social bounty review - scam or legit?

Social Bounty Review: Scam Or Legit?

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In this Social Bounty review, you will read how this site really works, and if it is a legit way to make money or a scam. They claim to be the best influencer network and a place to earn $500 today. Of course, there is no much information on the homepage, so here is what you can expect.

What Is Social Bounty?

Let’s start with the claim about the #1 influencer network in the world. The truth is that there is no such thing as an influencer network. We can find it as a term on a series of scam websites. Also, the site is not relevant to influencer marketing or social media at all.

Social Bounty is a scam that collects data from the members. You have probably noticed that there is no joining fee. They promise everything for nothing, and they do not even have a paid membership. They just make huge claims and allows you to create an account only with your email address.

When they get your email address, they have achieved the first goal of the website. Next, they try to get even more details for you and try to make you work for the site. However, the problem is that they don’t pay the members.

All the process is very misleading on the members’ area, and the homepage includes fake information. The stats, the calculator, and the testimonials are fake. With a little research, anyone can discover that the information does not make sense.

As I mentioned, there are many scams with the term influencer network. Social Bounty is only a copy of these scams. I have reviewed a few of them before. For example, you can check Use 2 Earn, Survey Junkies, Click4Kash, ShareCash, Money Genie, and more. It is not possible to find every website that claims to be an influencer network, but there are plenty of them on the internet.

When the members figure out that something is wrong, the owners close these sites to avoid complaints and negative reviews. Then, they create new ones with different domain names. So, it’s unlikely to find all of them.

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How Does It Work?

Some people create an account on this website for a few reasons. They may give it a try because it looks free or just be curious to see if they can really earn $500.

When they get inside, they see $25 to their dashboard as a signup bonus, and the site asks for them to do a few actions. When you complete tasks or get referrals, the site adds money to your dashboard, so it looks like a legit site until requesting a cashout. Then, you learn the bad news. Here is what you can find in the members’ area.

Referrals: They promise $2 per click on your referral link and $10 per referral. They just recommend you share a link on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Of course, a click from social media is not worth $2, and no legit site pays for free referrals without any further actions. It is ok to earn money when your referrals buy something on legit programs, but if they pay for free referrals, they will lose money.

$30 Task Wall: They claim to pay $30 for online surveys. Again, there is no legit site that would pay for one survey so much money. They tend to pay a few cents for such simple tasks. 

When you click on these $30 tasks, you get redirected to a third-party website. As expected, they are not real surveys but sites that request your phone number. If you fill in your number on their form, they will start charging you for text messages that they will send to your number.

YouTube Submission: The last part of the members’ area is the YouTube submissions. If you create a short video and upload it on YouTube with their instructions, they promise $50.

They Don’t Pay The Members

If you reach their requirements that are not easy, you can request for a cashout. The requirements need tasks, clicks, and referrals. So, you have to go through these scam sites that request your phone number.

Some members will do all the necessary tasks to meet these requirements. Then, they will just wait. After a while, they will figure out that no one will pay or contact them.

Social Bounty and the other copies of the same scam don’t have any real payment proof. When I say real payment proof, I mean something that can prove without a doubt that there is a transaction. The screenshots on the site are not proofs because they include only numbers but don’t show us the processor or the transaction.

Also, the videos do not show us any proofs as well. They show a PayPal account but not the transactions on it or any payments from Social Bounty. Lastly, there are no payment proofs on other websites like forums and social media. Those who promote the site tend to say different numbers but they don’t prove anything.

About The Owner and Other Details

There is an about page that mentions the name Kiya Kramaric. After searching on Google about this name, we can’t find anything helpful. I don’t know if this is a real name or not, but you can figure it out from the available information.

Next, the testimonials are not real members. Their images can be found on several websites. It’s obvious that the person who created Social Bounty found them on other sites and added them on the homepage. Lastly, it’s unlikely to get an answer from their contact information, and they do not have any social media accounts at all.

Is Social Bounty A Scam? – My Final Verdict

There are some things that we can’t ignore. First, Social Bounty has the same members’ area and a similar homepage with plenty of other online scams. Second, there are not real payment proofs, but they use screenshots that do not make sense. Based on these two problems, it’s better to stay away from the site and search for other alternatives.

While it is a site that collects data, you can lose money directly on the site tasks that request your phone number. Social Bounty earns advertising revenue from these websites, and they have no problem to use your phone number.

My suggestion is not to create an account on Social Bounty or complete any tasks. There are many scam alerts here.

You probably have found Social Bounty on social media or YouTube because some people promote it. Most of them are members who have been scammed and do not know that they will not receive any money. The best thing you can do is to stay away from these guys. They do not know what they talk about or just want to mislead you.

The easiest way to figure out any scam on the internet is from unrealistic claims. It is not possible to earn $500 in one day when you start from zero. To achieve such big results, you must put a lot of work for a long time. When people claim the opposite, they try to scam you or just want to sell worthless products.

Are There Any Legit Ways To Make Money Online?

The good news is that many people already earn most of their income on the internet. You can find full-time opportunities, side hustles, and ways to earn some extra dollars per day.

The best option for you depends on your available time for work. It is not possible to make a full-time income by copy-pasting a few links. However, it’s possible to get started from zero and start building an online business.

So, here are two options:

The first option is for those who are not willing to work for their money or don’t have enough available time. In this scenario, you can consider joining a few GPT sites. They include surveys, offers, and micro-jobs to complete in your free time. Each one of these opportunities pays a few cents, but they are very easy to complete.

Two top GPT sites to sign up for free are Swagbucks and ySense. They are online for many years, and you can find plenty of payment proofs on the internet.

For those who want to find a full-time income opportunity, starting an online business is a good idea. A simple business model that you can start with no experience or budget is affiliate marketing.

You don’t have to own a product, but you can promote other people’s products and make commissions per sale. Instead of unknown companies, you can promote products from huge brands like Amazon. Of course, you need the right strategy to get results. It is not possible to work by spamming people.

For a top training platform for affiliate marketers, you can read about Wealthy Affiliate.

P.S. Thanks for reading my review on Social Bounty. You can leave your comments or questions below.

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  1. I used social bounty and finished all tasks. No payment received . This is a scam. I advise every person not to use this application. Only scam no income and waste of time.

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