Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind Review

Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind ReviewOn this post, I will make a review that you may do not expect. Instead of a new program, I have written about the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind a great book by T. Harv Eker.

The book originally published in February of 2005 but I did not read it until recently. If you check it on the Amazon, you see it ranked at the #75 place in the Entrepreneurship category and it has over 1000 customer reviews.

What Are The Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind

I could never think a more relevant title for this book. T. Harv Eker has spent a big part of this life studying the mindset of the rich people and he reveals what they think differently while he helps you to get a mindset that rich people have.

More specific, the book has two main parts:

1. The Money Blueprint

On this part, Harv Eker helps you to understand what is your money blueprint. With a few words, your money blueprint is the thoughts and beliefs you have about the money. Are they help you to become a wealthy person or do they have the opposites results?

He gives an example of himself before becoming a millionaire and other examples of his students who could not be successful in business because of their wrong mindset.

2. The Wealthy Files

Rich people think differently than other people and on this part, you will find 17 things that rich people think and do. According to Harv Eker, if you think with the right way, you will act in the right way.

For this reason, he recommends a way to “install” the wealthy files into your mind and start developing thoughts and habits in a way that you will be more happy and successful.

Who Is T. Harv Eker?

T. Harv EkerHarv Eker is a person who was struggling financially for many years in his life. As he mentions in this book, in his twenties started many different businesses but nothing was working for him.

But after a visit at his parents’ house, a rich friend of his dad told him the secret that changed his life. The rich people think in a similar way. After that, he started studying what rich people have in common.

His next business was a success. He started from scratch and became a millionaire in 2,5 years.

Now, he helps people to adopt the right mindset and become successful. He has trained thousands of students and most of them have improved their lives really fast.

Who Is This Book For?

It is not only for people who have a goal or a dream to become rich but for anyone who feels unsatisfied with his job, business, income etc.

It can definitely help you to adopt a better mindset that will help you to make better decisions about money. Many people do everything right and still cannot see any success or improvement.

Harv Eker has said that before learning how rich people think, all the businesses he had started made a promising beginning but after a while no matter what he did, they failed.

Do you feel that the same scenario is repeated in your life every time you make a new effort?

Also, he has helped many couples with arguments about financial issues to understand how their partner think about money and how they will fix those problems.

Last, he has helped successful people to become even more successful. On the book, you will find a story of a businessman who was earning 500k per year and after Harv Eker help, he was earning 2 million per year.

In my opinion, this book can help most of the people who are not happy with their financial situation or they just want to improve it.


I will not rank it as usual because it is completely different product that the making money programs I review on this site. But it a great book, I recommend to read it not only once but many times until be sure that you can apply everything you will learn.

The price is really low for the value of the book. I have seen ebooks and guides to be offered at ridiculously high prices without any unique information at all but here you can get real value for a few dollars. Check the price here.

If you have read the Secrets of the millionaire mind or you have any questions, you can leave your comment below. You can also take a look at my top recommendation to start an online business.

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