Simple Income Method Review: Scam Or $1,472 A Day?

simple income method review - scam or legit?

In this Simple Income Method review, you will learn if you can make over $1000 per day with one email, or this program is another scam. There are some big claims on the sales page but no explanation about the system or any proof. Here is what you can expect from this program.

What Is Simple Income Method?

Simple Income Method is a Clickbank product. Clickbank is a marketplace for digital products. Usually, you can find guides in various niche. A weird thing with this one is that you can’t find it in on the marketplace by searching for it. You can only learn about it and reach the sales page if you have received a spam email from the people who promote it.

This process is not a good thing for sure. Legit programs want more visibility and do not try to hide from the public. If you get any of these emails, you visit the sales page that includes unrealistic claims and nonsense. It’s not possible to earn over $1000 per day with one email per day unless you are a celebrity. For a beginner who wants to make some extra money, one email is zero dollars.

From the claims and the video, we can say that it is an online get-rich-quick scheme. You are supposed to make money with no much work or time invested, and you just need to invest a few dollars to earn thousands.

Internet marketing does not work overnight, and there are no secret systems. I can be more specific by saying that the guys who sell secret systems want to get your money. There are many similar products out there with similar claims. For example, you can read about The Job Quitter Club, CPA Bootcamp, AffiliSites Pro, Repeat Payments, and more.

All of them have a huge headline with different amounts of money, include a video with hype, but they do not deliver what they promise. You can’t expect anything different from Simple Income Method.

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How Does It Work?

If you watch the video of the sales page, you will notice that it does not mention enough details about the system that they sell. He prefers to talk about the money you will earn. They avoid mentioning the system or the method because there is no system.

It’s a product about affiliate marketing. However, there are tons of ways to get started with affiliate marketing, so it is not enough this information. Simple Income Method includes some basic and outdated guides on affiliate marketing. If you try to apply them, they will not be enough, and in some cases, they will not be relevant at all.

Products like this one are created to make a few sales for their owners. So, they will create a sales page and optimize it to make more sales. However, they do not care to create a good product or give some value back. They just put a product that they have found elsewhere.

The problem is that the visitors don’t know if these guys tell the truth or not. For this reason, it is always a better idea to start with programs that have a free trial, or they are popular.

Simple Income Method suggests sending emails to promote your affiliate links. It can be achieved by building a list or paid traffic from a list. Most Clickbank products suggest the second option. However, paid traffic has a big risk of losing more money. Also, you must be sure that you follow the right instructions before investing too much money.

The bottom line is that Simple Income Method works only for the owner and those who promote it. If you are a buyer, it can do more bad than good because you may learn the wrong things about affiliate marketing.

How Much Does It Cost?

The starting price is $17, but you can expect upsells on the members’ area. Most Clickbank products have extra fees and products. If you trust these guys, they will keep selling you extra features. A product like this one can cost hundreds of dollars in total if you buy the upsells.

Also, if you try to buy any paid traffic or tools based on the suggestions of the product, they will cost even more money. So, there is no way to estimate the maximum risk. Lastly, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee by Clickbank on the front-end product. If you don’t like it, you can ask for a refund.

About The Owner

The spokesperson mentions the name, Tim. In the video, we can see some images of people and places that are not relevant to the product. They are images from other websites. With a few words, we have no idea who is the owner. Also, there are no contact details or supposed.

Lacking contact details is a common scam alert. They don’t want you to find them. In the members’ area, it will not change anything. You can see an email, but they will not reply fast and don’t give more information.

Is Simple Income Method A Scam? – My Final Verdict

You will not make $1472 per day by sending one email per day. It’s unlikely to make even one dollar per day. The person who created this program already knows that, and the effort to mislead you is obvious. For this reason, Simple Income Method is a scam.

It’s a website from an unknown person that you can find only through promotional emails. If you try to visit the website directly when this Simple Income Method review is written, you will see only a script in text format and a button that sends you to the payment form. Also, there are no social media profiles or any other information about this.

This guy with the name Tim is not real. It’s a pen name, and the man in the video is a spokesperson. From the quality of the sales page, we can assume that whoever created it did not do a good job. So, there is no system that will work overnight or anything that will help you to make money. Your best option here is to stay away from this program. It is created to get your money and not to give something back.

If you really want to build an online business, you must be willing to do the work. I know that many marketers create wrong expectations because they try to sell their products. However, legit businesses take time and work. So, stay away from everyone who tries to sell you another secret system that gives results overnight.

Here Is Something That Really Works

Affiliate marketing is a great way to start your own online business. It’s a beginner-friendly method because you don’t need a budget, your own product, or technical knowledge. If you can read this article, you probably can communicate with other people on the internet, and it will be fine to get started.

The first part of any affiliate marketing strategy is to find a product to promote. It is the easy part. You can join any affiliate program and get your links.

The second part is to get traffic. This is where you need to have some patience and learn some new things. First of all, there are two types of traffic. You can start with paid traffic that you need to pay for it, and there is free traffic that you need to build an audience or a following. Both of them can work if you follow the right strategy.

When it comes to paid traffic, you create ads on networks like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, etc. You pay per click or impression, and when a visitor clicks on your ad, he can see your offer. For a top training program to learn about paid traffic, you can read about Super Affiliate System.

Free traffic is a better option for beginners because you don’t have to invest money. You need to create a blog, a YouTube channel, or a following on social media. Once you start getting results, you can generate revenue for years. For my top suggestion for free traffic, you can check Wealthy Affiliate.

P.S. Thanks for reading my review on Simple Income Method. It was not a legit product, but there are better programs to get started. For any questions, you can leave your comment below.

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