Survey Spotter review

Survey Spotter Review: Scam Or Legit?

Welcome to my Survey Spotter review. Most people who visit this website think it’s a legit survey site with some big claims. However, this is not the case. There is no way to complete surveys on this site. Yes, it’s a type of online scam you should avoid.

What Is Survey Spotter?

Survey Spotter is not a real survey site, but it works as a middleman for other survey sites. However, it is not clear that you are not going to complete surveys on Survey Spotter. When you visit the homepage, they make you believe that you complete a form and you are ready to earn money. However, it is not happening.

When you give your personal information, you will see a list of other survey websites in the members’ area. Also, there is a claim of $300 per month. It simply does not make sense. How are you going to earn that money as a user of the site? They do not explain it because you can’t.

Lastly, you see some icons from PayPal and Amazon. Again, Survey Spotter will not pay you for any action. It is not a website that sends money or anything similar.

How Does Survey Spotter Work?

Let’s go step by step through the site. On the homepage, they ask for your email and some additional details.Survey Spotter homepage

On the image below, you can see how it looks in the members’ area.Survey Spotter inside

The instruction is to choose the survey sites you want to get started. Below the survey sites, they say that they will send your email to these sites to create a free account. Again, it is not true. Even if you choose only one survey site, you have to create an account manually.Survey Spotter final page

This is the last page of Survey Spotter. Can you believe that the site is only a scheme to get your email address? There is nothing more to see here. These three pages are all the website. If you want to create an account to check it by yourself, do not use a good email address or be ready to receive tons of spam.

The List Of The Survey Sites

I guess it shows different survey sites in each country. So, I can show you what they recommend to my country.

  1. InboxPounds: The European version of InboxDollars.
  2. Global Test Market
  3. Vindale Research
  4. Opinion Outpost
  5. 20Cogs
  6. MarketAgent
  7. MyIyo
  8. Green Panthera
  9. OhMyDosh!
  10. MySurvey

Some of these sites are popular, and almost all of them are legit. I have already reviewed three of them. Soon, I will research all the other sites, so come back for the updates.

The question about Survey Spotter: Why should you join on these sites through Survey Spotter and not directly?

The answer is that you do not have to join Survey Spotter. It does not help you or add any value to the user. They have created a misleading homepage to receive some emails. If you choose some of the sites in the members’ area, you will receive emails with affiliate links and no information, guides, or anything else that could help you.

My Final Opinion – Is Survey Spotter A Scam?

There are similar sites to Survey Spotter. For example, you may want to read my reviews on SurveySay or Survey Money Machines.

As you can see, they do the same thing. These sites are middlemen to other real survey sites. They have similar names as well. The owners of these scams send traffic on their homepage with some ads or spammy ways, they get the email addresses of their users and then, they spam them as more as they can.

It does not mean that all the survey sites are scams. The fact is that you can make money with online surveys. However, the paid surveys are a way to earn some extra money in your free time. It cannot replace your income or your job. The average earnings in most sites I have visited are less than $1 per hour.

If you fix your expectations, you can enjoy completing some surveys per month. The other option is to find a different way to earn money online.

Read about my strategy to earn a full-time income online!

Top Sites To Complete Online Surveys

For those who want to stick to online surveys, make sure you join in some legit sites with enough opportunities to make money online. Most sites on the list above will send a small number of surveys per month.

Here are two better alternatives to get started:

Swagbucks: The best website in the world to earn a side income. It includes online surveys, but you can find other ways to make money as well. It’s available only for specific countries.

ySense: My second best option. ClixSense was a PTC (paid to click) website, but now it’s a GPT site. In my opinion, it’s a great GPT site. It’s available worldwide, and you can earn money by completing online surveys, offers, playing games, micro jobs, etc.

These two sites should be enough to find enough opportunities in your free time. Of course, it depends on your demographics too. It’s easier to find available surveys if you live in the USA than in any other country. Also, some countries do not work well with surveys.

Thanks for reading my review on Survey Spotter. It was not as expected for most of you. The owners just want your personal information to spam you. If you have a different opinion about Survey Spotter or any questions, you can leave your comment below.