tap 2 earn review - scam or legit?

Tap 2 Earn Review: Scam Or Legit Influencer Network?

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tap 2 earn review - scam or legit?

In this Tap 2 Earn review, you will find out if this is a legit website to make $500 per day or another online scam.

There is not enough information on the homepage, but we can see some big claims. Here is what you can really expect from this site.

What Is Tap 2 Earn?

Tap 2 Earn is supposed to be an influencer network that will make for you $500 today. The first problem is we can’t find any legit website that uses the term influencer network. Instead of that, there are many scams that use this description.

Tap 2 Earn is a website that includes a few pages and a members’ area. From the available information, there is no connection with social media or influencers. They just want you to share a referral link to social media.

So, it’s not easy to give a specific description on this website, but it’s obvious that something goes wrong even from the homepage.

Tap 2 Earn Review

Tap 2 Earn is not a legit website. It’s a copy of other websites that make unrealistic claims and don’t pay their members. There are some clear scam alerts that we cannot ignore.

There are plenty of online scams that use the term influencer network. I have exposed many of them in the last months. For a few examples, you can read about InfluencerCash, EmotePay, RainMoney, and PaidLeaf.

These websites have the same members’ area, claims, homepage, the structure of the site, etc. The only difference is the colours or some of the fake testimonials.

If you visit any of these sites, it will be easy to figure out that they are extremely similar. However, we don’t know if they are created by the same persons.

The purpose of Tap 2 Earn is to get the personal details of the members and resell them for a profit. When you create a new account, they ask for an email address, name and login details. Later, it will request a phone number to complete the tasks and payment details.

All these details will be used in a scammy way from the owners of the product.

When it comes to the claims, they are 100% unrealistic. The website does not pay at all, and it does not make sense for a free website to give $500 in 24 hours.

An easy way to figure a scam website is that they promise a lot of earnings in a short period of time without actual effort from your part.

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How Does It Work?

If you create an account, you will see that there are some available ways to make money on the members’ area. When you take action, the website adds money to your account. 

However, it does not mean that you will be able to cash out later. It’s a part of the scam. You have a feeling of progress, so it looks more real. The website adds money to your site’s account in the following ways:

Get Referrals: From the homepage, we can see that the focus is on the referral program. They promise $2 per click and $10 per referral. These rewards are ridiculously high for a free website. 

There is no way to pay so much money for simple clicks from social media, free referrals and be profitable at the same time.

$30 Task Wall: On these tasks, you are supposed to make $30 per survey and other tasks like downloading apps. Have you ever got paid $30 to complete surveys?

The chances are that you don’t. Legit online surveys pay less than one dollar on average.

These tasks are not real surveys. If you click any of them, you will get redirected on a third-party website that will ask your phone number. If you fill in your number, they will start sending you text messages and charge your account.

Another problem is that you cannot request a cash out if you don’t complete any task, so they force you to go through these scammy websites.

YouTube Submissions: There are many YouTube videos that say a few good words about Tap 2 Earn. These guys are members of the site that try to earn some money.

If you create and publish a video on YouTube following their requirements, they will add $50 to your site’s account.

They Do Not Pay

You can request a cash out once you meet some requirements that are not specific. They ask a number of clicks, referrals, and tasks.

Then, they let you request your earnings. You will wait for a few weeks or months before they reject your request. This is the process of all the websites of this scam.

They don’t pay the members, and there is no real payment proof on the internet from this website.

The screenshots that you can find on the payment proofs page are fake. They are not PayPal payments, and they don’t mention any payment processor at all.

No Support and Fake Testimonials

Another scam alert on Tap 2 Earn is the lack of important information. They do not mention any name or company while they have added some random numbers that do not make sense.

They claim to have over 400k members, ten years of experience and paid 68 million dollars to their members. However, the truth is that the website was created a few months ago, and most people have never heard of it.

They don’t tell us who is behind this site and try to mislead the visitors with fake stats. As a result of the above, there is no real support or help for the members.

Next, they have some testimonials who talk about their earnings with the program. However, they are fake testimonials. You can find these guys on Fiverr and hire them for a few dollars. I have seen some of them on other online scams too.

For example, you can check the guy below:

fake testimonial tap 2 earn

Here is his Fiverr gig:

fiverr testimonial male

His job is to create testimonial videos for different products and services. With a few words, everything on Tap 2 Earn is fake.

Is Tap 2 Earn A Scam? – My Final Verdict

Yes, Tap 2 Earn is a scam. This website is created to mislead visitors and get their time and money. The fake testimonials make this statement clear.

The only way to lose money directly is through the tasks. If you add your phone number, they will keep sending you text messages until you unsubscribe. So, make sure that you don’t give them your phone number.

Also, I would not create an account with login details that I use on other websites. When I want to test unknown websites, I just create random new passwords.

My point is that you should avoid giving your good email, login details that you use in important accounts, and do not fill in your number at all.

Most people find websites like this one through social media. It can be a YouTube video, a Facebook group, some posts on Instagram, etc.

Many visitors believe it’s a legit site because they trust the person who promoted it. However, this is what the scammers want to achieve. They build trust, and then some visitors fall for the scam.

In some cases, you will receive promotions from people who do not know that Tap 2 Earn is a scam. I have seen that happening many times. They spam around their referral link because they want to make money.

No matter how someone has sent you to Tap 2 Earn, you will not get paid. Also, they have not got any money in their hands.

How To Make Money Online

It is not possible to make $500 in one day, but you can definitely earn some extra money on the internet.

If you want to make money in your free time without any effort, the best option is to complete some surveys and offers. You will not earn much with online surveys, but it’s better than nothing.

A realistic expectation is to earn $0.5 per survey that you complete on average. It’s a good way of using your free time. Many people make 50-100 dollars per month or more.

For two top websites for surveys and offers, you can read about ySense and Swagbucks. They are popular websites with millions of members, and you will get your money on time.

If you are interested in a full-time income, you can get my guide on how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a top training program for affiliate marketers. It has an active community, step-by-step training, and great tools. On the guide above, you can read how I build my websites with some help from this program.

I started from zero a few years ago. All these years, I follow a few simple steps and build my business. It takes work, but the steps are straightforward, and everyone can apply them.

P.S. Thanks for reading my review on Tap 2 Earn. It was not a legit website, but you have some great alternatives. For any opinions, comments, or questions about the site, leave your comment below.

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