review: scam or legit? Review: Legit or GPT Scam? review: scam or legit?

Welcome to my review. You can read on this article if this is a legit GPT site or a scam to avoid and how exactly you can earn money.

The owners of have created Offernation and Rewarding Ways. They are similar sites that I reviewed and you can take a look on them as well.

What IS SuperPay.Me? is a GPT site in which you can complete surveys and offers thought third-party provides. It’s a free site and you earn money when you complete these offers.

GPT (Get Paid To) sites is a big category of sites. Some of them are really popular to those who are interested in making money online, others are not so popular and there are a few scams on the internet as well. has many members, there are many comments from users on the internet about the site and you can find opportunities for extra money on the members’ area.

For other popular GPT sites, you can read about ClixSense, CashCrate, and Swagbucks.

All GPT sites have pros and cons as you will read below. The focus of is on the fast cash outs and they try to make it easy for a new member to reach the minimum cash out which is at $1.

The site is available worldwide so anyone can join and try to reach the payout limit as fast as possible. However, in some countries, there are more surveys and offers than others. So, let’s see how you can earn money.

How To Make Money With

When you create a new account, you get a $0.20 sign up bonus so you need 80 more cents to get your first payments.

The rewards from the offers and surveys are on points and money. 1 point = $0.01

Earn Money: On the first category of offers, you can see a list with links that send you to the relevant offer.

top crediting offers -

Most of them are about third-party survey sites but you can complete a few of them fast. For example, if you follow on Twitter, you earn 2 cents. I think this was the easiest offer on that list.

offer -

Offerwalls: This is a list of third-party providers. Many of them are available worldwide. They include tasks like playing games, watching videos, more surveys, downloading apps, cashback offers, click ads and more.

offerwalls list -

There no restrictions on how many of them you must complete but you may have to do actions on other sites and share your personal details to get the rewards.


Cashback: This option only available in the USA. When you buy something, you get a small percentage back.

Referrals: If you want to invite friends or send traffic to your affiliate links, you can earn 25% from the earnings of your referrals. They will get a signup bonus like everyone else. There are a few available banners to post on other sites and promote

Contests: The top earners of the site receive a $1000 bonus in total every three months.

Payment proof: There is a list of members who have confirmed their payments through PayPal.

confirmed payments -

Testimonials: Another list of people who have left their positive comments about the website.

You can earn some extra money when you post your payment proof and a testimonial comment.

How To Get Paid

There are five ways to receive your earnings from They include the ones that most people use on the internet but they have a different cash out limit for each one.

You can get your money with PayPal, Payza, Skrill, Bitcoin and Amazon gift cards. The minimum payout is at $1 but the Amazon gift cards have a minimum of $5 and Bitcoin at $40.

cash out -

The Amazon gift cards are available only in the USA. For other ways, just make sure that you can create an account on PayPal, Payza or Skrill. In most countries in the world, you can use at least one of these sites.

The payments are reviewed and paid in 24 hours. According to the site, 2-8 hours is the most common waiting hours. You can ask for a payment daily. reviews from users

There is a page of testimonials on the members’ area but you can find other comments and reviews on the internet as well.

Most comments on forums and social media are positive but there are some negative as well. Below you can see the stats from Trustpilot.

reviews trustpilot - superpayme

With a few words, most users are happy but there are a few issues.

I have chosen one positive and one negative comment as examples of what people say about this site. The most common issue is that the site closes many accounts and the on the good side, people are happy to get paid fast.

user review 3 - superpayme
user review - superpayme

Pros and Cons


  1. Fast payments: It’s one of the fastest ways to get paid on the internet. They pay members daily and it takes only a few hours.
  2. Low minimum cash out: You get a $0.20 sign up bonus and then you need only $0.80 more to request your first payment. You can achieve that even with one survey or offer.
  3. Fast and quality support: You can use the chat on the members’ area, the FAQ page or submit a ticket and wait for their reply. Also, they reply to comments of people on the internet about their site. The negative comments you see abov have a reply of the company. I think the company does a really good job on that part.


  1. They ban accounts of users: When you read so many complaints on the same issue, it means that they have a strict policy. If you had created another account and you create a second one today, there are many chances to mark you as a cheater. It makes sense that they want to prevent duplicated accounts because it’s too easy to cash out. So, people will complain and some of the bans will be unfair.
  2. Issues with the surveys: The site is not responsible for the available surveys but the third party provides. You can find these surveys on other sites as well. However, there are a few complaints that too often people start a survey, fill in questions and later, they are ineligible to finish it. It’s a common problem on many surveys sites.
  3. Low Earning Potential: Most offers and surveys pay a few cents. The good ones can go up to $1 and only a few will give you better rewards. When you join on GPT sites, you can expect something more than a few extra dollars per month. For a full-time income, you must look for other alternatives.

My Final Verdict: Scam Or Legit? is a legit site. There some complaints but the positive reviews and comments are more than the negative reviews. Of course, this is only my opinion.

Based on all the facts, we see a good GPT site that will pay the users when they reach the cash out limit, and they get paid fast.

You will not find on the internet the perfect GPT site. All of them have pros and cons so you can choose the one you like. could be one of your available options.

The only issue is the potential earnings because you must spend some time to complete these offers. Many times you will waste time for cents or surveys that you will not complete.

We can see on the page with the contests that the top earners make over $1000 in three months. However, I think they achieve that with many referrals and not by only completing offers. Also, only a few guys earn this amount.

It’s on you to decide if this is what you are looking for or not. For other alternatives, check my list with the best GPT sites.

If you want to earn a full-time income online, read below:

Here Is Something That Really Works

If you are tired of wasting your time for cents, you can consider starting your own online business. When you work for others or try these side income sites, you must put a lot of effort for small rewards.

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Next, you need a website. It’s easy to build a website these days and you do not need to know anything technical.

Most people cannot figure out a way to get traffic. I follow only two steps:

  • Find what people in my niche search on the internet
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Thanks for reading my review on Below, you can leave your comments and ask any questions.