squishy cash review - scam or legit?

Squishy Cash Review: Scam Or Legit?

Welcome to my Squishy Cash review.

This is an interesting site because it’s was a legit site a few years ago with many members. I don’t think that it’s a scam these days, but things are not so good as they used to be. In this review, you will read how it works and what you can find in the members’ area.

What Is Squishy Cash?

Squishy Cash is an old GPT site. It’s online since 2007, as they mention on the homepage, and they have over 100k members. There is no way to know how many of these members are active. While it sounds like a big number, there are GPT sites active for a few years and have a similar number of members.

Anyway, we know from other reviews on the internet and comments on the internet that it was a legit site in the previous years. However, these days are not enough people who have shared their results, so it seems that something goes wrong. Even the last payment proofs on the forum of website are at least two years old.

On GPT (Get Paid To) sites, you complete offers, which are a few easy tasks, and earn a very small reward for each one. For a few popular examples, you can read my list with the best GPT sites.

In my opinion, Squishy Cash does not look similar to these sites. There are a few reasons for that. First of all, it has not many offers, and many of them require payment on third-party websites. Then, it’s a little confusing to find what you want in the members’ area.

Lastly, there is a weird referral program that invites you to invest money in account upgrades. So, even if it’s still a legit site, there are many other issues to consider before joining.

How To Make Money With Squishy Cash

When you create a new account, you get $3 dollars and 5 chips. You can use the chips to play Squishy slots.

1 chip = $0.01

The minimum cashout limit is at $15 so you need to earn $12 more to request your earnings.

Offers: According to the site, there are available surveys, cashback offers, and trials. However, they are about joining other sites and doing a few actions to earn a reward. When it comes to surveys, you must join another survey site, complete a survey and earn a few cents because you joined Squishy Cash. Also, there are a few cashback offers.

squishy cash offers

Click ads: There a few ads that you can click and earn $0.0012 per click. It’s a standard reward for PTC (paid to click) sites.

get paid to click - squishy cash

Offerwalls: They are a few third-party sites with available offers. You can find a few opportunities here, but offerwalls are available on almost every GPT site. They include tasks like surveys, play games, watch videos, download apps, cashback, and more.

Referral program: You earn 25% from the earnings of your direct referrals. Then, you make 5% from your 2nd level referrals, 2% from the 3rd level, and 1% for the 4th and 5th level referrals. Also, you earn from any advertisements of your referrals.

While it’s enough confusing with all these levels, you can upgrade your account to increase your chances of getting free referrals from the site. There are six levels of upgrades that cost up to $50 as you go higher.

account upgrades

Squishy Slots: Squishy Slots is a slot. You can exchange your money for chips to start playing. You can earn up to $100. I think it would be better to join a real casino than to play on this one.

squishy slots

Contests and bonus: There is a loyalty bonus for those who complete offers every day and contests with small rewards.

How To Get Paid?

The minimum cashout is $15, and it can be a problem because of the limited available offers and their rewards. I think it can take a lot of time, but it depends on your activity to reach the limit.

On the site’s chat, you can see automated messages that mention people who earn money or chips but again, it’s not very active. So, it’s on you to trust the site and go for the $15. You can withdraw by PayPal, Check, Amazon, Payza, and Dwolla. According to the site, it will take up to 24 hours to receive the money, and there are no fees.

Pros and Cons


Active since 2007: We can assume that if someone has survived so many years on the internet, he does something right. It was a legit site, and many people have shared their results on forums and social media. That means you can expect to get paid if you reach the cash-out limit. However, it will not be an easy mission.


Cash-out limit: This is a huge limit for a GPT site with this structure. You can find similar cash-out limits only on super popular sites with many members and offers.

Confusing members area: At the first look, it seems outdated, and it’s not easy to find what you want. You get a message to your inbox when you join that shows the important pages of the site, but still, there are many things to figure out by yourself.

Referral program: While the commissions are good, the recommended upgrades are ridiculous. There is no reason to pay for your referrals.

No recent payment proof: The forum is inactive the last year and there is no new payment proof in the last two years.

Not many offers: Squishy Cash has not many offers comparing other competitors. It makes it too hard to earn some money. You can use offerwalls to find a few opportunities and this is the best you can expect on this site.

Low potential earnings: On GPT sites, you exchange your time for cents. It can take many hours of searching and completing offers to earn a few dollars. There is no way to make a full-time income, and it is recommended only for those who enjoy completing offers in their free time.

My Final Verdict: Scam or Legit?

Squishy Cash is not a scam, but I would not recommend it as a way to get started online. It’s not a user-friendly website, and it has many issues these days. Most of the offers are about joining on other sites and earn a cashback, or you complete them for a few cents like the ads you click for $0.0012. You can try it if you want, but I think most people just waste their time and sometimes their money if they invest in referrals or offers.

There are many legit ways and sites to make money on the internet. You can search for better side income sites for a few quick bucks or go to the next level. For other GPT sites, I recommend ySense and Swagbucks. They are active, and you can find more ways to earn money in the members’ area. For those who want to make a full-time income online, you can learn about affiliate marketing below.

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Thanks for reading my review on Squishy Cash. Feel free to share your experience with the site or ask any questions below.