Signature Surveys Review: Scam Or Legit?

signature surveys review - scam or legit?

Welcome to my Signature Surveys review. This is a website that gives a $20 bonus to the new members and opportunities to complete online surveys. In this review, you will read if it’s a legit site to make money or another scam, and how it really works.

What Is Signature Surveys?

Signature Surveys looks like a survey site. However, it’s just a middleman that promotes other websites. It’s a category of sites that do that job like Survey Spotter, Survey Club, and Opinion City.

Usually, these types of sites do not get good reviews because they do not add value to the visitor but just promote a few links.

In this one, we can see a few claims for bonuses, a form that requests for your personal details, and basic information about online surveys. You probably have visited the website after clicking on an advertisement or on a spammy link.

Signature Surveys Review

The problem with this website is that you don’t get what they promise. When you join on a survey website, you want to find online surveys and not spam offers.

However, Signature Surveys is a website that just wants to spam around. They don’t help the users, and it can destroy your email address. They keep sending you spam emails over and over again.

The claims about $5 instant activation bonus and $20 extra opportunity bonus are not real. You will not get these bonuses, and I have not seen any person anywhere on the internet who has got them.

Some of the survey sites that you will find inside are legit. However, others are scams and middlemen like this one. You don’t need Signature Surveys to find a few opportunities for paid surveys.

With a simple Google search, you can find more and better suggestions than the ones on the members’ area. If you want my suggestions, you can read about ySense and Swagbucks. They are top GPT sites with plenty of surveys and other offers.

The bottom line is that Signature Surveys has more negatives than positives, and it is not a survey site even if they claim the opposite.

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How Does It Work?

There are things that you should be aware of this site. For this reason, I will describe how it works. It can be a little confusing because the process is unusual.

When you visit the homepage, the obvious thing is to fill in a form that requests different details. From my experience, legit survey sites do not need to know your phone number. Signature Surveys ask for your phone because they will use it.

The first part is the unlimited offers that you will receive to your email and your phone number. You need to read the terms and conditions before providing your details and accept their terms. They make it clear that you will receive promotional offers by the website and affiliates.

With a few words, they ask permission to share or sell your email address and phone number.

If you go to the next page, you will receive many questions. While it’s commons for new survey sites to ask questions relevant to your demographics, these questions are a little weird. I will just say that the common on legit sites questions are different. Also, they do not need your demographics because they do not offer surveys.

In the last part of the website, you can find a few offers. They show you a few third-party websites and have a few referral links to join them. Of course, you don’t earn a commission or reward by using them.

The mention an affiliate program too. The affiliates are supposed to earn $0.5 per new member. This is supposed to be the only way to earn money from Signature Surveys.

Can You Make Money With Signature Surveys?

There are no online surveys but only a few third-party websites. Some of these websites are legit. If you join them and make some money, Signature Surveys should not get any credit.

It’s super easy to find legit websites to earn money, and I have already mentioned two decent choices at the beginning of this review. The role of this website is to mislead you and get your contact details. It is not to show you the right options.

On the members’ area, there are spam popups, links to other scams, and include a few good sites.

When it comes to the affiliates, we have no payment proof from Signature Surveys. It means that no real use has reported any earnings or payments. So, we can assume that it does not pay the affiliates at all.

Owner and Contact Details

It is not easy to find information about this website on the internet. The fact is that most people have never heard of it before. It is mentioned on some websites but without enough info.

After checking on BBB, it has not a ranking but only two complaints. On the BBB profile, they use the same contact details that we can see on the website. There is no name of a person or company that we could use to learn more but only an address from New York.  

The support is very limited, and I doubt that you will get a reply. They have a Facebook page and a Twitter profile, but there is no more information. Signature Surveys is a completely unknown website, and we have no idea who is responsible for it.

Is Signature Surveys A Scam – My Final Verdict

While you cannot actually lose money directly, they use misleading tactics, and you give your details for something that you don’t want. With a few words, your personal information is the price of this site.

However, they don’t deliver what they promise, and they use your email address and phone number to spam their promotions. Another thing that you should be aware of is that they will share your personal information with other websites and marketers.

For this reason, Signature Surveys is a scam. It’s a huge category of online scams that get the data of the visitors and use them for a profit. I am quite sure that you can expect the same thing.

The websites that you can find inside are not really important because these referral links look secondary. They care more to get information from you that is obvious from the questions that you need to fill in when you create an account.

Then, they can earn some money if you join through their referral links to other sites too. Lastly, there are popups that send you to other scam websites without warning.

The affiliate program and the bonuses that promise on the homepage are not real. They have no payment proof or positive reviews on the internet. It’s obvious that no one has earned money with Signature Surveys before.

You have no benefit in joining the website, so stay away from it.

How To Make Money Online

If you are interested in finding legit survey websites, you can read about ySense and Swagbucks. They have millions of members and pay their members consistently for a long time. Of course, your earnings depend on your demographics and activity. They include additional ways to earn money like offers and micro-jobs.

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This program will help you to start your own affiliate marketing business. I joined that website a few years ago and learned many important skills that helped with my projects.

On my guide, you can see the exact steps that I use. It’s up to you to apply these steps and create your own online business.

P.S. Thanks for reading my review on Signature Surveys. For any questions or opinions on the site, leave your comments below.

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