SendEarnings Review: Scam Or Legit?

SendEarnings Review: Scam Or Legit?Welcome to my SendEarnings review. I am sure you have seen many websites that promise to help you make money online. But it is not always as it sounds.

On this review, you will find out if SendEarning is a legit site or just a waste of time and what exactly you can expect from this site.

What Is SendEarnings?

SendEarning is a GPT (Get Paid To) website and it’s very similar to the InboxDollars, another more popular GPT website I have reviewed before. You can see a similar homepage, rules, bonus and even many of the offers are the same.

On the GPT sites, you can earn money by doing super simple tasks like completing surveys and watching videos. Your earnings depend on the task, the difficulty and the time it takes to be completed.

SendEarnings shows on their homepage that they are partners with big stores like Walmart and Target.com

However, it does not mean that these big stores request every survey and it does not guarantee the quality of SendEarnings’ surveys. Anyway, the surveys on this site are good but there are not so many of them.

The process here is really simple:

  • Create an account
  • Earn a $5 sign up bonus
  • Complete tasks
  • Earn more money
  • When you reach the $30, you can cash out.

The question here is what are these tasks and how easy is to earn money with them.

SendEarnings Homepage

9 Ways To Earn Money With SendEarnings:

1. Surveys: It is mentioned on the homepage and I think it’s the best way to earn money with this site. They are not unlimited and you will need to complete other tasks as well. However, they will help you a lot to reach the minimum cashout limit.

You can earn on average $0.5 for a 20-minute survey. But if you log in daily, you can find some good opportunities here. I have seen one-minute surveys with $0.5 reward or surveys that pay you a few dollars. Of course, you will not see these surveys often but there are a few options here.

2. Offers: There are many offers on the members’ area. They include cashback offers, creating accounts on free sites and more surveys that are not included in the surveys’ area.

Your earnings really depend on the offer. For creating a free account, usually, you will earn a few cents. The really good rewards are usually from cashback offers but in this case, you must buy the product.

3. Games: You can find free games and earn cashback for paid games like casino games.

4. Easy Cash: More offers and surveys. I am sure you can find these offers in the previous categories of the site so I have no idea how it helps to earn more money.

5. Searches: You use the search engine of the site and you earn 1 cent after four searches per day.

6. Watch videos: These videos take a few minutes and you can earn 1 cent per video.

7. Deals: Everything here is about cashback offers but you can find these offers in three different categories.

8. Referrals: For every friend you invite on SendEarning, you make 10% of his/her earnings.

9. Paid Emails: This is a bonus. If you are an active member, you will receive emails and you will get paid when you open them. They send up to three paid emails per day depending on your activity.

Gold Membership: This is not an extra way to earn money. If you reach the $30 and make your first deposit, you become a gold member. The main benefit is that they will send your money faster.

How Much You Can Make With SendEarnings

The signup bonus is good comparing to other GPT sites. However, the minimum cash out is high and not easy to reach it.

As a new member, you will find many opportunities. It will be all new for you. So, there will be easy offers and surveys. However, later it’s more difficult to find good opportunities for extra cash.

Many members on this site, waste their time watching videos for 1 cent because they can’t find offers and surveys good enough to move forward.

To reach the $30 which is your goal on this site, it will take at least 30-50 hours of activity. You can do it faster only if you get a good cashback but in that case, you will spend money on buying a product.

On average, you can expect to earn less than $1 per hour.


1. $5 signup bonus

It is always a good thing to earn free money. You can combine it later with other offers to increase your earnings.

2. Paid Emails

This is only for the active members and you cannot control it but it is a nice feature of the website to earn even more money.

3. Cashback offers

If you like to shop online, you will find a lot of opportunities to get some money back. There are many available stores and products in the members’ area.


1. Slow Earner

You earn less than $1 per active hour. After a while on the site, there will be even fewer options. To reach the cashout limit, it can take weeks or months.

2. Payments

There is only the check option available for the new members. When you cash out and become a golden member, you have more options.

Also, it is mentioned that they process the payments of the golden members faster (3-9 days vs 16 days) which is definitely not a good thing for the new member. I do not see why they should delay your payment.

3. Available Only In The USA

You cannot create an account if you do not live in the USA. Check other alternatives like ClixSense which is available worldwide and includes many available offers and surveys. Also, here is a list of the best GPT sites.

My Final Opinion – Is SendEarnings a Scam?

SendEarnings is a legit GPT site but I think you can find better ways to make money online.

It takes a lot of time to reach the $30. SendEarnings is good for people who look for cashback offers but without cashback, it will be a very slow earner.

If the cashout limit was lower and you still had the $5 bonus, you could get more value for your time. Also, it is not worth it at all to watch videos or play games for only one cent.

In my opinion, there are better options for surveys and free offers like Swagbucks and CashCrate.

My Top Recommendation To Make Money Online

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Thanks for reading my review on SendEarnings. There are some pros and cons so now you can decide if this is what you are looking for.

For any questions, feedback or suggestions you can leave your comment below!

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