days many affiliate marketers and SEO experts recommend that you should rank your site organically and naturally.

Chasing down your competitors’ backlinks, I do think that is a good idea anymore and for this reason, I do not recommend buying it.

If you want to try it, there is a free trial and you can get more information here.

5. AffiloJetpack

The last package of Affilorama and the most interesting.

The purpose of this package is to create a system for you that works on autopilot.

What does it mean?

AffiloJetpack review

You get pre-made websites (5 per package), free reports to give as a freebie to your sites in exchange for your visitors’ emails, and hundreds of pre-written emails to build trust with your audience and maximize your earnings.

The best part?

You can choose what will be your niches and completely outsource the writing tasks using the Mark Ling writers. Also, the research for the articles is already done and included in the package.

So, everything is ready and wait for you.


In the package is included Affilotheme ($97) and AffiloBlueprint ($197).

Additionally to the 60-day money back which applies to all the products of Affilorama, you will get $100 if you will not get results in 60 days. So, there is nothing to lose!

AffiloJetpack costs $997 and it is for people who are committed to achieving their goals.

You can get here a $250 discount, buy AffiloJetpack for $747!

A Few Words About The Support

When you build an online business, sometimes you will need some help. If you are a beginner, you will ask questions while you learn all these new things.

So, there are four ways to ask for help.

The first one is to go directly to the support, click the most relevant icon and check the frequently asked questions. For simple problems, it will be fine.

For more complicated technical problems or questions about marketing, you should contact a person.

The first option is to go on the forum. While it is not so active as other forums, you will get help from more experienced members or members of the Affilorama team.

Affilorama these days is a team of 30 people and keeps growing.

The other options are to contact by email or phone. Of course, you need to call the working hours to get a response.

Lastly, there is a live chat.

This is how I tested their response time one week ago. I made a question on a not working hour and I closed my computer. I checked the next day and they had responded in two hours.

So, you can expect quality support from the program.

However, it is unlikely to talk directly to Mark Link to ask your questions. I would expect to be active some hours per day on the forum but it is not happening.

My Final Verdict

Affilorama is a great website that has helped a lot of people to be successful online. If you are ready to learn and earn some money, it would be a good idea to start your online adventure on this program.

The owner is a reputable entrepreneur with many successes in the past and there is a team of 30 people who run the program to help you on that effort.

You can choose from many different programs and there are many available tools.

If you are not sure what is best for you, start with the free membership. You can read the basic articles and later, you will make your final decision with more information.

Join Affilorama For Free Here!

Many people have tried the program before and I would like to read your opinion about the training, the products, your success stories or failures. Feel free to share your experience.

Also, if you have not tried it yet and want to ask any questions, leave your comment below.


32 thoughts on “The Affilorama Review – Is It A Scam? (2018 Update)”

  1. Emily Standley

    Great review! I really appreciate your insight. I’m wondering what the downside is to the affiliojetpack.

    1. Thank you, Emily. I do not think there is any major downside. If you can afford the price, you will be fine.

  2. Dear Ilias,

    Thanks for the information packed review on Affilorama. Really helpful and thanks a lot. People are afraid of many scams online. By providing people with an honest review bloggers can help people to save their hard earned money and save their time and effort. Keep up the great work. I will come back to your website to learn more information.

    Your Friend,

  3. RichPersonality

    I have never heard about Affilorama before, it looks very good actually. I’m happy with Wealthy Affiliate, and as far as I understand it’s the most popular and successful affiliate marketing business foundations out here, but Affilorama looks good as well, it has a lot of good training lessons, will definitely check them out. Thanks for the article.

    1. Ilias Kounelis

      They are two different programs on affiliate marketing. Both of them are legit, and they have a free membership to take a look inside.

      I have built my sites on Wealthy Affiliate and help fellow affiliates on that platform daily. This is the advantage of Wealthy Affiliate.

      It has an active community with thousands of active members who are willing to help, a live chat to ask questions and get answers in seconds and you can contact the owners.

      Next, the premium members have access to a keyword tool, hosting for 25 sites, and tools for writing and comments. You can check my review to get a bonus and find more information.

      In my opinion, the training is also superior, but Affilorama has good training as well.

  4. Very helpful information. I have come across Affilorama a few times but just havent signed up for their program yet due to the higher priced information. I’ve been trying to learn the ropes of affiliate marketing with a bit smaller budget and using what is available through free blogs and other information thats on the web.

    It sounds like they have some great trainings and information and I wasn’t aware that they offer it to you for just $1 for the first month. That is an enticing offer that I just may take up.

    1. Thank you, Cameron. 1 dollar for the first month is like a free trial. They just make sure that they will not spend their time with someone who looks only for free information.

      Also, you can try for free the AffiloTools.

  5. I was first introduced to Affilorama when I was taking a Udemy course that had ripped off an Affilorama training video. The video professional and easy to understand. Fortunately, the video also had a watermark on it so I went to Affilorama to check it out.

    In the end, I didn’t join Affilorama for two reasons. I found a better place to learn internet marketing, the one you recommend. And, I discovered that the cookies for affiliates promoting Affilorama are only 30-day cookies. This seemed unethical to me and destroyed my trust in Mark Ling.

    1. Ilias Kounelis

      Hi Gary and thanks for sharing your experience,

      Affilorama was the first affiliate training for me too. I tried the free membership 2-3 years ago. However, I did not upgrade.

      A few weeks later joined Wealthy Affiliate and built my first site with the training.

      I did know about the cookies of Affilorama. It participates on Clickbank, and I thought that all the products of Clickbank have 60-day cookies. 

