Smart Dollars Club Review: Scam Or A Legit Survey Site

Smart Dollars Club Review: Scam Or A Legit Survey Site?

Welcome to my Smart Dollars Club review, a website with huge claims. But is it so good as it sounds? In this post, we will go through this survey site and I will show you what it is all about.

What Is Smart Dollars Club?

You can read many reviews on my site. Many programs or sites are complete scams. However, this one goes to the next level. They do not even try to make it look like a legit company. Smart Dollars Club is supposed to be a survey site. You can see on their homepage many claims that make no sense at all.

First of all, it says you can complete your first survey and get a $100 bonus. Below on the same page, you can read about earning $300 a day. Can you really make so much money completing online surveys?

Usually, the online surveys will pay less than $1 on any legit sites. I have seen surveys in which you could earn a big reward ($10+), but these surveys were for a specific audience. Rarely you can find these surveys. If someone offers you a $100 survey, something goes wrong. It is unrealistic to earn so much money just by answering some questions. Next, here are some other claims on their homepage:

  • #1 online survey site
  • 1,000,000 members

Again, this is not true. There is no way to check how many people have filled in their email addresses, but I am sure that this is not the best online survey site. This is not even a legit survey site. To earn extra money for surveys and other simple tasks, check the following sites:

These sites have a lot of members, they are legit, and you definitely can earn some extra money.

How Does Smart Dollars Club Work?

If you decide to give your email address, make sure you have created a new one for this site only. They will send you so much spam that your email address will be useless after a few weeks.

You will receive promotional emails with affiliate links for different other spammy offers. If you join these offers, you will get even more spam. So, just stay away. The $100 bonus will never come, and there is no way to make money from this site.

Is Smart Dollars Club A Scam?

This is a one-page website. You can try to click the links at the bottom. Two of them will send you to another scammy survey site, and the other does not work at all. There is nothing more to see here. You will not earn money from Smart Dollars Club, and it is not going to help.

The owner of the site just sends traffic to this page to get some emails and then tries to promote different offers. This is the best scenario. The bad scenario is to request money from you or more personal details like your phone number or anything else.

It is obvious that targets people who look for a job or some extra money and they do not know how the internet and paid surveys work.

Can You Make Money With Online Surveys?

Completing online surveys is not my favorite way to make money online. However, many people earn some extra money on legit survey sites and do not look for other alternatives.

They are happy to earn $10-$20 per month without much effort. I mention this to show what your expectations should be when you complete online surveys. When you know how exactly it works, you can easily avoid all the survey scams.

Usually, the surveys take 20-30 minutes to get completed, and you get paid $0.5 – $1. Also, you can’t finish every survey you participate in because they ask questions to check if you are on their target group. If you are not eligible for one survey, you can go to the next one.

All that process takes time, and it’s not easy to complete many surveys per hour. So, your hourly earning from surveys will be less than one dollar on average. When people promise $100 for a survey or $300 per day like the Smart Dollars Club, it is almost always a scam.

This is not the only scammy survey site. I have written reviews for other simial sites too. Some of them ask for money to join, and many people fall for these scams.

How I Make Money Online

It is possible to make a full-time income online. But you need a different approach, and you must be will to put in some effort. For the last two years, I work online as an affiliate marketer. You can do the same, and I can show you how.

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  • Choose an interest, passion, or hobby
  • Build a Website
  • Get traffic to your site
  • Make money

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Thanks for reading my review on Smart Dollars Club. It is not legit, but you have avoided it. There are many opportunities in the online world, so do not worry about this site.

Feel free to share your experience with Smart Dollars Club, or you can leave your questions below!