Super Sales Machine Review

Super Sales Machine Review

Super Sales Machine Review

Name: Super Sales Machine
Price: $97, downsell to $47 + upsells
Owners: Aaron Dankes
Make Money Bay Rank: 60 out of 100

What Is Super Sales Machine?

An interesting making money product for people who want to avoid all the technical parts of building a website or a sales page.

More specifically, if you buy Super Sales Machine, you get many fully set up websites and you will earn money by sending traffic to them.

As a business model, it is a legit and popular one these days. Many people want to become Clickbank’s vendors and some of them make money with this system.

However, with this program, you do not learn any marketing skills which is the most important aspect of an online business. The technical issues of a website are not so hard to learn.

The next problem is that the websites are not unique. Every person who buys Super Sales Machine has access to the same resources as you are.

So, I do not see how you will be able to sell products on marketplaces like Clickbank and JVzoo that other vendors already sell them.

About the websites, they have great design and they look like the majority of Clickbank’s websites. You can make sales with them and they include upsells, downsells, free gifts, etc.

But after checking some of the products, they are not so great. Simple guides that cost a few dollars. If you do your research, you can find much of the information for free on the internet.

Overall, Super Sales Machine sells what they promise but you will not learn everything you need to run a successful online business. Yes, you will avoid all the technical parts but you must find a way to get traffic.

Pros and Cons


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to understand training


  • There is not any traffic strategy
  • The websites are not unique
  • Not great products to sell
  • You will need a web hosting provider and a domain name

Is Super Sales Machine For You?

Online marketing has two important parts: The technical part and the marketing.

Super Sales Machine helps you to overcome the technical part. They do not teach you how to create websites but they give you pre-made one-page websites and you must find a way to promote them.

A marketer who has made some sales before can build a website by himself. For this reason, I think that this program is for complete beginners.

Well, my job is to tell you that it will not work for you if you do not have a traffic strategy. If you are a complete beginner, you should pay even more money to learn how to get visitors.

If you do not get traffic, you will simply have some websites that will never work.

So, it would be a decent program for you if you have a way to get traffic.

What is Inside?

Inside you will see the sites that are promised on the sales page and training on how to use them. You will see that the creator has made a great job of setting up these sites and I expect to convert well if you send targeted traffic.

Inside you can find:

  • Fully set up websites
  • Paypal buttons have been created with upsells
  • Exit pop-up has been installed on your websites
  • Freebies available for your visitors
  • Product content is hosted for you (videos, articles, mp3s)

If you are unfamiliar with terms like “exit pop-up” and “upsells”, they are strategies that online marketers use to increase conversions. They are very common on digital product marketplaces like Clickbank.

About The Support

One of the issues of this program is the poor support. In most cases, you will never need it because it really simple to get your links and make your websites work but if you need it, you may have to wait 2-3 days.

It is not terrible but when you want to build a business, you can not wait two days to fix a problem and go to the next step.

Support should be an important factor in the selection of a making money program and the owners should focus on that.


On the sales page, you can see that it costs $97. However, if you use the exit pop-up to remain on the website the price goes down at $47.

In my opinion, it worths the money only if you want to follow the specific business model without learning about the technical parts of this model.

To be honest, it is a fair price.

You will get what they promise. Fully set up websites that can make sales for you if you send traffic.

Also, there are some upsells but they are not needed to get started. The websites can work without them.

My Final Verdict – Is Super Sales Machine Legit or Scam?

I rank it as a legit program even if they do not make it clear that you will need a traffic strategy. I will say it again.

They give you some nice websites but they do not teach you how to get traffic. If you already know how online marketing works then get these sites.

In any other case, save your money and find a complete training program.

You can check my top recommendation for beginners here.


Name: Super Sales Machine
Price: $97, downsell to $47 + upsells
Owners: Aaron Dankes
Make Money Bay Rank: 60 out of 100