side hustle secrets review - scam or legit?

Side Hustle Secrets Review: Scam Or Legit?

Welcome to my Side Hustle Secrets review. You will find out if this is a scam, or you can actually start a profitable side hustle and quit your job with this product. The spokesperson promises a blueprint to achieve that. So, here is what you can expect from the program.

What Is Side Hustle Secrets?

Side Hustle Secrets is a digital product from the marketplace of ClickBetter. It’s a marketplace with low-quality products, and I have mentioned some of them before. For example, you can read my reviews of Automated Money System and Fast Home Sites.

A positive thing about Side Hustle Secrets is that it does not use get-rich-quick hype like similar alternatives. The sales page is a presentation about a side hustle course.

While it does not mention a lot of information about the product, this is supposed to be a blueprint behind a successful affiliate marketer. The next question is if you can actually use it and earn money.

Side Hustle Secrets Review

Many digital products on the internet sell different guides on various ways to make money online. The problem with Side Hustle Secrets is that they do not make it clear what you are going to buy and what the benefits will be.

While they mention a blueprint, we have no idea about the method or the strategy. If you buy the program, you will discover that there is no blueprint at all. In the video, it mentions that this product is behind a successful super affiliate. I really doubt that. This is not a product about affiliate marketing too.

You will find some information about getting the right mindset or when it’s the right time to quit your job. I am quite sure that most people who buy Side Hustle Secrets expect a step-by-step guide and information on how to make money with specific side hustles.

For this reason, the sales page and the description of the program are not very accurate. Lastly, they sell information that you could easily find for free elsewhere, as you can read below.

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What Is Inside?

The program includes an ebook in PDF format with 54 pages. The content is very generic without enough value. There are free videos and blog posts with much better quality.

It includes topics like how to avoid burnout from your side hustle or time management. It gives the impression that it is created for people who already have a side hustle, or they have a strategy. In my opinion, it does not make sense.

If you want to get more information, you must buy the upsells. The quality of the upsells is similar to the front-end product, so I don’t think they will help you in any way. It is clear that the program does not really work for the buyer but only for the owners and those who promote it.

How Much Does It Cost?

The front-end product that includes the basic ebook costs $7. Then, there are three upsells that can cost a little over $100. They include downsells that allows you to buy them at lower prices if you don’t get their first offer.

One of these upsells that cost $37 is the ebook in video format. That means they sell the same product at a much higher price. The owner of the product tries to make as much money as possible from you without giving something with the same value. He just keeps asking for money.

The 30-day money-back guarantee is real and is provided by ClickBetter.
If you don’t like the product, you need to contact them and request your money. It’s possible to get a refund.

No Information About The Owner Or Support

While it mentioned the name Damian Fletcher, it’s probably a pen name that someone uses to hide his real name. With a simple Google search, we can figure out that there is no super affiliate with that name.

Why do they need a pen name?

The answer is that the person who created this product is not proud enough of it. Most legit products have a real name next to them, and the lack of it is a common scam alert.

Also, there are no other names or contact information. So, we have no idea who created this product. The link about the contact page that we can see at the bottom of the sales is broken.

Of course, you will get only a short ebook. You don’t really need the support unless you buy the upsells. However, you should be able to contact someone to help you. Even for the refunds, you must contact ClickBetter to get support.

The funny thing is that if you put an email address, they have no problem to send you tons of emails like the ones that promoted the website in the beginning.

Is Side Hustle Secrets A Scam? – My Final Verdict

Side Hustle Secrets is not a scam but a very low-quality product. The ebook mentions some information on the sales page, but you don’t get a blueprint or a system. In this part, it’s obvious that the sales page is misleading.

The price is low, but there is no value for the buyer. I have read free blog posts and ebooks with more value than this one. The upsells are the worst part of the members’ area. You must pay $37 extra dollars to get the exact same information on video format. It’s a huge waste of money.

Lastly, it is not about affiliate marketing, and there is no checklist to build an online business. I do not even know why it mentions about a super affiliate if they don’t explain what that means and how it could help you.

So, it does not make sense. The person who created this product probably outsourced most of the presentation, the sales page, and the product itself.

It’s a standard strategy from many people who just launch products and make sales without intention to help you. The affiliate networks let them do that because they get commissions too.

Here Is Something That Works

Many digital products do not really deliver the promised results. I have bought some of them as a buyer and reviewed even more as the owner of this website.

The solution is to go to the ones that they have an established audience for years, so we can be sure that they are legit. Then, it will be on you to put the work and make any good strategy to work for you.

I am an affiliate marketer, and this is what I suggest to many beginners. Affiliate marketing is a simple way to start your online business without your own product, experience, and technical knowledge.

You promote other people’s products and make commissions. While there are many people who spam a few links out there, my strategy is to help people and suggest only quality products that solve their problems.

Of course, it is a strategy behind this process. I learned this strategy on Wealthy Affiliate a few years ago. Since then, I keep building my business with great results.

You can read about Wealthy Affiliate here. It’s a top training platform and community with over one million affiliate marketers.

Thanks for reading my review on Side Hustle Secrets. Below, you can leave any comments or questions.


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