stackpay review - scam or legit?

StackPay Review: Scam Or Legit Website To Make Money?

Welcome to a real StackPay review. You probably want to learn if their claims are honest, or it’s another scam that you should avoid. In this review, you can read about all the parts of the site and discover how it really works.

What Is StackPay?

The first thing that any visitor of will see is the claims about making $500 today. There are no further explanations or requirements to earn that money. So, they claim it for every single member. However, earning $500 today would not be possible in any legit way when you start from zero. Also, I would doubt if you can receive even one dollar from this site.

The term influencer network is not real. There are multiple websites that use this term, but they are scams. These sites have the same homepage, member’s area, and claims with StackPay. As you can understand, they don’t pay the members at all. For a few examples of these sites, you can read my reviews of Tap 2 Earn, CashChase, PulseBucks, CloutBux, EarnBucks, and Use 2 Earn.

StackPay is a copy of these sites. They create copies because people start complaining after a while because they do not get paid for their work on the member’s area. When they close, new copies replace the old ones. StackPay is a new copy. It is only some weeks old website, even if they claim that they are online for ten years.

This scam collects data from the members. When new members create an account, the owners get access to their contact details. In the beginning, you must fill in an email form to create an account. Later, they will ask your phone number through the tasks and your payment details. The owners will sell the contact details for a profit.

For this reason, they make ridiculously high claims. They create curiosity for visitors. When they see these claims, they want to check insider if they are real. The only way to avoid these scams is by doing your research because the website is very misleading.

How Does It Work?

The process of the members’ area allows them to earn advertising revenue with the tasks and make the members work for the site because they expect to get paid. So, they add money to their dashboard, even if they will not pay them.

First, they add to your dashboard a bonus of $50. You can be sure that free sites do not give such big bonuses no matter how difficult are their cashout requirements. Then, the members can continue in the following ways:

Referrals: You can use a referral link that you can find inside. Their suggestion is to start spamming on social media. However, it has such high rewards that cannot be true. The members earn $2 per click on their link and $20 per referrals. If you have joined any other referral program before, you know that no one pays for clicks on social media or free referrals. Legit referral programs pay for sales or specific actions.

$30 Task Wall: According to the dashboard, these tasks are supposed to be online surveys and apps. However, StackPay promises $35 for each task. Again, these rewards are too good to be true. Also, you need to be very cautious with them. When you choose one task, you get redirected to scam websites that ask for a phone number. Then, they start spamming your phone number with text messages and charge you.

Social Media Submissions: You can create simple posts and publish them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You are supposed to earn $10 from each post. Also, they allow you to post multiple times and use your referral link.

YouTube Submissions: They give you specific instructions on how to create a video and upload it on YouTube. The video must have a one-minute length and promote StackPay.

They Do Not Pay

StackPay has a few screenshots that are supposed to be proof of payments, but they are all fake. The screenshots do not have any name of a processor or anything that could prove a transaction. They write only numbers. They are not PayPal payments or anything relevant.

The testimonials on the images are not real members. The owner has found these images on other websites, so he added them on the homepage to mislead the visitors. The video testimonials are video spokespersons from Fiverr. They will tell you anything for a few dollars.

For example, you can check the testimonial of StackPay below:

fake testimonial stackpay

And here is his Fiverr gig:

fake testimonial - fiverr male

Lastly, there is no proof of payment on other places on the internet. The videos on YouTube are created by members who don’t know that they will not receive their money yet. The same applies to posts on social media.

No Owner and Support

If you search for any persons relevant to StackPay or the owner of the site, you will notice that they don’t mention any names. It’s an unknown site that promises a lot of money. But who is supposed to pay you? There is no answer to this question, and it is another scam alert.

Next, you will not find support or a way to communicate with someone from the website. They avoid giving you details for obvious reasons. They don’t want complaints. Also, if you try to send them an email or contact them to the social media accounts that are mentioned on the contact page, you will notice that they don’t have a presence on social media.

Is StackPay A Scam? – My Final Verdict

StackPay is a scam, and there are many versions of the same website. All these versions do not pay the members. It is a scam that collects data and sells it for a profit. No matter how hard you have worked to reach the cashout limit and meet the requirements, they will not send your earnings.

The claims of the website sound weird and too high after a little research. There are no magic websites that will give you $500 for nothing. Copy-pasting a link is like doing nothing.

If you complete any of the tasks, you will lose money. StackPay will earn advertising revenue from these third-party sites, and they will charge your phone number. Everybody wins except the members. The best option is to unsubscribe from anything relevant to StackPay and stay away from it.

Lastly, there is not any person that you can contact to receive your earnings. No one will take responsibility, and they have not added any real details on the site. The people who recommended the scam can be other members who have been scammed or the owners. In both cases, you will not be able to figure out. However, most of these people are only members.

If you want a rule to avoid any similar sites in the future, here is my advice.:

Don’t waste your time with programs, websites, or gurus who promise quick earnings with no effort. The real ways to make money take work and time.

Getting results overnight is not possible unless your goal is extremely low. For example, it’s possible to earn a few cents today with online surveys but not hundreds of dollars in any way if you start from zero.

How To Make Money Online

This StackPay review would not be complete without some legit alternatives. I will show you two ways to get started:

First, if you want to earn some extra bucks and see that it’s possible to make money online, you can start with something very easy. The easiest task on the internet is to complete online surveys. Legit survey sites include a number of surveys and pay a few cents per completed survey.

For two legit and popular survey sites, you can read about Swagbucks and ySense. They are GPT sites that mean you can find plenty of offers inside and not only surveys. They have many payment proofs and positive reviews.

If you are interested in earning a full-time income, you can learn about affiliate marketing. It takes work, but every person with a laptop and internet access can make it work. Affiliate marketers promote other people’s products on the internet and make commissions per sale.

Usually, top affiliate marketers help their audience by creating content on a website or other mediums. When people read their content, they can add their affiliate links. As you can see, it is not about spamming and copy-pasting a few links, but you must add value before asking for something.

There is a strategy behind this process that you can master and become unstoppable. For a top training platform for affiliate marketers, you can read about Wealthy Affiliate.

If you take action and learn this process, you can create a long-term profitable business. Affiliate marketing is not a trick, but a great business model. Many big brands already use it to increase their profits. Also, there are huge businesses that earn their whole income by affiliate marketing alone.

P.S. Thanks for reading my StackPay review. For any questions, you can leave your comments below.