smash my campaigns review - scam or legit?

Smash My Campaigns Review: Scam Or Easy Profits?

Welcome to my Smash My Campaigns review. The program is on the domain, and you will read if this is a scam or a legit product that delivers what it promises. The sales page does not give enough information about the members’ area or the method. You will discover all these important parts below.

What Is Smash My Campaigns?

Smash My Campaigns is a digital product from the marketplace of Warrior Plus. From this marketplace, I have reviewed similar products like the Ripple App, Push Quick, Traffic Mate, and Instant Success Site. All these products use unrealistic claims, and the information inside is very basic for what they promise.

Smash My Campaigns use unrealistic claims as well. You are supposed to get some campaigns and start earning a lot of money. They mention on the sales page that you can earn $300 per day on autopilot without work and just a ten minute set up. There is no way to get these results with just ten minutes of work. It is presented as a get-rich-quick scheme.

Of course, you can’t get any results without real work. Legit ways to earn money take time and work. I don’t know any example of the opposite.

The unrealistic claims are not the only problem on the sales page. When the members can’t take a look inside without buying, they make their decision without enough information. The seller can say anything to make a few bucks. It is not a good idea to buy products only based on claims of unknown people.

Other problems are a lack of proof and fake scarcity. We can see some screenshots, but we don’t know if people get results with this product. The fake scarcity is a little obvious. There is a timer, but nothing will happen when it goes to zero. The price does not change. If the product is so good as they say, why do they have to use all these tricks?

As you can understand, it is not as described. You will not get the promised results, and there are multiple upsells on the members’ area to get even more money from you.

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How Does It Work?

The focus of Smash My Campaigns is on affiliate marketing. They mention it on the sales page, and the screenshots are from affiliate networks. Affiliate marketing is about promoting other people’s products and make a commission per sale.

The campaigns are simple pages that promote some products. The sales page mentions a three-step process about buying the product, activating the pages, and make money. The truth is completely different, and you must go out there to get traffic. If you get these pages and don’t know how to get traffic, nothing will happen. You can’t get a link and expect results from nothing.

These pages are not unique for each member but common for everyone. The only difference is that each member gets a different link and must share it. When you promote your link, it’s possible for other members to use the same methods. It will look spammy and weird for people who visit these links.

Once the members of Smash My Campaigns get traffic, they hope to make sales. However, there are no guarantees, and the chances are that most members will not get any results at all.

Another thing to consider is that there is no traffic training. You must figure out this part by yourself or buy the upsells. They just created a few pages and decided to sell them for $12.95.

In my opinion, there are free resources with more value than this program. At least, they give you a completed strategy to get started. Also, there are programs with more value in their free trial like this top platform for affiliate marketers.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you click the red button on the sales page, you will see that the price is $12.95. There is a timer as well, but I have already mentioned that the scarcity is fake. It will not change anything.

Also, they don’t want you to know that it is only the beginning of a very expensive funnel. If you have bought any similar products before, you probably expect tons of upsells. In Smash My Campaigns, there are five upsells. Their total cost is over $700, and they offer upgrades to their product.

When the front-end product does not work for you, it will be a waste of money to buy any of the upsells. Many parts of a bad product, they don’t make it a good one. Lastly, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can ask for a refund if you don’t get results or don’t like the product.

About The Owners

The owners are two guys that are popular for people who promote similar products. Their names are Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace. They have created multiple products that include softwares or landing pages, and they always make big claims.

For some examples of their products, you can read about Super Funnels,
Invi$ible, and Atomic DFY. Their job is to create or promote products like these ones. They use their YouTube channels to promote them, but I have never seen them use any of the campaigns that they sell.

While they add their names to the products, the support is limited in one email. It is not quality support compared with other top programs. If you want more information, you have to buy the upsells. So, you don’t contact them directly.

Is Smash My Campaigns A Scam? – My Final Verdict

Smash My Campaigns is not a scam, but the quality of the product is very low. These campaigns are only a few landing pages. Yes, they say about 15 campaigns, and there are 15 landing pages inside. However, they promise $300 per day on autopilot as well. You will not get the promised results or anything close to it.

The presentation of the product is based on these claims because they can’t show anything of value. These guys created a new launch to make more sales, but they don’t really care about the quality of the product.

If you give it a try on the product, you will get some links, but they don’t tell you what to do next. There is no traffic strategy at all, so no visitors will click your links. It’s the first time that I review a product like this one without traffic strategy at all.

Their trick here is to buy their upsells. The first upsell has some basic traffic training for $37. However, if you want to get more detailed information in this part, you must pay $197 because there is a second upsell on how to get traffic.

From my experience, any part of the program is not worth the money. Giving $50 for simple landing pages and basic information is not worth it. You can find the exact same resources for free in different programs, blogs, and videos on the internet. Also, I can’t recommend giving almost $200 for a traffic strategy.

The bottom line is that there are many scam alerts and better alternatives to get started online. I don’t like the big claims that do not make any sense. Below, you can read my top two suggestions on affiliate marketing.

How To Make Money As An Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a beginner-friendly business model because you don’t have to create a product. It would be difficult for a beginner to handle customer services and create quality products. So, beginners can promote other people’s products and make a commission per sale.

Affiliate marketers join affiliate programs, grab their links, and must figure out ways to send traffic to them. There are two types of traffic that any online marketer can use.

First, you can learn about free ways to get traffic. It can be traffic from search engines, social media, forums, YouTube, and anything else that does not require an investment in money. Usually, you need to make an investment in time. However, there is no risk, and once you build a free traffic source, you can use the same traffic for years. For example, if you get ranked for a few keywords on Google, you can be on the first page for years without further activity from your part.

A top training platform that teaches how to become an affiliate marketer with free traffic is Wealthy Affiliate. It has over two million members, a helpful community, and a lot of information.

Paid traffic is advertising. You can put some ads on advertising networks and start getting traffic right away. Of course, you must optimize your campaigns, and there is a learning curve. However, the benefit is that you don’t have to wait to get results.

A top program that focuses on paid traffic is the Super Affiliate System. It includes step-by-step videos, resources for advertising campaigns, and an active forum. However, it is not a cheap program and requires an upfront investment.

P.S. Thanks for reading my Smash My Campaigns review. The program is not as described on the sales page, so I don’t recommend it. For any questions, you can leave your comment below.