Smart Profit App Review: Scam Or $1,925.31 Per Day?

smart profit app review - scam or legit?

Welcome to my Smart Profit App review. This product is another scam and I will explain all the reasons below.

There are many similar products with huge claims like the ones on that video but most of the times, they do not deliver. On Smart Profit App, you cannot expect something better than another low-quality program.

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What Is Smart Profit App?

According to the spokesperson, Smart Profit App is a system that will show you how to make money online easily without much work.

But this is very far away from the real story.

Smart Profit App is a Clickbank product and there are many similar products. Most of them make similar claims about quick earnings with various ways.

However, Smart Profit App is not just another Clickbank product but a copy of a previous one. You can see the exact same video, the same product on the members’ area and even the same upsells.

This product was named, Smart Cash App and you cannot find it anymore on the same marketplace. Also, it seems that another copy was the program, Fast Cash App. Even from the names, we can figure out that something is wrong.

If these programs were legit, they would not need new relaunches under different domain names. They just want to avoid some bad reviews and comments all around the internet.

While there is a product with some information on the members’ area, the quality is very low. It has nothing to do with all these claims.

There is no way to make $1595 per day or anything like that. In my opinion it’s unlikely to make even one dollar.

The scarcity is not real as well. You did not receive any special invitation. Simply, the owners and the marketers who promote the product send spam emails to a lot of people. It’s available in a big marketplace for digital products for anyone who will pay the price.

With a few words, nothing on this presentation is real. It’s a sales page that tries to trick the users and get their money. Inside you will find something completely different than expected and your chances to make money with this program are close to zero.

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How Does It Work?

From the name of the program, you may expect an application or something that you can install on your smartphone. However, there is no app or system.

On the members’ area, you will find only a few short guides on videos and short PDFs on how to make money as an Amazon affiliate.

While affiliate marketing is legit, the information on this product is not right. They are very basic and outdated. I guess they have found these guides somewhere and added them on this product.

I am quite sure that these videos can make more bad than good to anyone who wants to start an online business and become an affiliate marketer.

The spokesperson claims that this can work from today in 30 minutes and 17 clicks. And then, you just need to work 30 minutes per days.

This is not true. Becoming an affiliate marketing is a real and legit business and as a legit business, you must put some effort and takes some time.

When you are an Amazon affiliate, you will need a website and they have a quick approval process. But it will take a few days only to get approved. Next, you must send traffic to your site and if you are looking for free ways to send traffic, you need to have a little patience.

My point is that nothing works as described in the video presentation of Smart Profit App. The owners of the product just want to make a few quick sales.

The product will not work for you. Even if you try to apply the information from the members’ area, you will discover that they are not enough and accurate to start with this business model.

About The Owner

The spokesperson uses the name, Robert Fischer. Like many Clickbank products, this name sounds like a pen name. We cannot find any information about him and I do not know any writer and online business expert with that name.

Also, there are no contact details about any real person on the sales page or the members’ area. They have only an available email but I would not expect a reply.

That means you will not get any help or support if you have any problem. You will be completely alone inside.

Another issue to consider is that the spokesperson does not show us any proof of the number he mentions. There are many claims about the money he makes and how fast it works but he just wants to trust him which is not a good idea.

How Much Does It Cost?

From the sales page, we can see that it costs $37 and has a 60-day risk free trial.

There is no risk-free trial but a 60-day money back guarantee which is something very different. You must buy the product and if you do not like, you must contact Clickbank that handles the refunds and ask for your money.

On the members’ area, you will find many expensive upsells that increase the total price of the product. There are three upsells that cost $471. Also, the owners will recommend tools and other sites through their affiliate links.

smart profit app pricing

The upsells are similar to the front end product. They include videos, PDFs with more basic and outdated information. The quality of the product will not improve as you go deeper on that program.

My Final Verdict – Is Smart Profit App A Scam?

This program will not help you to make money and there is no system at all. A few simple videos and PDFs with outdated information cannot help you in any way.

So, Smart Profit App is a scam. The owners try to make you buy the product with their claims and the scarcity they create on the sales page. They know their program will not work but they have no problem to sell it.

One funny thing on the video is that there is no consistency on the claims. Different number on the headline and different numbers as you watch the video about the maximum earnings.

It’s just a very bad presentation but these claims can trick any person with no experience on online marketing.

The value of the product is on zero. You can find better information for free on blogs and videos while there are programs that have more value on their free trials like Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama.

I would recommend to stay away from Smart Profit App and look for better alternatives.

The low-quality products are a big problem on the internet but it does not mean you cannot find legit ways to make money.

However, you must learn to avoid them by changing your expectations.

There are no legit ways to work overnight and making money on autopilot is only a marketing trick for these guys to sell their products.

Even if you want to outsource every task of a business to make it work on autopilot, you must build the business first. To achieve that takes work and time.

When someone promises the opposite, he just wants to sell something that does not work like the owner of Smart Profit App. But if you are willing to do some work, check my recommendation below.

Here Is Something That Really Works

Affiliate marketing is a hot business model the last few year and there are some good reasons about that.

The first reason is that it works for those who do the right things. Next, it’s a beginner-friendly business model because you don’t need a product, experience or any technical knowledge.

Anyone can give it a try in a very low budget. Most affiliate programs are and the tools you may need cost only a few dollars per month. But you can choose to start even for free.

If you are willing to learn how it works and take some action, good things can happen.

Of course, there are some strategies about affiliate marketing and no shortcuts. You can get the strategy, take action, and then make it work.

I can show you what I do to make money as an affiliate marketer. It’s a guide that includes a few simple steps but the secret is on working on these steps consistently.

On the link below, you can get my guide. You can start even for free and I just use a few tools from a top program for affiliate marketers in which you can join for free as well.

Thanks for reading my review on Smart Profit App. This product was just a copy of two older scams. If you want to add anything about the program or ask any questions, leave your comment below.

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