spidermetrix review - scam or legit?

SpiderMetrix Review: Scam Or Legit?

spidermetrix review - scam or legit?

Welcome to my SpiderMetrix review. You will read if it’s a legit survey site and how exactly you can use it to make money.

There are no big claims but only the promise that you can help them with your opinion about product and services.

You can create an account if you want to make market research as well. However, this review is for people who want to earn some extra money.

What Is SpiderMetrix?

SpiderMatrix created in 1999 and is based on Australia. The good news is that they give us enough details about the company on the about page.

At least, we know the name of the owner that is Jerry Evans and the company is a member of the Marketing Research Association.

SpiderMetrix is a standard survey site with some extra features. The goal of these features is to hold your attention and make the site more interesting.

For this reason, we can see two types of surveys. Some of them can take only one minute but there are lengthier surveys as well.

However, you will not find any offers or additional ways to earn money but only paid surveys. For websites with more ways to make money, you can read about Swagbucks, ySense, and check the list with my top GPT sites.

The members who complete surveys are named spiders. I think this is a fun way to motivate the members to engage each other and with the platform on the members’ area.

There is a Spiderpanel in which you can see the loyal members. They are members for many years. According to the website, they ask for their opinion first. It will not be easy to get into that group.

Next, there is the spiderchat and spiderbyte. The first one enables the members to communicate. However, it is not available these days. The spiderbyte includes interesting information.

Also, there is a tab with competitions but it is closed like the chat. I mention all this information because they have many options for a survey site.

Of course, you will find the negatives of the industry. You will not become rich and your demographics are important to make money.

How To Make Money With SpiderMetrix

There are two types of surveys and the auctions as you will read below. When you complete a survey, you earn points that you can convert on money later. However, one point is worth less than one dollar. 300 points = $50

When I created a new account, the website credited my account with a few points. I think this is like a small bonus for joining and answering some profile questions.

Here are all the available ways to earn points:

1. Surveys: These are the standard surveys. They take a few minutes and the rewards depend on the type of the survey and the time they take.

You complete all the surveys on the members’ area. It will not redirect you on third-party platforms. However, the number of these surveys is low.

2. Quickies: These are some short surveys that take almost one minute to get completed. They pay one point. There are many quickies inside but no unlimited.

It seems that you can earn more points with quickies than the standard surveys.

3. Auctions: This is a little weird because you bid points for cash. It can be PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards. The member who will make the higher bid in points, he will earn the auction.

4. Referrals: SpideMetrix includes a basic referral program and they give you a referral link. However, there is no information about the commissions or the potential earnings.

5. Competitions: This part seems to be inactive. I do not know if you will find available competitions in the future. It is about competitions between the members for surveys.

How To Get Paid

Once you create a new account, you start completing surveys until reaching the minimum payout limit at 300 points.

When you earn these points, you can send $50 to your PayPal account or get a $50 Amazon gift card. The other option is to use the auctions.

Based on the fact that most surveys are quickies that pay one point, it will not be an easy job to reach this limit. Also, the number of surveys is limited.

However, if you have some patience and you don’t care about the time, sooner or later you will get paid.

Lastly, you can send a part of your earnings on all of them to charity.

Pros and Cons


1. Many quickies: You will earn most of your points from the quickies. They help the users to take action and make the website more interesting. It’s easy to choose a quickie, answer a few questions for a minute, and earn a point.

2. Available worldwide: You can join from any country in the world and you must be at least 14 years old. The available surveys depend on your demographics like any similar site. The company is based in Australia, so you will find more surveys if you live in Australia.

3. Information about the owner and the company: Many money-making websites skip this part. It’s a good thing to know that there is a real company behind SpiderMetrix.

4. Mobile friendly: You can login to your account from your phone but there is no app.


1. High minimum payout limit: The $50 minimum payout is a huge limit for a survey website. Usually, they pay you after $10-$20. SpiderMetrix just makes it harder to stay active because many members will lose their patience.

2. Limited surveys: There are many quickies but not enough standard surveys. So, you must earn one point at a time.

3. You will not become rich: You need six points to earn $1. These are 6 quickies. When I created my account, I could find almost 10 quickies available. Then, you just wait for more available surveys.

Most people will not get enough surveys to reach the payout limit fast. So, it can take months. It’s ok to use this site in your free time and earn a few extra dollars per week or month but this is the best you can get.

Is SpiderMetrix Legit?

SpiderMetrix is a legit website and a member of Marketing Research Association. The only problem is the high payout limit.

While I have not seen payment proof and I have no time complete surveys to reach the $50, I expect that the members who earn that money get paid.

This is the only major negative. If you have no patience, just look for other alternatives. There are some complaints from people who did not manage to get paid at all.

It seems that your demographics will determine whether you will get enough surveys or no. For members who live in Australia, there are enough surveys. If you live in another country, you need to test it by yourself.

Comparing to other survey sites, it’s above the average. There are no many complaints about the quality of the surveys or disqualifications.

Also, the auctions and the engagement with the other members is a fun way to keep you around.

The bottom line is that you can join SpideMetrix and check for opportunities. But your expectations should be low until checking if this is a good fit for you.

For more ideas on ways to earn money, you can read about my suggestions below.

Alternative Ways To Make Money Online

My suggestions for surveys, offers and other simple tasks are a few GPT websites. They have multiple types of offers and tasks, the referral programs are more profitable and many of them have active communities.

Swagbucks and ySense are two good options with a normal minimum payout limit and multiple options to earn money.

They will not make your rich as well. However, you can earn more money than a standard survey site.

For those who search for full-time opportunities, I recommend learning about affiliate marketing.

This is a simple online business model. You just promote other people products and earn commissions. You don’t need a budget or any experience.

However, affiliate marketing takes work. Most people are not willing to do the work and just fail. But if you can put a few hours per day consistently, you can build a profitable business that will generate revenue for years.

I learned about affiliate marketing on this top training program and you can get the same training as I did a few years ago.

Also, I have created a guide with a few simple steps and tools from Wealthy Affiliate.

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Thanks for reading my review on SpiderMetrix. For any questions, you can leave your comment below.