      1. Hi Ilias, this might sound like a stupid question to you, as I’m a newbie in affiliate marketing world, but can you explain briefly that what does it mean by a 30 days or a 60 days cookies?

        1. Ilias Kounelis

          Hi Maaz,

          When a visitor clicks an affiliate link, a cookie is stored on the visitor’s computer with the affiliate ID. This is how the affiliate program will recognize who was the last affiliate.

          30-day or 60-day cookies means how many days after the last click you will get a commission after a possible sale.

  6. The best affilorama review I’ve read, no doubt. I started online about 8 years ago and have toyed with the idea of joining one of affiloramas courses since the begining.

    Your review definitely helped put it all into prespective for me as you separated and explained Affilorama Premium, AffiloBlueprint, and AffiloJetpack. Do you think the AffiloBlueprint is kept up to date? A lot has change with affiliate marketing since 2005?

    1. Ilias Kounelis

      Hi Mike and thanks for the feedback. 

      Affilorama is a legit training program with many helpful resources and guides.

      I have read reviews that were saying about outdated information. They were highlighting backlinks and PLR articles.

      First of all, it does not say to add PLR articles to your site. Mark Ling recommends to use them to get ideas and rewrite them for those who do not like to write. It’s just the last alternative to writing. The first one is outsourcing, and I would stick to that.

      Next, it’s backlinking. We can agree that backlinks are an important ranking factor on Google. These days more online marketers look for ways to get backlinks organically. Affilorama still recommends building backlinks.

      I cannot say that it does not work even if I do not use that strategy for my sites. It’s just a different SEO strategy.

      So, I do not think that Affilorama is an outdated program. 

  7. Excellant article about Affilorama!
    One concern I always had with affiliate marketing was whether or not to build a website to promote products and services. Thank you for the insight on the benefits of building a website for long term success.

    Do you think it would be a good idea to run campaigns through a website and ALSO through facebook without a website?

    1. Hi Blake, 

      In my opinion, you need a website if you are serious about affiliate marketing.

      Yes, there are successful affiliate marketers that do not have a complete website, but they find a way to build an audience. You cannot always send paid traffic to the sales page of a product and wait for good results.

      In the beginning, you must build an audience. You will target some keywords to get traffic from search engines, start growing an audience on social media and later you can build your email list as well.

      If you want fast results, you can create some advertisements. Facebook is a nice option and it’s recommended by many programs. However, you must the traffic from Facebook to a page of your site where you make some offers for the products you promote.

  8. This website sounds similiar to Wealthy Affiliate and definitely just as useful for learning how to maintain/run a website and get traffic/make profits. I joined and bookmarked Affilorama so that I may explore it and look into it more in the near future. Thank you for writing this article about a helpful service online.

    1. Ilias Kounelis

      Affilorama teaches an alternative way to start an affiliate marketing business. You still need a website but you can learn from the beginning to outsource some tasks like writing which is a problem for many beginners. 

      If you check the lessons, you will figure out the differences from Wealthy Affiliate

  9. Sounds like a good program although I am not a fan of the upsells that are tied to it but I guess its all about what you want to get out of it. For this reason I think, for the time being, I will stick with Wealthy Affiliate. Maybe down the road when I am looking to expand with new ideas this is something I will look into.

  10. Thank You for the great Affilorama review. You were very thorough on explaining their training program. I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and agree that they are still my first choice.

    1. Sure, choose the one you prefer. Good guidance is important to build any type of business. We can get access to many great programs with a few dollars.

  11. Hi Ilias,
    This is the first time I’ve heard of Affilorama. From what I’ve read above it seems to have a program intended to help people, not to make its creator rich. As others readers have already said in the comments, the option of making one payment can be really advantageous. I think I will try it in the future!
    Thanks for having shared your review, it gives us a clear picture of Affilorama.

    1. Affilorama is a great program. You can learn a lot of new techniques and strategies if you apply what you have learned.

  12. I really was looking for info on Affilorama and I think this is exactly what I needed. Affilorama is indeed a legit program from what I gather. They teach ordinary folks to become a super affiliate where you can promote any passionate product of your choice. However, is this Online Marketing platform the same as Wealthy Affiliate? Do they have hidden upsells?

    1. I prefer Wealthy Affiliate for many reasons that you can read in my review. Affilorama has many different membership levels which you can read above.

      I hope it helps.

  13. I would agree with you that this is a great place to start out as a new person to affiliate marketing. There doesn’t seem to be a very high level of growth expectation here though, with none of the advanced strategies being offered. Do you have any recommendations for another platform like this?

  14. Great review. I think the best part about Affilorama is the option of making one payment to have full access to the program, unlike other affiliate marketing programs. I also liked the fact os useful tool incorporated into the program.
    I am actually the member of Internet Jetset and was not happy with the training. It looks less professional and probably is not designed for newbies. Also did not like the fact of asking more and more investments the further you were going with the training. The fact that Affilorama does not have that type of marketing is a great bonus for the consumer.

    1. Hi Anna, I am a member of both Internet Jetset and Affilorama. In my opinion, both of them are legit and great programs. Affilorama will give your great guidance as you move up to the membership levels. For this reason, I recommend AffiloBlueprint.

      Also, Affilorama premium has a monthly fee.

      Internet Jetset has a one time fee at a low price. For that price, it offers helpful information. I really love the Youtube courses. It has only one upsell (I have bought it as well) the Super Affiliate System.

      I encourage people to start with one that makes them feel motivated. They are both legit.

      Also, you can take a look at my top recommendation.

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