shoutnow review - scam or legit?

ShoutNow Review: Scam Or $500 Today?

Welcome to my ShoutNow review. You can find this site on the domain name There are some big claims that sound too good to be true but not enough details. In this review, you will find out if this is a legit way to earn money with referrals and tasks or a scam.

What Is ShoutNow?

ShoutNow is a copy of other scam websites that make the same claims and use the same members’ area. For a few examples of these copies, you can read about CashInfluence, SwiftBucks, Earn And Go, and OgDollars. There are hundreds of similar websites like these ones on the internet.

All these sites claim to be influencer networks, but this is not a real term. It sounds interesting for beginners, and they want you to take a look inside. However, they don’t pay the members for their work on the members. Everything on the homepage of ShoutNow and any other similar site is misleading.

ShoutNow is a free site because it collects data from the members. When they sign up, the owner of the site can see their email address and login details. These details have some value for them, and many people are willing to buy them. So, the owners of ShoutNow can earn money by selling your contact details to other people.

For this reason, they allow you to create an account for free. Then, if you share your referrals link and get some referrals, the site can earn even more money. The problem is that they add money to your dashboard, so you will not figure out that something goes wrong until you request a cashout.

The truth is that there is no legit way that could give you $500 by copy-pasting a few links or completing tasks like online surveys. Internet marketing does not work in this way, and these very big claims are the first scam alert of this site. While there are many legit sites, it takes real work to make hundreds of dollars per day. When people claim the opposite, it’s a good idea to be cautious.

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How Does It Work?

When new members create an account on ShoutNow, they see a dashboard with some money and suggested ways to continue. This is a part of the scam. Most people would not take action unless they believe that it is real. However, you will not get paid no matter how much money they will add to your dashboard. Here is how it works:

Sign Up Bonus: There is a signup bonus for every member. It is advertised on the homepage, and they will add $25 to your dashboard when you create a new account.

Referrals: The referral program is a little different than the description of the homepage. They give you a referral link, and their suggestion is to spam it on social media and personal messages. They promise $2 for every click on that link and $10 per new referral. The only weird thing here is the ridiculously rewards that sound too good to be true. No one pays so much money for clicks and free referrals. In legit free websites, the referrals must do specific things before you earn any money.

$30 Task Wall: The homepage advertises $60 tasks, the members’ area mentions a $30 task wall, but the tasks are supposed to pay $55. While they promise tasks like online surveys, they are completely different. When you choose a task, you get redirected to another site that requests your phone number. If you give them your number, they charge you for text messages that they send to you.

YouTube Submissions: They request a short video that you will upload it on YouTube. The video must promote ShoutNow and include a specific headline, description, and tags. You can do this task once, and they pay $50 for each video. Also, you can add your referral link to the description.

They Do Not Pay

It is not easy to reach the minimum cashout limit, but some people meet the requirements of the site. Then, you can request a cashout with one of the preferable options. However, they will never send your earnings. In most cases, they do not reply at all or just reject the request for fraud clicks and referrals.

There are no real payment proofs from this site anywhere on the internet. The screenshots of the homepage include only a number and the name of a site. They are not PayPal payments or payments from any other known processor. When it comes to the testimonials, the creators of ShoutNow have found these images on other sites and added them on the homepage with a small description.

Of course, legit sites do not use fake testimonials and screenshots. They can use real proofs of earnings without tricks and misleading information.

Unknown Owner

The most common scam alert on the internet is the lack of contact information. This is not a video or a blog with some information, but a website that promises hundreds of dollars with every payment. You should know who will give you that money. However, there is not any name of a person or a company.

ShoutNow has not social media accounts, and the support is limited to one email form. There are not many chances to get a response. They want to avoid any engagement with the members, and it is obvious from the structure of the site.

The last part that does not make sense is some fake stats and numbers. This site is not online for ten years but only for a few weeks. Also, they don’t have 700k members or paid 150 million dollars. The only people who talk about this site are those who try to promote it on YouTube and social media. However, no one can show us a payment proof.

Is ShoutNow A Scam?

ShoutNow is a scam because it does not pay the members. It’s an unknown website that most people have never heard about it before and there is no payment proof. The chances are that you will not become the first person who will get paid from ShoutNow.

The worst part is that it is a copy of other websites with the same members’ area and similar claims. All these sites have many negative reviews and complaints.

If you avoid the tasks, there is no other way to lose money directly. In this scenario, it just wasted your time. However, they may sell your data to other people. If you have completed the tasks, you have already lost some money. The only thing you can do is to unsubscribe and stay away from them.

Sites like ShoutNow are time wasters. They put you to get referrals for a while, and then, you figure out that they don’t pay. When people start complaining, they close, and new ones are created with other domain names. You can expect the same thing with ShoutNow after a while. It means that no one will take responsibility for the site or give you any money. After a while, it will just disappear.

In my opinion, there is nothing you can do to claim any earnings once they reject your request. But you can share this ShoutNow review to warn other people for this scam.

How To Make Money On The Internet

While there are a lot of ways to earn money, you should be aware that your potential earnings depend on the time you invest and the difficulty of the task.

The simplest way to earn some extra bucks is by joining a few legit GPT sites. These sites include real surveys and other offers. Each offer pays a few cents, but you do a lot of them to increase your earnings. They will not make you rich, but they are great for people who want to do something easy in their free time.

My two top suggestions in this category of sites are Swagbucks and ySense. They have many payment proofs for years, multiple surveys, and offers to get started today.

For those who want to find a way to make a full-time income, my top suggestion is affiliate marketing. It’s a beginner-friendly business model with huge potential. While the process is not difficult, you must do the work to get results. However, you can get revenue for years if you build a source of income.

Affiliate marketers promote other people’s products and make commissions per sale. While there are many strategies to achieve that, the top affiliates help other people online and then recommend their products.

For a top training platform that teaches this method, you can learn about Wealthy Affiliate. It has over two million members and an active community of beginners and experienced affiliate marketers.

P.S. Thanks for reading my ShoutNow review. It was not a legit product, but there are better alternatives. For any questions, you can leave your comment below.