Speed Wealth System Review

Speed Wealth System ReviewSpeed Wealth System Review

Name: Speed Wealth System
BCB System Price: $27 + upsells
Owner: Matthew Neer
Make Money Bay Rank: 65 out of 100

What Is Speed Wealth?

Matthew Neer has created the Speed Wealth System to help people who have not the skills or the time to create content, email series or products to make money online.

With this method, you set up an autoresponder and you collect emails with the landing pages you can find on your account. Then, you subscribers will get offers to join Speed Wealth also.

So, that’s your first job, to set up the system.

After that, you need to find a way to send traffic to the landing pages and hopefully, the traffic will convert and you will make money. Then, repeat it and grow.

With this system, you avoid all the technical parts of an online business but the main problem of the most affiliate marketers is not how to build a landing page or create a site but how they will find traffic that converts.

At that point, you need to develop some skills. There is a traffic training in the members’ area that covers both paid and free traffic methods.

If you find a way to send targeted traffic to the squeeze pages, you can definitely earn money with this system. I cannot say how much you can earn per day or month, it depends on the type and the volume of the traffic.

The Pros And The Cons Of Speed Wealth System


  1. Easy to set up the system
  2. Beginner friendly
  3. Legit way to earn money
  4. Nice landing pages, I expect to convert well


  • There are upsells but the system can work without them
  • The traffic training could be better
  • You will need paid traffic if you want to make sales soon

Who Is Speed Wealth System Intended For?

Most people who will join the system, they will probably be beginners or at least they do not want to create the squeeze pages and the content by themselves.

Sure, it is not easy for a person without any experience to do all that work without any help. I remember that it took me months to start creating really good pages and posts.

Anyway, you can use the resources and later when you will earn some money, you can start learning the technical part of the business. Sorry, but you cannot avoid it if you plan to become a full-time affiliate marketer.

If you have some experience, I do not think that you will get much value from the system. If you can create sales funnels, there is no reason to join the program.

Tools And Training

The pages and the training are in an article and video format. You should watch all the videos without skipping anything. Below you can see how to begin.SPEED WEALTH JVs

Fast Start Guide

You will start by creating accounts on Clickbank (free) and GetResponse (free trial). If you have not heard them before Clickbank is an affiliate network and GetResponse will be your autoresponder.

On the next step, you connect your GetResponse account with your squeeze pages to be able to get leads. Then, you add your affiliate link that you can get from Clickbank and you will join a tracking program to watch your results.

Last, it is recommended by Matthew Neer to buy solo ads. It will be your first source of traffic, he recommends it because it works well with his squeeze pages.


You can see some videos about getting free and paid traffic.

You start by learning how you can get free traffic using social media like Youtube and Facebook. Social media traffic can convert well and most online marketers have profiles on many social media sites.

Next, you can find some resources to use in your solo ads campaigns and he recommends some other places to promote the system also.

How Much Does The Speed Wealth System Cost?

It costs $27 and later there are some upsells. However, the system can work without them. If you are profitable, you can buy some of them later if you feel that they are worth it.

In my opinion, it is a fair price. You get a simple system with some tools and resources but you will get results if you use it properly.

My Final Verdict

Most people avoid the hard work and the technical parts of any business. It makes sense, there is no reason to do the hard way when I can choose the easy one. The problem is that there are no easy ways in business.

If you want to make sales and earn money, there are some skills that you will need to master. Even the paid traffic requires some skills. You must learn what are the best places to put your ads, track and compare your results, test different ads and landing pages etc.

I mention this because it is unlikely to find a system that works without doing anything. But legit systems like this one can work if you make them work.

The good news is that the resources and the tools are ready and just waiting for you. The price is low so you can start right now.


Name: Speed Wealth System
BCB System Price: $27 + upsells
Owner: Matthew Neer
Make Money Bay Rank: 65 out of 100

If you have any experience with the Speed Wealth System that you want to share with us or any questions, leave your comment below.

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