Tecademics Review – Scam Or A Legit Business Program?

Tecademics Review - Scam Or A Legit Business Program?Tecademics Review:

Name: Tecademics
Website: tecademics.com
Price: $100 per month and upsells up to $12000
Founder: Chris Record
CEO: Jim Piccolo
Make Money Bay Rank: 38 out of 100

Program Overview:

Tecademics is an MLM business that was founded by Chris Record in 2016. They introduce that business as a training program for internet marketers and this is what you can expect to learn.

They educate people about different ways to make money online. You can learn about drop shipping, creating a store, starting a blog, email marketing and other types of internet marketing.

They do not focus on a specific type of internet marketing or niche. In order to teach so many different types of businesses, they have hired many gurus for their seminars.

As an MLM company, they promote their marketing opportunity (they call it affiliate marketing but it isn’t) and they focus highly on the entrepreneur lifestyle.

On this post, I will analyze all these topics. Now, let me show you some details about the founder and the CEO of the company.

While Chris Record was the founder of Tecademics and you watch some of his videos on YouTube where he promotes the company, nowadays days he is no longer part of this company for reasons that I do not know.

The CEO of Academics is Jim Piccolo who was the owner of a real estate investing MLM with the name Nouveau Riche, a company that faced some legal issues. Also, all the founders of Nouveau Riche had a background with Global Prosperity Group which was designed to be a scheme. You can read all the above to the article of Wikipedia about Nouveau Riche.

After the real estate bubble in 2008, Jim Piccolo went bankrupt. You can learn more about his story in this article.

Fast forward a few years and now, he is the CEO of Tecademics. Another MLM business but now it is based on internet marketing courses.

The training in internet marketing is really good but the main problem is the unreasonably high prices. While I do not recommend it, there are some advantages and I present them to make your own informed decision.

Whos Is Tecademics For?

Tecademics has many different courses. The focus is on e-commerce but you can find courses about email marketing, Facebook marketing, blogging and more.

To get the maximum from these courses, you need to have some experience. The high prices are not for people who are looking for something to get started online.  I will explain the fees later as it seems that they have changed lately but you can expect to cost thousands of dollars.

The fact is that you can find great courses online from people who have proved their expertise instead of the gurus of Tecademics. For example, if you want to learn about affiliate marketing, you can join for free on Wealthy Affiliate and if you want to start with drop shipping, you can start with the free trial of Shopify.

So, there are great places to get started online even for free. Why should you attend a seminar in Arizona?

If you know exactly what you are going to learn (what type of internet marketing) and from whom, you can evaluate if it’s worth your time and your money.

I know that there are more positive reviews on the internet than the negative. If that’s enough for you, you can pay a few thousands of dollars for these seminars.button top recommendation

How Much Does It Cost?

The company has made some changes the last months. It used to have a $100 per month membership and two upsells with more advanced coaching.

These upsells cost $2000 and $10000 each. So, you had to pay $12000 in total and a $100 monthly fee.

The high upsells is a standard strategy on many MLMs and pyramid schemes. They say that you must upgrade your membership if you want to get all the benefits from the company and of course, the earnings from your referrals.

Tecademics had an affiliate program which was a little complicated with different levels of memberships and commissions but now it has changed. I just mentioned it because it worked like an MLM despite the fact that they used the term affiliate marketing.

Also, Chris Record was a top earner of Empower Network. It was a massive MLM scam a few years earlier that went bankrupt. The fact that Chris Record is no longer a member of Tecademics team, it might mean that some things will be improved about the upsells or the high prices.

The best way to figure out what is going to cost you today is by contacting the company directly and ask them. However, I would expect some really expensive lessons.

My Final Verdict – Is Tecademics A Scam?

Based on all the facts mentioned above, we cannot say for sure that Tecademics is a scam. However, I would proceed cautiously if I really wanted to join that program for the training.

I do not like the background of the founder and the CEO. Also, it is not normal for a company to change the founder only one-two years after its launch.

The previous months have built some reputation as a good Shopify training. However, the members of the program were learning from Chris Record who is no longer a part the company.

Also, you cannot promote the program anymore. I guess that they will launch another referral program in the future but I cannot be sure about that. My opinion is based on the previous companies of Jim Piccolo.

However, we can expect some good training on the different methods of online marketing.

You can consider all the above and decide if this is what you are looking for. In my opinion, there are always better and cheaper opportunities for starting an online business and get a good training.

Tecademics Review:

Name: Tecademics
Website: tecademics.com
Price: $100 per month and upsells up to $12000
Founder: Chris Record
CEO: Jim Piccolo
Make Money Bay Rank: 38 out of 100

An Alternative Way To Start A Business

The internet has created many opportunities for those who want to start a business. You do not have to build someone’s else business anymore. You can start your own.

On network marketing, you just promote and sell a product. If the company that sells the product is a scam or go bankrupt like the previous businesses of the founder and the CEO of Tecademics, you lose all the hard work you have done.

You do not have to promote a product if you want to create a business online. You can create something like a website or a store, and you can decide how to monetize it.

If you get traffic to a website, you can put some adds, promote some affiliate marketing programs (a completely different model from MLMs), publish some sponsored posts and many other different ways.

With a website, you have full control of your business. You decide about the content, the way you will earn money, your strategy and you do not have to make your friends and relatives buy anything.

This is what I do to make money online and you can do the same. For the best training on how to start a real online business and build your site, check Wealthy Affiliate which is my top recommendation for new online marketers.

For any questions about Tecademics or starting your online business, leave your comment below. If you have joined the program before or attended any of the lessons, feel free to share your experience.Start a business banner

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