Survey Money Machines Review: Scam Or Legit?

Survey Money Machines Review: Scam Or Legit?Welcome to my Survey Money Machines review. A website with only a few pages.

Let’s start with the most important:

The homepage on which we can read a lot of information about the company and how we can earn money makes no sense.

It repeats so many times that you can join for free. They are online surveys! They should pay the visitors to complete these surveys and not repeat so many times that they are free.

Also, they claim you can earn on average $2-$5 per survey. It’s not true. The average online surveys take 20-30 minutes and the reward is $0.50-$1.

From the homepage, we can understand that something goes wrong with this site.

What Is Survey Money Machines?

I have not mentioned another page yet. If you have not created an account yet, you expect to see some available surveys and start earning money.

It makes sense that scenario. However, you can only find links to other survey sites. There are no surveys at all inside this website.

When you join one of the other survey companies through their links, the owner of Survey Money Machines earns a commission. While it is not a bad thing as it will not cost you any money, why do they ask you to create an account?

They could give the links to the affiliate sites on the homepage.

The only reasonable explanation is that they want to get your email and send you tons of spam. There are many complaints on this site about spamming.

Survey Money Machines do not offer any value to the user. The homepage looks like a quick rich program and they have only one important page in the members’ area with affiliate links and no content.

Also, they say that the secret is to join on many survey sites and start completing as many surveys as possible. Well, good luck with that.

They take 20-30 minutes for each survey! Even if you manage to complete ten surveys in one day (5-6 hours of work), you will not earn more than $10 on average.

The owner of the site sends traffic somehow on their landing page and they just try to create referrals and subscribers as fast as possible without providing you any value. This is what Survey Money Machines is all about.

What Is Inside?

First of all, avoid giving your good email on this site. Next, you are going to see some survey sites. There are some good ones and some bad ones.

I have written reviews for two of them before:

These are two legit websites but nothing special. In my opinion, there are better sites to earn some extra dollars like Swagbucks and CashCrate that are not included on this list.

Anyway, you can find more survey companies on this site. You need to do some research before joining them and of course, do not give your personal information if you do not trust them.

You have nothing else to see here, Survey Money Machines is a middleman and the job of this site is over.

The good news is that you can avoid sharing your email. They promise you over 200 survey sites but I saw only three when I created an account.

You can just click the preview link below the form with your details and check the recommended companies without creating an account.Survey Money Machines Homepage

If you are curious, just click that link and check the survey sites but be careful with these companies.

Survey Money Machines Complaints

1. You will not get paid every time

This is the most important issue. You join through Survey Money Machines to some other survey companies. Some of them are completely unknown. Also, some of the sites will lead you to other third parties sites to complete other offers and surveys.

Sorry, but all these sites can decide to ban your account any time they want without explanation.

You will not get paid from Survey Money Sites but from the other affiliated companies, you will join. So, make sure they are legit and you follow their rules.

2. Spam

They will send you tons of emails for surveys, promotional offers, other similar websites, etc.

The affiliated survey companies will ask for your contact information they will send you promotional emails too.

I am sure you can see the problem here if you join 4-5 of these sites and follow their links.

Some of them will ask for your phone number for phone surveys or other earning money opportunities. I would not share my phone number here.

3. Unrealistic Claims

A lot of times you can see some numbers that do not make sense. I mentioned above the $2-$5 earnings per survey on average. This is not true, the average reward for paid online surveys is below the $1.

Next, it says that most surveys take 5 minutes. Again, this is not right. They take 20-30 minutes on average.

Lastly, it mentions that most survey asks money to join. Again it is not true. If someone requests money for paid surveys, it is almost always a scam.

My Final Opinion

Survey Money Machines is a site with no real value. It does not give you anything. You can go directly to all these survey sites if this is what you are looking for.

Also, with the misleading claims, it will make people expect more from the online surveys than what they can really earn from them.

Online surveys are for people who want to earn some extra cash in their free time. You cannot earn a full-time income or something like this.

A realistic expectation would be to earn $1 per hour of activity in relevant websites.

This is why online surveys are not my top recommendation. You waste too much time for a tiny reward.

For a better alternative, you can check how I make real money online!

Thanks for reading my review on Survey Money Machines. Feel free to share your experience with this survey site or you can leave your questions below!

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