Super Affiliate System Review

Super Affiliate System Review (2020) – Is It Worth The Money?

I have mentioned many times on this website Super Affiliate System by John Crestani as a legit program. However, I don’t think it’s worth the money in 2020. In this review, you will read everything you need to know about the program and what you can expect as a member.

What Is Super Affiliate System By John Crestani?

John Crestani created two programs a few years ago. The first one had the name Internet Jetset and the second one was the Super Affiliate System. In the beginning, John focused on the Internet Jetset that was included ways to make money with affiliate marketing with free traffic sources.

It had some interesting ideas, many videos, and was a legit but low-ticket program. The Super Affiliate System was an expensive upsell of the first program that was recommending affiliate marketing with paid advertising.

Later, John stopped selling Internet Jetset, increased the price of Super Affiliate, and since then you can buy it as a Clickbank product. The philosophy of the program is the same. It teaches people who want to learn how to make money online about affiliate marketing with paid advertising.

The structure of the program has changed over the years. In the beginning, it was a 12-week course, but it reduced the length of the content. There are changes at the pricing as well. Today, it costs $997, and many affiliates who suggest weird products promote Super Affiliate System only the big commissions. 

It does not mean that the program is not good anymore, but many of the reviews that claim to be real, they just try to make a sale. In my opinion, the quality of the program is at the same level all these years. The updates just change the structure of the site or the suggested methods. For example, the top method of the program is solo ads in 2020, Facebook Ads and Google Ads were the top suggestions in the previous years.

How Does It Work?

Super Affiliate System has multiple videos divided into categories. The categories are named weeks, and you must complete every video before you move on to the next one. In most videos, you can see John Crestani describing or showing a process.

Most of these videos focus on setting up an advertising campaign. Some of the videos suggest resources and links that you can find in the members’ area. It’s quite a standard process that we can see on similar programs.

John Crestani encourages the members to introduce themselves to the forum, talk about problems with their campaigns, ask questions, and share their successes. There is a support team that responds to the threads of the forum, but John may reply as well.

What Can You Learn?

John Crestani will teach you different paid advertising methods. Your job is to promote Super Affiliate System, and once you get some experience, you can get started with other products. It has step by step instruction on every method. However, these instructions create problems because all the new members do the same things. So, here is what you can learn in training:

Solo Ads: You can learn how to find good solo ads on Udimi. It shows how to send traffic to the program directly. However, there are extra videos that suggest building a list with solo ads. 

Google Ads: You can set up different types of Google Ads and send traffic to landing that you have created on ClickFunnels.

Facebook Ads: It works like Google Ads, but there is a list of buyers that you can use for more effective targeting.

YouTube Ads and Native Ads: Additional videos on creating ads on different websites and targeting the right audience.

The program includes extra tips and resources for each method, but the main training has the methods that are mentioned above. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Super Affiliate System costs $997. The program includes videos, resources, pre-made ads, and future updates. Also, you get access to the support and the forum that is a big part of the program, and most beginners must use it for advice. 

Most members try to promote Super Affiliate System as suggested by John Crestani, so you may include the potential commissions on the value of the program. However, you can promote it for free if you use the free resources of the listing on Clickbank.

The Pros Of Super Affiliate System

1. You can earn money: 

The truth is that every suggested method works right now. Many affiliate marketers already make with solo ads, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads. If you stick to the training and make a few changes, you can earn money.

However, you need to invest money to make money. You promote a high-ticket product, so you may risk hundreds or thousands of dollars before you make a sale. If you can’t afford that or you are not committed to testing things, the program can’t help you.

2. The Forum:

I liked the threads and comments from other members. You can learn both from the failures and successes of other members. In my opinion, reading the forum has the same value as the video training. 


1. All the members do the same thing:

When I joined the website, I followed the training and all the steps by John Crestani. I joined a few years ago. Today, the program does not recognize my email anymore for reasons that I don’t know.

So, John suggested getting started with Facebook Ads, and I followed all the steps of the videos. I created a Facebook page, created an ad, used the copy and the video from the resources, added the ClickFunnels page, and targeted the suggested audiences. 

Facebook Ads started counting views, clicks, and expenses soon. However, most reactions to my ad were negative. I had negative comments from people that complained about spam. Of course, I spend $200 with no sales. 

The problem was that all the members of Super Affiliate System targeted the same audience. The ads of John Crestani spammed these guys all day long. So, my target audience was frustrated with the program. My options were to stay away from Facebook Ads or promote another product.

Soon, I discovered that Google Ads had the same problem. You could see the same ads on every keyword that was recommended by the program. I spend almost $200 on Google Ads without sales as well. The worst part is that the members of Super Affiliate System compete with each other and increase the ads’ price for the same audience.

So, the chances are that you will not get results if you follow the main training that promotes the program. The same applies to solo ads. You can be sure that most Super Affiliate System members visit Udimi and get traffic from the same sellers.

2. The Upsell

When I joined, John promoted MOBE for one-to-one coaching. However, you should upgrade your membership to the last level and pay over $5,000 to get the promised coaching. Later, FTC shut down MOBE because it was a huge pyramid scheme, and many people lost their money. 

Next, John Crestani promoted AWOL Academy. In my opinion, it has no difference from MOBE. I don’t know why he can’t offer one-to-one coaching through his $997 course and asks for extra money, but this offer works as an upsell on the members’ area.

Is It Worth The Money?

The internet is full of blogs, informational programs, videos, and podcasts. If you want to sell content for $997 and add affiliate links to it that will generate even more money, you should make sure it’s worth every penny.

Many people will say that every program that sells some content is legit. However, is it legit to sell content that people could find for free? Is it legit to set prices based only on your claims and not the value of your product?

I have recommended this program before. However, you can find similar information on other places in 2020 for free or at a lower price. This is my personal opinion, and I don’t recommend Super Affiliate System anymore.


It’s a website for people who want to learn about affiliate marketing and then try to figure out ways to make their advertising campaigns profitable. A beginner will need a few hundred dollars to invest in advertising and $997 extra to join the program.

Thanks for reading my Super Affiliate System review. You can leave your comments or questions below.